Friday, 21 August 2015

The 3 loving dream girls

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The 3 loving dream girls :)
Hi my name is Amelia and I’m going to tell you about the 3 loving dream girls. We had a 2 special friends but she left us very sadly. But anyways I’ll tell you about my 3 dreamgirls. They are all of my best friends so my friends are Daisy Jorelle  plus myself . These girls are polite pretty and friendly. We always hangout together play together and be friendly. But the most important thing we do is remembering ourselves where ever we go. Even when one of us is not in the same class or if we are gone into another school. We will remember the days we’ve been together. We have a favorite game it’s called tag we love play other games but our best one is Tag . It is our favorite game because we chase after each other. If Jorelle is a tagger in the game she is too hard because she is good at running. Who is the fastest runner. Well the fastest one is in order so it goes like this The first girl is Jorelle,Daisy,Me so we are pretty fast runners. We got our own favourite things Jorelle likes running and sports . Daisy likes singing and sports. and I like singing dancing sports and playing.

Thank you for listening to the story about the The 3 loving dream girls :)

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