Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Amelia, Daisy and Naomi PES Get Thru

Walt: make connections between multiple texts.
Task Description: We are learning about earthquakes to keep us safe.


  1. Great job Amelia. I think you could add a little more to your task description. Remember you are trying to describe what you had to do for task. Good job on the cool blue theme.

  2. HI Amelia

    Mrs Maritz from Park Estate School here. I liked your video clip. I was wondering, can you add sound to the video clip?

  3. Hi girls
    I liked your earthquake video. The instructions were short and simple and easy for others to follow.

  4. Kia ora Amelia, Thanks for showing your learning about what to do in an earthquake. Well done on giving us simple instructions to follow. Have you ever been in an earthquake. I used to live in Palmerston North and we had lots of little quakes.

    Mrs Krausse