Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Visiting the Library

Today I went to the Panmure Library to look for my top 3 books. I went to look for books because it was really boring at home with nothing to do. So I asked my mum if we could go to the Panmure Library. As I got there the first thing I did was picking my top 6 books. After that I read through the back of the book to see the information. Then I choose my books the 3 books were The First Third Wish, The Boy who could do what we Liked and Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures. I was so interested in the books they were AMAZING. I’m looking forward to reading all the books.


  1. Well done Amelia, Mum very proud of your, I can see your hard working and and be able to share your knowledge to our family. Thank you for reminding me to take you guys to the library and you also be able to help your little brother to do his reading in the library. I give thank for the heavenly father for his guidance through your life and your attitude, so that you be able to share your knowledge and be a role model to your sister and your brother. Thank you for reminding me to eat healthy so that I can loose more weight, thank you for helping your sister and your little brother to do the cleaning. I wish you continue on your good manner and trust in God in everything you do, love you so much!!

  2. Very very happy teacher reading this. Keep it up!