Monday, 26 September 2016

Holiday Blogging Make kindness go viral!

Today both my parents were working and it was only my siblings, grandpa and cousin who were at home. As I woke up in the morning I noticed that the house was a pig stine, and from that moment I decided to Make kindness go viral in my house by doing the chores at home. So from the I cleaned every room in the house and it wasn't anymore. I was so happy that I just made kindness go viral by cleaning the house. I was so happy that the house was clean that I should make breakfast, and that I should deserve a popsicle for me!   


  1. Kia ora Amelia
    What a blessing you have been to your parents today converting pig sty into a clean house. They will be so grateful to you when they get home. I have been at camp with the Riverside Club and there were a lot of chores to do in the morning here too to make the camp clean and tidy before everyone could start the activities of the day.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Kia ora Mrs Burt
    It was acutally fun doing the chores at home even though we woke up late and were still lazy! Yes and when they go home they were happy to see that the house was clean but when they came I was fast asleep from reading my chapter books. It's great to hear that camp with Riverside club were doing chores. Hope everything goes well and that you all don't sleep in cold weather.

    Thanks Amelia

    1. That was beautiful! I like how what you did and you were respectfully replying back to Mrs Burt I like it. By Nytram.

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