Saturday, 7 January 2017

Holiday Blogging - Summer Learning Journey W3 D11 A1/2

Week 3: It’s time to be entertained!
This week you will learn a great deal about the sports, television shows, movies, music, and people who are famous in your country. It will be a really entertaining week!
Day 11 – He Shoots, She Scores!
After a full week of sightseeing in your new country you are given tickets to attend a local sporting event. Check out the links below to see videos of athletes playing two of the most popular sports in each country.
Ice hockey - Olympic Gold Medal Game in 2002 between Canada and the United States of America [3:04 minutes]
Canadian football - Grey Cup (Championship) Game 2013 [8:52 minutes]
Soccer (football) - Highlights of game between Chile and England – 2013 [4:47 minutes]
Chilean rodeo - Example of a traditional Chilean rodeo [2:43 minutes]
Soccer (football) - Highlights of German women’s football team vs. the United States of America [2:22 minutes]
Motor sport - Footage of German Formula 1 driver, Michael Schumacher’s, the world’s most famous motor sport driver
Field hockey - Footage from Men’s Junior World Cup Game – Malaysia vs South Africa [2:31 minutes]
Badminton - Footage of Lee Chong Wei – the most famous badminton player in Malaysia [18:04 minutes]
United Kingdom
Rugby union - Highlights of Rugby World Cup game between England and Australia, 2015 [3:52 minutes]
Cricket - Highlights of England vs New Zealand match at Edgbaston, 2015 [1.54 minutes]
BaseballHighlights of World Baseball Competition Game between Japan and Mexico [4:33 minutes]
Soccer (football) Highlights of soccer game between Mexico and the United States of America [7:06 minutes]
United Arab Emirates
Soccer Highlights of soccer game between the United Arab Emirates and Australia [1:12 minutes]
Camel racingHighlights of camel racing in Abu Dhabi [4:32 minutes]
South Africa
CricketHighlights of semi-final game in World Cup between South Africa and New Zealand [3:20 minutes]
RugbyHighlights of 2016 Rugby Championship game between Australia and South Africa [4:48 minutes]
Sumo wrestling Sumo wrestling competition in Fukuoka, Japan [6:54 minutes]
Baseball - Highlights of World Baseball Competition Game between Japan and Mexico [4:33 minutes]
Aussie rules football Grand final game (2015) between Hawthorn and the West Coast Eagles [8:36 minutes]
Rugby league Rugby league test between Australia and New Zealand [1:48:26 minutes]
Now that you know a bit more about the sports that are popular overseas, it is time to think about what is popular in New Zealand. For today, your challenge is to…

Activity 1

Take a picture of yourself participating in a popular New Zealand sport. On your blog tell us the name of the sport and why you have chosen it.

Here is a photo of me pretending to play netball so now as you now I have chosen netball. This is the only sports I can choose because it is the only sport I can play. Netball is my favorite sport's because I like encouraging people as there playing, and that I can also exercise and learn new skills. Last year was my first ever year playing netball. I was in the year 5 Sparkles and it was a amazing journey. Unfortunately I was not allowed to play this year because of my dad so then I had to beg my dad if I could, and his final answer was YES! As you can see I've did the same thing that I did using the kiwi fruit, and again I had none of the sports gear of my favorite sport. So then I photo-shopped it again. Thanks for reading! Image attribution.

Activity 2
Write a short paragraph describing your sporting hero. Who is he/she? Why are they your favourite sportsman?
Grace Rasmussen
Grace Rasmussen
My sporting hero is Grace Rasmussen. Grace is an amazing netball player for the New Zealand team ( Silver Ferns ) As soon as Grace hit's that court she is on point! Her possessions in netball is Wing Attack, Center and Goal Attack. I don't know but I think she is Samoan. She is my favorite sportsman because of her enormous potential, and her amazing skills on the court. She plays netball just like me, and is a women I look up to. Grace was also member of the team that won silver at the Netball World Cup Sydney 2015.


  1. Kia ora Amelia,

    What an awesome post! I love the picture that you took of yourself playing netball and am really impressed that you were able to photo shop a netball into the picture. Nicely done!

    I'm thrilled to read that you were also able to convince your dad to allow you to play netball again. It sounds like it is a sport that you are truly passionate about. I, too, love netball and just started to play it recently. I joined a local team with some friends and had to learn how to play from scratch (the beginning) because I had never played it before. In Canada, where I'm from, we play basketball rather than netball. The two sports are actually quite different so there was a lot to learn!

    Did it take you awhile to learn the rules of netball when you first started? What was the hardest skill for you to develop? I have to admit that I struggle to remember not to dribble the ball. At least once a game I am called for dribbling and I have to apologise and hand the ball over to the other team. Oops!

    I am sure that Grace Rasmussen never had that problem when she was playing as it sounds like she started playing netball at an early age. I was reading on the 'net that both she and her sister are professional netball players. I wonder if they enjoy playing against each other...My sister, Leigh, and I used to play basketball and volleyball and I always loved it because we could learn from each other and help each other out. Leigh is a much better volleyball player than I am so I learned so much from watching her!

    I hope that you continue to love netball and learn a lot as you go. I think that you've chosen a wonderful role model to look up to - Grace sounds like a really lovely person!

    Great job with your blogging, Amelia. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    Rachel :)

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for the comment. I did not know that you played netball. I also struggled in netball when I was learning the rules, and it also took very long for me to learn the rules. I will continue to play netball.

      Thanks Amelia.

  2. Hi Amelia!

    I like netball too! In fact I like it so much that I sometimes play indoor netball with my friends during the winter. It is really fun and there are girls and boys on the team!

    I think it is cool that you are so passionate about netball that your dad eventually had to say yes. I hope you do your best and no complaining with getting up early haha!

    I hope you develop your skills outside practice times too, they say that if you 10,000 hours of something you become an expert on it, so the more you practice the better!

    So far I think I am an expert at watching movies and TV haha! I want to be an expert at writing movies and teaching!

    Kia kaha!


    1. Hi Mark!

      I did not know that you liked netball. I wish I could play indoor netball but it's just that no one wants to play with me. So then I would just rather shoot hoops. It was really hard when I kept begging my dad but then eventually he said yes! I'm also a expert at watching TV and movies too.


    2. Shooting hoops is fun. I'll need to practice because I am tall, and want to score some goals.

      Cheers for replying!