Monday, 17 April 2017

Act the Emoji!

Description: This is just a presentation me and my friends made! It is called act the emoji. This is just a part 2 from Lillyana and Jahzara because the made one before. Here's a link to Part 1 from the girls. This is just slides full of facial expressions.  This is an hilarious presentation. Hope you enjoy it!

Jahzara's Blog

Lillyana's Blog


  1. This is great girls. I love the way you have all worked on this together, well done indeed! I wonder if you could try a collaborative story next, like our "pass the story" challenge in class?

  2. Hey Amelia

    This is so cool can I please join?

  3. That is great Amelia i really like the acting you did for your emojis


  4. Whoa that's so cool I'm mite do that some time .