Monday, 10 April 2017

Ambassadors trip to M.I.T!

On a lovely Friday morning the ambassadors got to take a trip to present at M.I.T in Otara. M.I.T is hardworking place where you study. My own mum use to study at M.I.T and I'm sure that she learnt a lot! Anyways the ambassadors got to go on a Tamaki College van to M.I.T and to be honest it smelled like teenagers! So the first thing I said when I hoped in the van was,"Where's the air conditioning?". Well I could not find it. We hoped in the van and Mr Sommerville drove the car but we were missing something. Aha! Music was what we needed. So we sang, chatted and laughed the whole way. Especially when Mr Sommerville was singing! Anyway as we got there we went back to ambassador mode and walked inside the AMAZING building. There we met Mrs Burt who was preparing her stuff. Then after setting up the computers and stuff we presented. I kind of messed up at first but I managed to handle it. As I started speaking I can the that the audience were very respectful and happy. After we finished presenting we said our thank you's. We also got to have delicious treats in a plastic bag and just some water to cool us down. Then we hopped back in the van chatting about the amazing treat we had! As we stopped by at school I already started eating my lollies man I was so hungry! I really enjoyed the trip to M.I.T it was fantastic. Be sure to visit them It's wonderful!

Thank You M.I.T!!! 

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  1. Hi Amelia, Thank you and all of your Ambassador friends who came to visit us at University on Friday. We were very impressed by all of your team; the way you spoke both confidently and politely. All cheery and full of smiles, it was interesting for us as student teachers in Year 3 to listen and engage with students of the future. "Go you"! Bravo. Wishing you all a great Easter holiday, have lots of fun and return to school in May refreshed and ready for the next step!! Good luck,