Friday, 21 April 2017

Be Switched!

This a book that I've finished reading which is called Be Switched! The authors name is Kate Saunders. She is an English writer from the United Kingdom. She has written a lot of amazing books too! So this wonderful book is about a girl named Flora. Somehow a magic spell suddenly spun Flora into the past. Flora is mysteriously swapped with a school girl from 1935! I KNOW AMAZING! But Flora discovers that there's hardly any technology around these days. What will she do? I hope you have enjoyed the little snippet from the book. I highly recommend this book for adventures people! Big shout out to Kate for the amazing book. Stay tuned for more blog posts! 


  1. Hi Amelia

    This is amazing I think when you grow older you are going to be a great reader.This book is very cool.I like all of the information you have given us so that we know more about your book.


  2. This is really cool and i really like the picture.
    is this book kind of thrilling.
    keep up the good work

  3. I would like to know a whole lot more about what actually happens in the book as you teaser was way too brief. Can you give us more detail?

    Mrs Burt