Saturday, 15 April 2017

Hanging out in our clean garage!

New Clean Garage!!

Here is a Photo of me and my brother just chilling in our new clean and comfortable garage with my sister and dad in the background. In my previous blog post I was talking about how filthy and yucky it was before. After having a few arrangements it is now a new "home" I would say. I might as well sleep here well if I can. Again it was hard work getting the garage clean and beautiful again. Now I'm just going to take the time to chill in here! 


  1. Wow looks like you are having fun Amelia i wish we had a garage. how come your mum is not in the picture

  2. Hey Ameila.

    I have been trying to keep updated with your post because I was so exitced to read all of your amazing post.Your bro looks so simler to you.It looks like you have a wonderful family.Keep up the blog post and keep posting.