Friday, 7 April 2017

Snacking on insects!

Walt: Engage the reader by using interesting vocabulary.

Have you ever ate live or dead crickets before? promised today was the day where the class was going to scream, and yes scream but quietly! We are having our own fear factor yes fear factor.

I was so excited but at the same time disgusted. So we started off by sitting in small groups. So I moved with excitement into a group. The Mrs Stickland begin handing out the small but edible crickets, and some mud she took out of her garden and added icing sugar (It was actually nutella).

After all the excitement Mrs Stickland counted the class down. “3 2 1… Go”, said Mrs Stickland. At first everyone paused then I took a cricket dipped it in nutella and I munched it up. It was so a…. Horrifying. I could not take it that I ran to the toilet and wash my mouth thorley. Some of us a 16 crickets! But I ate 2 which was enough for me and my lungs! Please do not do this unless you are a daredevil!

Task Description: Yesterday the class was very luck or should I say cursed? to eat yummy small edible crickets. Yes that's right had our very own fear factor. Here is a story I wrote about the experience we had with those DISGUSTING! crickets. Hope you enjoy

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