Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Debating w/ the iMacs!

Walt: Write a speech for a debate.

My Debate:
Me and my group would like to disagree with having computers replace lovely teachers. I think that goes for all electronic devices well kind of. I would love for us kids to still use Chromebooks for learning as here in Pt England School we do use Chromebooks for our learning. I think that us as kids should have time face to face with our teachers instead of having just one device in front of our faces acting like our teacher. My parents would kind of disagree with having them computers replace my teachers. Other parents can get concern with their child seeing them spend more time with Chromebooks and instead reading a book or doing something useful.
Task Description: 2 weeks ago Room 7's Literacy class had a debate. The debate had to be between our own group. I was in the iMac's. We were split into two teams and we had to choose a topic to debate about and we had to chose carefully. Our topic was Should computers replace our teachers. Then we had to write what are we going to say when where debating. We went against the question and the other went for. Hope you enjoy. 

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