Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Holiday Blogging - Form Responses! (Extra Task)

So Me, Leilani and Lillyana collaborated together and made a form called LLA Form. We shared it on our blog and waited for a little while and we only got one respond from Leilani! So I decided to just email people and try to get them to answer the Form ( I even sent it to my teacher! )....... and they DID!! So far we have eight responses. But if you want to answer the form here's a Link.
Here are the results!

So our first question was which of these TV shows belong to New Zealand. The three that were right was Shortland Street, Tagata Pasifika and Police Ten 7! Most people voted for Shortland Street. I was so surprised when people thought that That's So Raven and Fuller House was made from New Zealand because that was way off!
Our second question was What is your Favorite Movie. Two people voted for blue. I don't even know what movie that is. One voted for ghost. Two voted for Fast and Furious. One voted for the Emoji Move and another voted for ANY, and the last vote was Star Wars and I know that's my teachers favorite movie because I sent it to him!

Our Next question was What's the best food you ever had in your life. I was super surprised because I thought some people would vote for Mc Donalds but KFC was the one and I know because it's "Finger Licken Good!". But the one the was the most which 75% was Everything. But a few people did vote for the good old Chicken.
The Last question was What is your favorite sport. 12.5% voted for Basketball which is a great sport. But Rugby beat it by 25%, and 62.5% voted for Netball. I know why most people voted for Netball because I mostly sent it to girls!

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