Saturday, 7 October 2017

Holiday Blogging - How To Clean Your Room (Extra Task)

Walt: Write a set of instructions.

Task Description: This Extra Task is all about how to clean you own room. I have created a presentation for people to have a go on how I clean my room. It takes just 5 easy steps for me to clean my room! I have added tips and tricks on how to clean your room inside this presentation. I used images from google and added it into my presentation just to spice it up a little bit. Please try out my 5 easy steps and leave a comment below on how it turned out to be! Was it helpful or Not. Anyways I hope you enjoyed my little presentation. Stay Tuned for More Blog-posts!


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  2. Kia Ora Amelia ,
    Your post is outstanding!Your steps are very easy for people to use when they clean their room ! My favourite step is step 2.Because the keep out sign is very helpful for people that has lots of family members.When you clean do you use these tips?

    From - Leilani!

    1. Kia ora Leilani!

      Thank You for your comment. I hope it was helpful, and YES I do use these tips while I'm cleaning. But the new one to me is the timer. When Mr Goodwin said to time yourself then that instantly became a tip in my head!


  3. Hi mia ( amelia ) this blog post was such a great idea I wonder how long it took you to come up with it! I basically do this everyday! But I loved it! Keep up the good work and make sure to keep in touch!