Wednesday, 26 September 2018


A few weeks ago the Year 7&8 Extension and a few selected students got the opportunity to go to KPMG. KMPG is a professional service company and is on of our school's biggest sponsors that helps us pay for stuff like chrome books, iPads and more. We visited the place and got to do a ton of cool things. We were divided into groups and we were each given a category to film about. My group was lucky because we got to do an MTV. We gathered the group together and we decided to do an MTV KRIBS. This MTV was just the tour of the incredible building but not the whole building. This is the finishing results of our movie.


  1. Hi Amelia,

    My name is Maree and I go to pt england school just like you do to. I really really enjoyed the MTV EXT CRIBS MOVIE !!! WOW it was so amazing.
    I enjoyed how Charles and David took yous on a tour around their 25 Mansion cribs. Wow keep it up can't wait to see some more!!

  2. I love your moie Amelia I wish i could do that. Remember to keep up the good work k you a ding so so well kepp it up. From Leylani In room 11 at PES