Friday, 15 November 2019

πŸ“š READING TSK ~ MeMe and Me πŸ“±

WALT: Evaluate the writer's purpose

Task Description: This week our book we are looking into is called MeMe and Me. It's part of a journal that I do not know the name of. As always, we read the book individually or with a partner. I read the book and tried to pick up as much information as I can. We then had to make a copy of this presentation and complete the following questions. I met on the mat with Waititi (my reading group) and discussed the book and shared a lot of information and personal perspectives. I then completed the three set of questions and went back and forth with the book to make sure my answers are accurate. This is the finishing presentation. There is still a create task to come.

Thursday, 14 November 2019


Task Description: Kia Ora fellow blog viewers! This term our school-wide theme is Life's a Stage, representing performing arts including dance and drama. We will be moving around the different classes in the block to learn a new style of dance. In Room 4, we are studying K-Pop. Even though there are many K-pop stans, some of us don't really know the origin of K-pop, in fact k-pop wasn't really a original style of music. Learn more by visiting this previous blog-post of mine. K-Pop Blogpost.

Me and a few of my friends find enjoyment of listening to k-pop music. Even though I don't listen to the music as much as I used to, I still really like the catchy dance routines that come with it. Me, Ayla, Naomi and Makayla decided to do the classic dance from TWICE - "What is love?". We chose to do this dance because it was one that we all knew and danced to, ALOT. Warning: We are not you professional type of dances so please don't leave any dislike comments - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

➗ MATHS - Trade and Enterprise ™️

WALT: Analyse and interpret statistical data

Task Description: This weeks maths Room 4 got to look into how people trade for different items from around the world. We are learning to (as you can see from the walt) Analyse and interpret data. We also participated in a trading activity so that we can fully complete this presentation.

Our activity was to trade different items from different countries to see who could make the most profit and/or money. In order to do this we had to get into groups. I was grouped with Acera, Jacob, Freedom and Fonua. We pretended that our groups were individual countries - that we got to name YAY! Our group name was Hone Heke (I don't even know why) the next was Mordor, Babushka, Combat and Angels. 

Mrs Stone handed out items which was electronics, oil, coffee beans and gold. Each item held some points or money we would say in the real world. Mrs Stone gave us about a minute to discuss how we are going to be trading things. We had a lot of great ideas about how we can get more profit and we were even eyeing out the other groups.

The trading then begun! We started off with Maanas who was from mordor and he wanted to sell his electronic or coffee bean for some gold. The majority of the class disagreed and decided not to give in, but my group had another plan in mind. We were willing to sell two electronics and one oil for two oils. 

Maanas agreed with our bargain, but offered more if we were to increase the amount of oil. We were discussing the fact and seeing if there was any other way we could persuade him so I yelled out "Anyone going higher?!". Chastyti agreed with our bargain and decided to give us 4 OILSSSS! Can you believe that. I think she made a mistake because the deal we had was un-fair, but hey! Were the ones making the money!

From that trade, our group was on a roll! We started to increase bit by bit in our profit and we thought that we were doing very well. Then it came to a end. Mrs Stone calculated the points and we were very confident in giving in our score. All of a sudden we were stunned! We realised there were two other groups - babushka and combat had a higher amount of points than us. I mean but HOW?!!!

We called Mrs Stone for a objection and explained that they didn't even make some trades and were still ahead of us. Then realisation hit me. Not all countries have the same amount of money. Some are wealthy some are not. I let out a satisfied look. Mrs Stone purposely shared the items out un-evenly because of this matter.

This task was one of my favourites! I learnt how to be more persuasive, calculate and trade well. I think that our group improved in profit, because our country started off as a poor one and with a few trades and deals we ended up increasing a lot in profit. This task really made me think. Thank You Mrs Stone.

Monday, 11 November 2019

🦠 Genomics - Smallest to Largest Living Organisms 🦠

WALT: Place organisms on a continuum.
Task Description: This middle block, Room 4 are working on genomics. To calm ourselves we had a silent SSR session then we moved onto the the real deal. Today we are also in practising how to be in a class at college. We had the whole college class layout and Mrs Stone shifted into the mode of a college teacher. Our task was to put in order from the smallest to the largest type of an animal living organism. These were my picks out of many. 

Friday, 25 October 2019


Task Description: *This work was from last term but was dragged to this term to finish due to a lot of events that happened*. Last term as some of you may know our topic for team 5 was genomics. We focused of DNA coding and the exploration of things mystery. During this time we had a presentation called tracking my learning.....where we track our learning. This helped check out our progress on cells and what we currently know. I think that I have definitely learnt a whole lot of information and I have stored it in my brain ready to share with many more! 

πŸ€” Reflecting On My Maths This Year ➗

Reflecting on My Maths This Year

In Room 4 maths we got to check our test scores from our previous maths test we had. Our task was to create a blog post reflecting on our maths this whole year. My favourite part of maths I enjoyed was area & perimeter and volume. I found this maths era my favourite because I actually enjoyed learning about it and it also helped me find my strength. Even though this was a great learning lesson, I still think that I didn't do quite well when it came to just maths in general.

Whenever I do maths I always seem to forget some part or just straight up forget what we even learnt. I think this is what I think brought me down in my maths test because I was very hard for me to recover all the things I did. At first, I felt like I was doing very well and then it just kinda went downhill towards the end. 

Besides this, the maths I've done this year has actually been good. I even learnt a lot of things that I previously didn't know at all. The reason for this is because Mrs Stone teaching strategies were very easy to understand. She came down to the students level of maths and helped us work through a question step by step. This was very helpful :)

In my test I did well at geometry, measurement and statistics. I'm still working on algebra.

What would I rate my maths out of 10?

πŸ’ Greta Thunberg - Biography πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Greta Thunberg

Image result for greta thunberg
Climate Change has been affecting many kinds of things these days. The adults are giving up and not waking up and doing something about it. This is where children around the world like Greta Thunberg step in! 

Well, who is Greta Thungberg you may ask? Greta Tintin Eleonora Thunberg is a 16 Year Old young Swedish girl. Greta is known for being a young activist campaigning for Climate Change. Greta became well known at the age of 15, when she sat outside of the Swedish Parliament and protested about immediate actions towards global warming. Since then, this teen became an outspoken activist towards global warming.

Greta Thunberg was a young teen who has touched everyone from the news to different articles. Her actions put adults through a little shame and a wake up call for many people world-wide! This teen has been very committed to being a climate activist as her and a whole bunch of school kids miss out on their own learning time to go on school strikes to make a change. Greta has been interviewed a lot during the school strikes, visited climate conferences where she shares her opinions and has even met President Obama!

Everyone can learn many things about this young teen. As Greta has shown, even at a young age you can start stepping up for what’s right! In order to do something like this, you've got to have the courage and be brave just like Greta, even though she was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, OCD and Selective Mutism, which means she can only speak when things are necessary. That must be really hard to go through! That’s why we can learn many things from Greta Thunberg. What an awesome example!

There are many inspiring children all over the world just like Greta Thunberg. Greta has effectively demonstrated that young children can be leaders too, even if you are under a condition! This is Greta Thungberg for you, can you be just like her?
Task Description: This is old writing from about term 2. I didn't get around to posting this piece of writing due to many events that my role was compulsory in. During that time, we were studying climate change. We looked at some climate change activists around the world and one of the youngest inspiring children we looked at was Greta Thunberg. Our task was to write a Biography - a full piece of information about someone else's life. This was my biography on Greta Thunberg. Enjoy whanau!