Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Times Tables Maths Test!

This is just a screenshot of what I did in my Times Tables Maths Test.

Musical Madness!

Walt: use adjectives to improve our descriptive writing.
WALT: use exciting language in a recount

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.39.29 PM.png

Have you ever seen your teacher sing before? Well today at our school Immersion Assembly, lot’s of music was happening in the hall! I’m looking forward to how the term is going to be!

This term our school topic is based on Music, and it is called Musical Madness! Team 1,2 and 3 was all about how music changes our feelings and how different beats can make up one song. Team 5’s crazy act was all about different beats to music! The Assembly was hilarious but my all time favorite act was Team 3’s little movie they made a mini Songs in Real Life video. It was an incredible video that  made me laugh the till the end.  

Finally it was Team 4’s turn! Team 4’s movie was a little car pool party! All the teachers from Team 4 were having fun singing in the car enjoying the music (but some of the music was boring because they were old school). The little movie was like a commercial for our school music. It was kind of like the commercial’s that Apple does for there music. This Term our Team is looking at making our own music, and even making instruments!

Since the Term is all about music I am dying to learn to play the Guitar! I also want to learn to play the drums and I think our Team Leader Mr Somerville will teach us because he is fantastic at playing the drums! Those are the instruments that I want to play but I’m also hoping to learn to play the piano along with other instruments too.

Overall I think that the Term will be awesome! I love music and I’m sure other people in the school do. I think that school and music goes together because her in Pt England we make up songs and sing to other songs too! In fact we already got school song already up called Musical Madness! I think that Term 4 will be great!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Holiday Blogging - Emoji Part 7!

Walt: Collaborate with others + HAVING FUN!!

Task Description: Today Me, Lillyana, Leilani, Naomi and Tupuia finally finished Emoji Part 7. This task is just taking pictures of yourself doing an emoji and having fun!! We used emoji's from google and added it into the presentation. We all enjoyed creating the emoji's even though they were pretty hard to do. I'm sorry if you see unfinished bit's in the presentation. It was because we were online at different times. Anyways I hope you enjoy the presentation!

Holiday Blogging - Bullying - STOP NOW!!

Walt: Spread an Important message.

Task Description: Today me and Leilani made a presentation on Bullying. We were just watching a video about bullying and something just clicked! Leilani asked me if I wanted to do a presentation about bullying so I said sure. We decided to make make this presentation to stop the bullying. There are still lot's of people in our world who are getting bullied. Some have committed suicide because of bullying, and losing loved because of that is really sad. I also want to spread this message because I have been bullied too through email. So remember to STOP BULLYING AND STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!  

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Holiday Blogging - Descriptive Writing!

Walt: Write Descriptively.

Task Description: Today I created my own presentation all about Descriptive Writing. I got this idea from school as we would do Ailen Descriptions, Monster Descriptions and more! I did a mix of Character Descriptions and Setting Descriptions. I picked out four images from google and wrote a Description about each one. I did one about an Ailen, Shark, Beach and a Spooky Haunted House. I really enjoyed this task because I got to think very hard and think about detail in my writing. I hope to do this next holiday's because I think that it will improve my writing!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Holiday Blogging - Making my own Beat (Task 8)

Walt: Share our creations. 

Listen to my beat here!

Today task is all about creating our own beat! I created my own beat. If you would like to hear the beat just click the image above this writing! I have created a beat using a site called incredibox.com. It is an amazing site that helps you create your beat. It's kinda like acapella. I have created cool beat using beats, effects melodies and voices. I chose this beat because it has pretty simple. My brother also enjoyed the beat and was amazed. Remember to stay tuned for more blog-posts!

Holiday Blogging - How To Make Your Own Shoes! (Extra Task)

Walt: Provide step by step information.

Task Description: For this Extra Task we had to make a presentation on How To Make Your Own Shoes! Just simply follow the steps that I have written down. I am not quite sure what the name of the site was where I created my shoes but I think it was the The Nike Shop. I hope the steps inside the presentation is good! I really enjoyed designing these shoes and that's why I made this presentation so you can try it! Comment down below if you enjoyed it or not. Until then Goodbye!