Monday, 13 May 2019

Maths - Coordinate Conundrums

WALT:  identify coordinates and use grid references to give directions

Task Description: For maths, I decided to finish off last weeks work before I move on this this weeks. The topic for last weeks maths is Coordinate Conundrums. In our presentations we are given different levels to work on. I decided to work on the 1st level because i'm not really confident in this type of maths. We worked on a treasure map and tried to locate where a certain place was using coordinates. We also had a extra question about the treasure map.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Reading - Create Task - My Ending

WALT:  make connections between a text, ourselves and the world

Task Description: Today for reading one of our tasks for this week is to write a little ending to our story that we have been reading called battle. This was part of the task because at the end of the book battle it was like those to be continued endings. I advise you to read my previous blog post which is my review about the story then this ending will make sense. I thought this task was very interesting because we got a chance to write it any way we desired. I hope you enjoyed this little ending that I have written and please stay tuned for more blog posts whanau, thanks :)

Friday, 10 May 2019

Reading Task - Battle Review

WALT:  make connections between a text, ourselves and the world

Today I am writing a review about our reading text for this week which is called Battle. This story is written Maria Samuela and is a fiction type of story. So, in the story their are a few main characters but the one who was mostly involved in the story is a boy named Timiona.

In the story I would describe Timiona as a really shy boy but overcame that fear throughout the story. I think this because in the story him and a couple of friends held a dance competition. In the competition there was one absolutely great dancer named Moera (a girl). She was winning the dance comp so far. Timiona was really scared because he took a really special medal earned by his Papa Ari that his mother strictly forbid anyone from taking that from the house. Timiona thought that taking the medal would give him good luck for the competition. Timiona had became a whole lot more nervous when he realised that it was gone. Poor Timiona :(

Fast forward, Timiona's name had been called to compete against the talented Lucy who was dominating the competition so far. Timiona was getting even more nervous but he tried to push that though away when remembering all his hard work and practice he has put into this competition and kind of felt a little bit better after that. Timiona then began busting moves like nothing and had the crowd going crazy. Though it was clear who won the battle but he walked home very sad because he still couldn't find the medal and knew what's coming. Once he got home he saw his mother holding a Papa Ari's medal with her head cocked to one side.

Sadly, The story ended there but it seemed like Timiona was going to get into some trouble! I think that the writer tried to send a life lesson to some kids about listening because even though Timiona won he never knew what was in store for his actions. After reading the book I thought exactly like this and I am going to put this into practice. I think that this is a great book for years 6 to 8 because it's very cool and also sends a great message to these age groups. Overall this was a great book and I would read it again!

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Reading Task - Battle

WALT:  make connections between a text, ourselves and the world

Task Description: This week I have finally finished my reading task. There are still more tasks to go elaborating about this story Battle that I have read. Now our task for this week was to read the text we were given which was called Battle. After reading the text using the knowledge I got from the text I answered all the questions in the presentation. I found them really interesting and fun. This is the finish product.

Friday, 3 May 2019

What is Longitude and Latitude?

This is a little activity we were instructed to do. Not many people know a lot about Longitude and Latitude so if that's you this is for you. Using my knowledge I wrote down what I knew about the two and what it would be around the world. This is what I have done and this is also an image of the longitude and latitude of PES :)

I like your Latitude!

WALT: Use compass directions to describe location.

Today, Room 4 kicked off the day with inquiry. If you read my previous blog-post then you know what our current theme is for this term which is I Like Your Latitude. Anyways, Mrs Stone gave us a task to answer different questions about New Zealand using our knowledge about Latitude and Longitude. If you click the blue icon then you can see my answers to each question. Enjoy and I hope you learn more about New Zealand.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Maths ~ Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Today for maths, I decided to attend a workshop just so I can get a better understanding of our maths topic for this week. Today I learnt about Mean, Median Mode and Range as you can see above this picture of my working our above. I our workshop Mrs Stone gave a full explanation about each word and I observed it by writing it down on my maths book. One of the words I was most interested in was Mode and Range. I learnt that teachers use Range a lot in teaching when it comes to looking at what level his/her's students currently at. Mode is when one number always comes up multiple times. Well, this is what I have learnt so far and I might blog more about this throughout the week :)