Thursday, 23 March 2017

Ambassadors take a trip to N4L!!!

On a wonderful but kind of cold Tuesday the ambassadors got ready to go on a trip to a big and famous building called N4L. N4L stands for Network for learning. They are the people who help the schools network which is really cool! So this is an example of one of the things they do. So N4L has a big screen that shows if there wifi is going down. If it is going down they have to make a solution to fix it and if the WiFi is ready to go and okay GREAT! We had to get to N4L by taxi to the city. The N4L building is set in Parnell. Anyways, as we were driving we were so excited. Then we got out of the taxi and I said goodbye. As I got out I was so stunned by the amazing building. Of course I can't afford something like that! After seeing the building we saw a beautiful lady. Her name was Mrs Stuart. She sent us to a room that is filled with like coding. It was a really quiet room. I started looking around and I saw a lot of people working with, like straight up focus. Then we went to have food! Oh my gosh the food was so delicious. I had quiche which was so amazing and fizzy too! I know I was very lucky. Then after food we had our presentation. I loved the audience at N4L they were so polite and were very funny. I wish I could go there again. After the presentation we gave to them they gave us gifts like the gift card you see  in the picture. We also got to see a car stacker. I would just like to say a BIG BIG thank you to the wonderful people of N4L you guys are amazing! 

Amelia Bug Descriptions

Walt: Write descriptively.

Task Description: Here is a presentation I made today. Since I have been learning about bugs I have made Bug Descriptions. It talks about the Lady bugs and what they do how they look. I've learnt a lot of things about the Lady Bug and so enjoy the paragraph that I wrote! 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Amelia - Create you own bug! Lady Bug Stinger

Lady Bug Stinger:

This is my made up insect. It is called Lady Bug stinger! The lady bug stinger is very polite. There just like bee's well kind of. Are you asking why there just like bee's. The Lady bug stinger just like to chill of beautiful bright colored flowers. Like bee's right. If you try to disturb its relaxation time it will totally sting you with its two stingers at the top of its head. So back off! The Lady bug stinger also has a horn as the tip of his bottom. But that's not that bad then the STINGER. In many ways the Lady bug stinger is polite, but do not get on her bad side! 

Saturday, 18 March 2017


This is a Dog-day Cicada. Which is part of the extreme family of the Cicada.

Who has heard a Cicada before? Well I am hearing one right now. Sometimes Cicadas can be annoying but there are interesting things about it. So the Cicadas are a SUPER family. You want to know why? Because there is a life cycle of Cicadas. I never thought that there would be a life cycle of a Cicada! One thing I've heard is that the Cicada lives under ground for 17 years! I know. The scientific name for the Cicada is Cicadidae. Very interesting. Did you know that Cicadas spend most of there time sucking xylum to get to the juices. (Xylum are like the veins of trees) So they are definitely tree vampires! Of course they make extreme noises in fact it sounds like a song! Hope you have enjoyed the interesting things about Cicada's. 

Friday, 17 March 2017

What's my number!

(This is just a late post)

Amelia Bike Saftey

Walt: Present information in a interesting way.


Who has rode on a and on a awesome bike track before? Well I have. Well you better read more to find out what happens!

So Mr Goodwin chose 5 kids from his Literacy class including me to have a bit of a lesson with our new bike track/Bikes at our school! So we had a little talk then we packed all our gear which was the, Tripod, The camera and the Go pro so as the iPad. Then we walked over to the shed were the bikes were. Well we were walking over to the shed I was holding the iPad so I can look at my reflection. I was so excited.

After that we sat down on the grass and started to have a little talk about things that can help us ride safely. One of the things that I actually did not know was that you have to wear shoes, and yes I mean closed shoes not sandals. One of the other things we talked about was our helmet. Your helmet is there for you to protect your brain, and it's not just there to protect you head from getting your head smash on the ground. It's there to protect your brain from concussions!

After all the bla, bla, bla we finally got to ride on the bike track! But before that we had to just learn a little about the breaks. After that it was the time of my life! I started riding and kind of had a little race with the others. I'm really competitive though. It was really fun!

Overall I really loved the bike track it was really cool. One thing guys make sure that when you are riding a bike leave enough space in the middle so that you don't crash like my friends did! By the way no line got hurt and no one cried but they did giggle a lot of times.


Task Description: Here as you can see I have a double blog post. At the top I have written a recount about riding on the bike track. But what I'm going to talk about mostly is this presentation right here! Can you you see? We I was lucky enough to ride on the new school bike track with the new school bikes. In this presentation I talk about riding safely and at the end I give you little tips. I also used images to show you what I am talking about, and don't worry I have used image attribution on the last slide! Take care and when you ride a bike read my safety presentation!

Ambassador Gifts/Photo's!

You guys know I'm an ambassador ........... Right? Well after a few visitor sessions I have had I actually got some gifts. I did not know that at all! If you want to check out some of the visitor sessions we had take a look at the images below! We had amazing visors who came to our lovely school some of them were even from the United States of America. Crazy huh! Well the gifts I got was a hat from Spark, a water bottle from Spark and one pencil and a pen. I also got a book mark, a note pad and stickers.

2nd session 
2nd session

First session

3rd session

Check out this Link for more photo's