Friday, 24 May 2019

The Grateful Crane - Retold By Amelia

WALT:  make connections between a text, ourselves and the world
Task Description: If you have read the previous blog-post that you know about this folk tale. If not please read that in order for you to understand this. After completing the previous task the next one was to retell the story of the Grateful Crane in our own words. I find retelling stories hard because I always stick to one part of a story more than another and it just makes the story longer. That's why you it's very long! I used google drawing to re-write the story of the grateful crane. I hope you enjoy this task and reading the retold story the Japanese folk tale grateful crane.

The Grateful Crane - Reading

Walt: Interpret figurative language
Task Description: Today is Friday so I figured to do more finishing off work. This work is from a the first week and right now I am feeling happy to post this :) This weeks reading is based on a interesting Japanese folk tale. There were two versions of the tale one movie and one in text. After watching the video or reading the text we were then given this presentation to test our knowledge on this folk tale. I learnt a good message from this tale and I recommend it to a whole lot of people. 

Blog Commenting!

Hey Blog Viewers, First of all I'd like you to visit a beautiful girls blog name Maddison! We have been getting in touch after what happened in Christchurch but, reading her blog posts looks like they have been doing well which is good to see! I decided to post a comment back on her blog. Please, Please! Visit her amazing blog. She has very amazing, effective blog posts and has inspiring ones too. Thank you for reading this blog and Maddison if you're reading this I admire your amazing blog posts!

Blog Update!

So, for those who usally visit my blog you probably have been thinking I disappered. If not, OH WELL! OK, I went on a school camp in kaueranga thames and I put the E in EPIC. It was an awesome experience. We went on this trip so that people who haven't got a chance to showcase how good leaders people are. I will eloborate more on this in another blog post. Anyways I just came to ensure you that I am not dead and there is still more blog posts to come! Thanks, Amelia...... Sarang :)

Prefect Korero - T.E.A.M

Part of being a prefect role is making korero's for the school. Korero's are little messages, themes or word of the day we leave for the school and they learn from that korero and put it into their actions in school. This weeks korero is T.E.A.M - Together, Everyone, Achivies, More! We made a little video to showcase the korero. Enjoy whanau!

Monday, 13 May 2019

Maths - Coordinate Conundrums

WALT:  identify coordinates and use grid references to give directions

Task Description: For maths, I decided to finish off last weeks work before I move on this this weeks. The topic for last weeks maths is Coordinate Conundrums. In our presentations we are given different levels to work on. I decided to work on the 1st level because i'm not really confident in this type of maths. We worked on a treasure map and tried to locate where a certain place was using coordinates. We also had a extra question about the treasure map.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Reading - Create Task - My Ending

WALT:  make connections between a text, ourselves and the world

Task Description: Today for reading one of our tasks for this week is to write a little ending to our story that we have been reading called battle. This was part of the task because at the end of the book battle it was like those to be continued endings. I advise you to read my previous blog post which is my review about the story then this ending will make sense. I thought this task was very interesting because we got a chance to write it any way we desired. I hope you enjoyed this little ending that I have written and please stay tuned for more blog posts whanau, thanks :)