Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Amelia and Eden ~ Compare and Contrast ~ Treaty of Waitangi

WALT: Compare and Contrast
Task Description: Today in was our first day in Extension for 2019. To start off our task was to compare and contrast between two topics which was the Pt England Way and The Treaty of Waitangi. Using the information we knew....and the internet we listed down four different facts/information about the two topics then we had to write the similarities. This is what we have so far. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, 11 February 2019

Lighthouse Blues ~ Literacy Task

WALT: We are learning to work collaboratively as we carry out various reading tasks

Today we finally had our first Literacy lesson with Mrs Tele'a. We got to read a very cool book called Lighthouse blues. We read the first two chapters of the book and then predict what's going to happen next on chapter three. This is my prediction but, I have not completed it.

My Prediction of the next chapter:

“Yea, I play the flute”, I said in a weird voice. “Is there any other instruments that you enjoy playing”, Stan says in a interested way. Out of nowhere I had flashback. I remembered last night when I was all cuddled up I heard the sound of a clarinet and saxophone. I was in total shock. Everything was starting to make sense. Stan was still waiting for an answer and things were starting to get really weird. Suddenly a massive gust of wind flew right past our shivering cold feet. It was so hard that I almost lost my balance. 
Task Description: Today for our first literacy lesson we got a chance to read an interesting book called Lighthouse Blues. First we all sat on the mat we read the first two chapters of the story. After reading it our task was to go away and write what we think is going to happen in the next chapter. We then shared our storied with people around us and also gave feedback. This is my take on the next chapter. Enjoy!

Friday, 8 February 2019


WALT: We are learning to have a positive digital footprint.

Malo e lelei! My name is Amelia and I am 11 years old turning 12. I am a full Tongan and I love expressing my culture in different ways as well as others! I am a Year 8 student attending my very proud school called Pt England (Primary/Intermediate) in my beautiful hometown Auckland. I am part of a year 7&8 group combined called Team 5 which includes 5 beautiful teachers and classrooms ~ Mrs Moala, Mrs Tapuke, Mrs Tele’a, Mrs Stone and Mrs Ilaoa. I am in Room 4 Mrs Stone’s class (which is the best class) and I am so happy there as I have made new friends! This year I was selected to be a prefect for 2019 along with 7 other amazing students. I am very proud to be selected for this particular role and I will lead with mana and dignity! I have two siblings one younger brother who is currently a Year 5 this year attending the same school as me and an older sister who has already moved on to college as a year 10. 

When it comes to hobbies, things that I enjoy and am interested in I would definitely say reading. I enjoy it because it helps me focus and improve my learning development. My favourite books are Roald Dahl as he writes incredible narratives and it ends up becoming famous movies! I share this hobbie with my mother who also likes reading because it relaxes her mind. Other things I would say I’m interested in is Netball. I wouldn’t consider myself as the best player but, I find it as great fitness, enjoyment and it also makes me really competitive.

Goals, goals and goals! This year I want to focus on achieving a better understanding in maths. Most of the time in maths I really do not get it when the numbers always change directions and I find it as my least favourite subject. Well this year I am hoping to change the way I felt last year and have a positive attitude towards maths. Another goal I want to reach is playing more sports. I think that I haven’t been very familiar with sports because I find it hard to balance with my school education. Therefore this year I want to play more sports but at the same time I need to make it a fair balance with my school education.

Well this is a little inside about me! I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Feel free to comment in my posts or ask me questions anytime and I’d love to share you some feedback. Remember to also visit other students blogs too. Goodbye for now!

Tu’a Ofa Atu

Amelia :)

Monday, 4 February 2019

😃 School Blog Update 2019/ KO WAI AU? 😃

 😃 School Blog Update 2019/ KO WAI AU? ~ Homework 😃

Kia Ora fellow viewers and welcome to my blog! Today I have just started school today for 2019 and it is a huge blast! I have an amazing teacher (Mrs Stone) and I have already made new friends. I definitely know now that this is going to be a awesome year. To kick off the first blog-post for school I have decided to post my school homework. Over here I have a little piece of paper where I answer questions all about myself. It's kinda hard to read it but I have written down things that most people don't really know about meeee 😋😋
Task Description: Today after school I decided to get my homework done and dusted because I was really bored. Over here I have written a little bit talking about my great start off to school and my homework I have finished. In my homework we were given three question talking about ourselves. First is was my whakapapa (my background), then it was my strength (what I am good at) and then my needs. I wrote a answer for each question based on my perspective and here is the finishing. Thanks for reading my post and remember to stay tune for a whole lot more!

Friday, 25 January 2019

SLJ ~ W4 D5 A1/2/3 The Sky's The Limit ~ THE LAST DAY!!

Kia Ora to whoever is reading this. Today is the final last day of the Summer Learning Journey. I’ve learnt many things from this program and I am truly thankful for all the help they have given us students. Today’s theme is  The Sky’s The Limit!

Week 4: Protect and Preserve
Day 5: The Sky’s The Limit!

Activity 1: Environment Day ~ Beat Plastic Pollution
#Beat Plastic Pollution
Related image

Plastic pollution is a major problem around the world. Most people don’t really care about it because there so busy creating it! Therefore it’s better if we come together as one and #Beat Plastic Pollution! One thing I can do to protect the earth is putting the right rubbish in the bin. When we put the right thing in the right bin it can help us decrease the number of rubbish that we create.

The second thing that I can do to the planet is just simply clean up! When we just do a simple thing like cleaning up it can help keep everything nice and clear. For example doing easy thing like picking up rubbish twice a day can make a good change to the world. So the next time you think about making a change start with picking up a piece of rubbish!

The last way we can help the planet is by stop creating landfills. The more landfills we create the more the earth becomes sad. Therefore the best thing to think about now is the waste we make. A way to help stop creating landfills is to buy things with less packaging and reduce food waste.
Activity 2: Adoption Day
Compare & Contrast

There are a lot of animals who are being adopted by many people! I think that putting animals up for adoption is a very good idea but at the same time it’s not. The positive side is that they get to live in a better environment away from predators but, the bad side is the animals are separated from family, and I know you could adopt them all but know it’s actually really expensive and it can cost up to $55. Over here in this google draw I have created, I have done a compare and contrast between three animals that are up for adoption. Enjoy!
Activity 3: Concluding the Journey
The End

First of all I’d like to take this time to say a enormous thank you to the Summer Learning Journey crew. It has been an amazing journey and I really loved every single little bit! Thanks to all the people who took there time to make this happen and I am really thankful. I’d like to give a special shout out to Rachel, Izzy, Sophie, Patricia, Mikey and Billy for taking you time to comment on my post, fix my mistakes and just thanks for the motivation you have given me! Congratulations to other students who have finished already and to those who are not just keep going! I ask god to bless all of you, I can’t express how much I thank you and again HUGE THANKS SUMMER LEARNING JOURNEY!     
Question of the Day: What was your favourite post from the Summer Learning Journey??!!

Task Description: Yes! I have finally finished the Summer Learning Journey 2018 - 2019 program!! Another big thanks to all the people who have commented and helped out with the program and I am sure other people are thankful too. This is the last summary of my work for Summer Learning Journey. For the first activity we were asked to list down three ways we can help #BeatPlasticPollution. The second task was about adoption. We had to compare and contrast three different animals that are up for adoption. Finally, the final task was just a big whole review of the program and all the things we’ve done. This is the end of the journey until we get back to school so goodbye for now!

SLJ ~ W4 D4 A1/2/3 Making Promises

Kia Ora blog viewers! Today I am going to be finishing the second to last day of the Summer Learning Journey. It’s really sad but I’m definitely going to be pushing myself harder this time because I want to learn heaps! Today’s theme is Making Promises. Let’s dive through!!

Week 4 ~ Day 4: Making Promises

Activity 1: Campaigning for the Conservation
Nike ~ Just Do It
Related image

Image Attribution

The campaign that I decided to choose is Nike ~ Just Do It! I chose this over McDonalds because of health reasons. Nike ~ Just Do It means to give it a go and have a try. That’s what most people need in there lives motivation to do things. Nike is a good company that sells a lot of stuff that is fitness and sport related. Therefore I think Nike’s slogan is very good as it’s a good company that like to help people to get more fit and healthy.
Activity 2: The Plastic Pledge
How do you feel about Countdown going plastic free?

I asked my sister how she felt about this plastic free program:
Image result for countdown plastic bags
Image Attribution

She thought that it was a really good thing that local stores are thinking about canceling the use of plastic bags. Even though we don’t really go there a lot we still support their decision towards this problem. But I’m not gonna lie it was pretty hard to let the plastic bags go because we were always used to the stores providing them! Other stores like pak n save have decided to stop selling plastic bags as well which is a store that we always go to. This is what my sister feels about Countdown going plastic free!
Activity 3: Restricted Access
Machu Picchu
Image result for machu picchu
Image Attribution

I really agree with the decision that the government has made. Looking at the picture it makes me want to go there as well. It would just make me super excited. The picture has a beautiful scenery and bright green grasses that just brightens your eyes up! I still support their decision about this problem. It’s better to keep our history nice and safe away from people who want to damage beautiful sites like this one. Therefore my final decision is yes! I agree with the government.
Question of the Day: Have you ever visited the Machu Picchu

Task Description: Today I have finally finished week four day three of the summer learning journey. It’s getting really close to the end of the summer learning journey and I am trying to get things done and dusted! The first activity was about slogans. We had to choose a slogan and explain why we supported that. For the next task we had to ask anyone in our house what do they think about countdown going plastic free. For the final task we were asked whether we think the government has made a good decision about restricting some people from going to the Machu Picchu. This was all for today people. Thanks for tuning in and remember to stay tune for more posts!

SLJ ~ W4 D3 A1/2/3 Taking Action

Kia Ora viewers! Another day and more work here on my blog. Thanks for tuning in. Today we will be completing day 3 of week four for the summer learning journey. I am so excited to start today. The theme for today is Taking Action. I know I’m late for the Summer Learning Journey but I just want to get all the activities finish. Let’s Go!!

Week 3 Day 3: Taking Action

Image result for predator free new zealand 2050
Image Attribution
Activity 1: Predator Free 2050 - A Call to Arms
Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP)
Out of all three videos my final decision would have to be the ZIP video. I think that this predator free video was absolutely the best because it shows how people can work together as one. What I mean by this is that I really like how to company’s (NEXT/DOC) formed as one to help solve this problem. This really touched me and it encouraged myself to be aware of predators. The second reason why I thought that it was the best was because they showed that they really cared about our native birds because it’s a problem that half of New Zealand don’t even care about. This is why I think this was the best video.
Activity 2: Protecting the Most Vulnerable - Fact or Fiction?
Maui Dolphins
Maui Dolphins are endemic to New Zealand. It is very close to extinction and right now are only about 63 of these dolphins that are gliding through the sea. It’s very sad but many people are working on this problem. In this google draw I have created a little fact or fiction poster. Out of all of these images there are only three facts that are right and three facts that are wrong. It’s up to you to find out which ones are a fact or just fiction!
Activity 3: The Power Of Ten
10 species (animal or plants) I would save

Here is a presentation I have created that is about 10 species animals or plants that I would save. These are ten I have written but I think through the years I will end up changing my mind whether I really want these ten species. If you were given this question what would you choose?!
Question of the Day: Did you know that Maui Dolphins only live for a short period of time?!

Task Description: Today I have finally finished today’s tasks. As you know today’s theme is Taking Action. Here is my summary of today's work. The first activity was all about ZIP. We were given three video focusing on the predator free project and were asked to choose out of all three which was the best. The next task was about Maui Dolphins. We had to write three facts that are true and three made up facts of our own! Then we had to write to write three facts that are wrong and three facts that are right. For the final task we had to pick ten species (animal or plants). Well that’s all for today people! Remember to stay tuned for more posts.