Monday, 22 July 2019

Amelia - How do we know if something is alive?

 Task Description: Yes! Were back @ school and we have a new term of learning! This term our theme is Something in the water! He Mea I Roto I Te Wai! This is a science inquiry and for our class inquiry is How do we know if something is alive. We learnt what makes things alive on the mat together and then fulfil this presentation above where we elaborate more on what it means and what things are alive or not alive around us. Enjoy!

Friday, 5 July 2019


Task Description: This term we have learnt a whole lot of things! Part of our learning is making DLO's where we travel around different continents and/or countries around the world. First, we had to draw a world map on Hyperstudio as a guide. We then choose three or more different landmarks in countries. The next step to our DLO is to go to Scratch (a online website where you can code) and code our drawings to make it look like we are travelling the world ðŸŒŽ

This is my finishing animation. All you need to do is press the green flag and let me do the talking! Once it's finish or if you want to stop it press the red button. I really enjoyed making this DLO and I have learnt many, many things while doing this - Continents, Coding and Drawing. I hope you enjoy this DLO.


Saturday, 29 June 2019

🇰🇮 Kiribati - The struggle with Global Warming 🌊

WALT: make connections between oral, written and visual texts
Task Description: If you have seen my previous blog post it was about Kiribati facing Climate Change. After finishing that presentation we had to do a create task. Over here I had to write a paragraph about this statement Climate Change being a huge concern for Kiribati and then eloborating on that. I used google draw to create this and I added colour to make it bright! This is my finishing work, I hope you enjoy! 

🌊 Waiting for the tide to turn 🌅 - Kiribati Reading TSK

WALT: make connections between oral, written and visual texts
Task Description: Today as the closure of Term 2 is very close by, I decided to start finishing my work early. Kiribati is known as a island trying to fight climate change following with a documentary with a former Kiribati president named Anote. We had to read a lot of articles, listen to recordings and watch traliers to get a full understanding of Kiribati and Climate Change. We answered a lot of questions in this presentation. I hope you enjoy this presentation!


WALT: discuss and justify our opinion on a topic
Task Description: This week as a create task me, Pisrina and Eden made a poster talking about how extreme weather is affecting NZ but, we have also added how it has affected other places in our planet. We have also added images showing the event that we are describing in the texts boxes. After researching, I can say that I have learnt a whole lot more then ever about Extreme Weather and Climate Change. I hope you enjoy reading this poster and maybe learn something from it and share the message! Thx and stay tuned for more posts!

🌊 Climate Change: Our Biggest Challenge 🏭

WALT: discuss and justify our opinion on a topic
Task Description: For the past two weeks in our reading class, we have been focusing on climate change. Climate change has many meanings as you can see in this word art above. But right now we are focusing on extreme weather events and the impact or causes it has upon us. I talking tornado's, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and much more. First we had create a word family on change and the write different synonmys that come under change. We than had to share our opinion on a statement about Extreme Weather Events from two different sides. This is the finishing touch!

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Greta Thunberg - Biography 🙌🌎

Image result for greta thunberg
Here is Greta Thunberg on a strike for Climate Change!

Greta Thunberg

Climate Change has been affecting many kinds of things these days. The adults are giving up and not waking up and doing something about it. This is where children around the world like Greta Thunberg step in! 

Well, who is Greta Thungberg you may ask? Greta Tintin Eleonora Thunberg is a 16 Year Old young Swedish girl. Greta is known for being a young activist campaigning for Climate Change. Greta became well known at the age of 15, when she sat outside of the Swedish Parliament and protested about immediate actions towards climate change. Since then, this teen became an outspoken activist towards global warming.

Greta Thunberg is a young teen who has touched everyone from the news to different articles. Her actions have put adults through a little shame and a wake up call for many people world-wide! This teen has been very committed to being a climate activist as her and a whole bunch of pupils miss out on their own learning to go on school strikes to make a change. Greta has been interviewed a lot during the school strikes, visited climate conferences where she shares her opinions and has even met President Obama!

Everyone can learn many things about this young teen. As Greta has shown, even at a young age you can start stepping up for what’s right! In order to do something like this, you've got to have the courage and be brave just like Greta, even though she was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, OCD and Selective Mutism, which means she can only speak when things are necessary. That must be really hard to go through! That’s why we can learn many things from Greta Thunberg. What an awesome example!
Task Description: This week for writing, Room 2 literacy has been focusing on a very different type of writing style. This style is Biography. First, Miss Tapuke got us to share our opinions on what we think is Biography. Some of us had no idea and others had a clear understanding. After uncovering what Biography is, we made a grapic organiser to brain storm about the person we are talking about. Which led to this biography about Greta Thunberg. I hope you enjoy and learn something from this Biography!