Wednesday, 4 December 2019


Task Description: Kia Ora Lads! This term for extension we have been looking at Ultra Violet light also known as UV light. This was a task that went on  for the whole term. I was grouped with Amira and Zaeeda. For the task, we each had variety of questions that we got to choose to research. I used a lot of sites to research about ultra violet light. I found and learned a lot of information that I was unfamiliar about. I hope you enjoy this very long presentation. :) Be safe in the sun children! 

Friday, 29 November 2019

An Intro to Static Image - READING

WALT: identify components in a novel
Task Description: This week for reading we are taking a look at Static Images. A static image is a still image that combines visual elements and words. For this presentation talks about signs and symbols. Our task was to identify and give our meaning of what static image represents. We also picked a symbol that represents us, what a colour represents and what posters show. As always, we met on the mat and discussed this task before finishing it. Here is the final presentation!

Friday, 15 November 2019

πŸ“š READING TSK ~ MeMe and Me πŸ“±

WALT: Evaluate the writer's purpose

Task Description: This week our book we are looking into is called MeMe and Me. It's part of a journal that I do not know the name of. As always, we read the book individually or with a partner. I read the book and tried to pick up as much information as I can. We then had to make a copy of this presentation and complete the following questions. I met on the mat with Waititi (my reading group) and discussed the book and shared a lot of information and personal perspectives. I then completed the three set of questions and went back and forth with the book to make sure my answers are accurate. This is the finishing presentation. There is still a create task to come.

Thursday, 14 November 2019


Task Description: Kia Ora fellow blog viewers! This term our school-wide theme is Life's a Stage, representing performing arts including dance and drama. We will be moving around the different classes in the block to learn a new style of dance. In Room 4, we are studying K-Pop. Even though there are many K-pop stans, some of us don't really know the origin of K-pop, in fact k-pop wasn't really a original style of music. Learn more by visiting this previous blog-post of mine. K-Pop Blogpost.

Me and a few of my friends find enjoyment of listening to k-pop music. Even though I don't listen to the music as much as I used to, I still really like the catchy dance routines that come with it. Me, Ayla, Naomi and Makayla decided to do the classic dance from TWICE - "What is love?". We chose to do this dance because it was one that we all knew and danced to, ALOT. Warning: We are not you professional type of dances so please don't leave any dislike comments - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

➗ MATHS - Trade and Enterprise ™️

WALT: Analyse and interpret statistical data

Task Description: This weeks maths Room 4 got to look into how people trade for different items from around the world. We are learning to (as you can see from the walt) Analyse and interpret data. We also participated in a trading activity so that we can fully complete this presentation.

Our activity was to trade different items from different countries to see who could make the most profit and/or money. In order to do this we had to get into groups. I was grouped with Acera, Jacob, Freedom and Fonua. We pretended that our groups were individual countries - that we got to name YAY! Our group name was Hone Heke (I don't even know why) the next was Mordor, Babushka, Combat and Angels. 

Mrs Stone handed out items which was electronics, oil, coffee beans and gold. Each item held some points or money we would say in the real world. Mrs Stone gave us about a minute to discuss how we are going to be trading things. We had a lot of great ideas about how we can get more profit and we were even eyeing out the other groups.

The trading then begun! We started off with Maanas who was from mordor and he wanted to sell his electronic or coffee bean for some gold. The majority of the class disagreed and decided not to give in, but my group had another plan in mind. We were willing to sell two electronics and one oil for two oils. 

Maanas agreed with our bargain, but offered more if we were to increase the amount of oil. We were discussing the fact and seeing if there was any other way we could persuade him so I yelled out "Anyone going higher?!". Chastyti agreed with our bargain and decided to give us 4 OILSSSS! Can you believe that. I think she made a mistake because the deal we had was un-fair, but hey! Were the ones making the money!

From that trade, our group was on a roll! We started to increase bit by bit in our profit and we thought that we were doing very well. Then it came to a end. Mrs Stone calculated the points and we were very confident in giving in our score. All of a sudden we were stunned! We realised there were two other groups - babushka and combat had a higher amount of points than us. I mean but HOW?!!!

We called Mrs Stone for a objection and explained that they didn't even make some trades and were still ahead of us. Then realisation hit me. Not all countries have the same amount of money. Some are wealthy some are not. I let out a satisfied look. Mrs Stone purposely shared the items out un-evenly because of this matter.

This task was one of my favourites! I learnt how to be more persuasive, calculate and trade well. I think that our group improved in profit, because our country started off as a poor one and with a few trades and deals we ended up increasing a lot in profit. This task really made me think. Thank You Mrs Stone.

Monday, 11 November 2019

🦠 Genomics - Smallest to Largest Living Organisms 🦠

WALT: Place organisms on a continuum.
Task Description: This middle block, Room 4 are working on genomics. To calm ourselves we had a silent SSR session then we moved onto the the real deal. Today we are also in practising how to be in a class at college. We had the whole college class layout and Mrs Stone shifted into the mode of a college teacher. Our task was to put in order from the smallest to the largest type of an animal living organism. These were my picks out of many. 

Friday, 25 October 2019


Task Description: *This work was from last term but was dragged to this term to finish due to a lot of events that happened*. Last term as some of you may know our topic for team 5 was genomics. We focused of DNA coding and the exploration of things mystery. During this time we had a presentation called tracking my learning.....where we track our learning. This helped check out our progress on cells and what we currently know. I think that I have definitely learnt a whole lot of information and I have stored it in my brain ready to share with many more! 

πŸ€” Reflecting On My Maths This Year ➗

Reflecting on My Maths This Year

In Room 4 maths we got to check our test scores from our previous maths test we had. Our task was to create a blog post reflecting on our maths this whole year. My favourite part of maths I enjoyed was area & perimeter and volume. I found this maths era my favourite because I actually enjoyed learning about it and it also helped me find my strength. Even though this was a great learning lesson, I still think that I didn't do quite well when it came to just maths in general.

Whenever I do maths I always seem to forget some part or just straight up forget what we even learnt. I think this is what I think brought me down in my maths test because I was very hard for me to recover all the things I did. At first, I felt like I was doing very well and then it just kinda went downhill towards the end. 

Besides this, the maths I've done this year has actually been good. I even learnt a lot of things that I previously didn't know at all. The reason for this is because Mrs Stone teaching strategies were very easy to understand. She came down to the students level of maths and helped us work through a question step by step. This was very helpful :)

In my test I did well at geometry, measurement and statistics. I'm still working on algebra.

What would I rate my maths out of 10?

πŸ’ Greta Thunberg - Biography πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Greta Thunberg

Image result for greta thunberg
Climate Change has been affecting many kinds of things these days. The adults are giving up and not waking up and doing something about it. This is where children around the world like Greta Thunberg step in! 

Well, who is Greta Thungberg you may ask? Greta Tintin Eleonora Thunberg is a 16 Year Old young Swedish girl. Greta is known for being a young activist campaigning for Climate Change. Greta became well known at the age of 15, when she sat outside of the Swedish Parliament and protested about immediate actions towards global warming. Since then, this teen became an outspoken activist towards global warming.

Greta Thunberg was a young teen who has touched everyone from the news to different articles. Her actions put adults through a little shame and a wake up call for many people world-wide! This teen has been very committed to being a climate activist as her and a whole bunch of school kids miss out on their own learning time to go on school strikes to make a change. Greta has been interviewed a lot during the school strikes, visited climate conferences where she shares her opinions and has even met President Obama!

Everyone can learn many things about this young teen. As Greta has shown, even at a young age you can start stepping up for what’s right! In order to do something like this, you've got to have the courage and be brave just like Greta, even though she was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, OCD and Selective Mutism, which means she can only speak when things are necessary. That must be really hard to go through! That’s why we can learn many things from Greta Thunberg. What an awesome example!

There are many inspiring children all over the world just like Greta Thunberg. Greta has effectively demonstrated that young children can be leaders too, even if you are under a condition! This is Greta Thungberg for you, can you be just like her?
Task Description: This is old writing from about term 2. I didn't get around to posting this piece of writing due to many events that my role was compulsory in. During that time, we were studying climate change. We looked at some climate change activists around the world and one of the youngest inspiring children we looked at was Greta Thunberg. Our task was to write a Biography - a full piece of information about someone else's life. This was my biography on Greta Thunberg. Enjoy whanau!

Monday, 21 October 2019


Last term, Room 4 looked at different kinds of stereotypes. Stereotype is when people assume things based off of what they heard or seen. Most of the time the things they assumed are not the case. Did you

Bro'Town - Valea, Sione, Vale, Mack and Jeff da Maori
We decided to look at stereotypes in videos like Bro'Town. Bro' Town is a New Zealand animated series all about 5 boys growing up in Auckland where they face new adventures everyday. The thing about Bro'Town is that its mainly pointed to Pacific Island Community like us and how they assumed we lived. One of the characters in the story Jeff da Maori grows up in a family where they smoke/drink things like marijuana. Almost all the main characters live in faulty homes and do very substandard things. Since the voices of the characters were actually full islanders, I suppose that they wouldn't take to heart these things and I think they had fun with it. But, at the same time not all islanders live in non-decent homes and not all smoke/drink. Therefore, their would still be people that would get offended by this TV animated series. What do you think?

We also got to share with the class some stereotypes that we've experienced ourselves. Pauline said that one time her teacher had a Tongan student who could sing and she assumed that all Tongan children could sing. Naomi also shared that a very common stereotype was that people don't think women should play rugby, especially because she plays the game herself. We were all shocked by some of the stereotypes people shared and we decided to comfort each other during the process. Our task was to write a poem or something about a stereotype people see you as. Mrs Stone helped us off by writing just because I'm a...... and we had to follow on by ourselves.

I chose to write a stereotype writing about being a prefect. Being a prefect holds a lot of exceptions from your peers. If I were to make a mistake, children would commonly say Bad Prefect and drag the words. I always get a bit annoyed and frustrated at those words and I decided to put all into this piece of writing.

Just because I’m a Prefect…..
Doesn’t mean I am Perfect
Doesn’t mean I’m the “Good Girl” in class
Doesn’t mean I won’t make mistakes
Just because I do something bad, doesn’t mean you have to make a scene.
Just because I’m a prefect, doesn’t mean I am in a higher rank than you

We all are equal and unique. Don’t just assume these things because of my level. My badge I’m wearing shows my achievement it’s not me rubbing my role in your face.

I am a leader and I know I am.

-Amelia Halaufia

Saturday, 19 October 2019



Last term for extension we were looking at sustainability. Our movies were suppose to be entered for the Outlook for Someday movie competition, but unfortunately we were jam packed with many events and never really got to enter. We still got a chance to finish it last term but I didn't get around to posting it on my blog. Here it is! Together with my group Chastyti, Paikea, Makayla, Naomi and to other stars who weren't in our group but we asked to join Skye and Bethan. We wanted to look for a way to help people spend their money wisely because these days, everyone is on the trend looking for the latest and spending their own money without looking at what they really need. 

This movie talks about a poor person who encounters a very wealthy female. The wealthy female isn't really the best at buying things and doesn't know how to spend her money properly. The poor person asks kindly asks the female for some money but they don't bother, instead the flex their latest designer clothes. A week later the poor person continues asking and she ends up getting a lotto ticket from a stranger. She proceeds to try her luck and ends up winning a huge amount of cash. Meanwhile, the wealthy female ends up struggling with financial issues and ended up getting evicted out of her house, she became poor. The same people end up meeting each other, but this time they've switched places. Instead of being mean, the lady that used to be poor negotiates with the lady and they end up both learning a important message. Spend your money wisely!

Skye - Rich/Poor Person
Bethan - Poor/Rich Person
Chastyti - Lotto Cashier
Naomi - Bank Employee/Stranger
Amelia - Bank Employee/Stranger

πŸ”¬ Looking at cheek cells! 🦠

Even though this term our theme is Life's a Stage, Room 4 will still be continuing on our genomics learning topic from last term because we didn't get a chance to cover all of the information about genomics due to our busy schedule. This is why, Room 4 got a chance to look at cheek cells. To help look at the cheek cells properly, we used a few microscopes to help us give our observation more description. We had to go into groups and I was with Bethan and Paikea. 

As always, we sat on the mat and followed instructional video on how to look at a cheek cell. The man who was instructing the video was very specific in what we were doing. What we needed:
-Popsical Stick
-Sodium Chloride
-Methylene blue (stain) 

The man in the video said we had to rub the popsical stick gently, but at the same time try to get all those little bits - we were looking for all those dead cells. We didn't have enough slides so only one person from our group had to do it, Bethan Volunteered while I was disgusted by the fact that we had to do it. 

Mrs Stone handed out the slides to each group and we were strictly forbidden to not smear our all over it and hold it by the corners. If we were to smear our hands all over, then we wouldn't be looking at our cheek cells, but our germs and hands. Bethan took the popsical and rubbed it all around one side of her cheek. She went in there! After that, Bethan rubbed the popsical remains onto the slide. I was soooo disgusted.

I then added the sodium chloride which made no change, but when Paikea added the Methylnene Blue it made a quick change. This was to help us look more into the cell in depth. After that we waited for it to dry because we didn't have any covers to look at the cell without it drying.

Once we came back, we all scattered the microscopes we had around the room and carefully examined and observed what we saw. We had different objectives that helped us look closer into the cheek cell. Mrs Stone also gave us paper and we had to actually draw what we see and write an explanation below. Here's mine:

🀷 What Makes An Effective Leader? πŸ“

WALT: Identify and use features of explanation writing.
What makes an effective leader?
Leader, also known in other words the captain or the chief. The leader is someone who leads, directs a group or organisation. In my opinion, I think that the role of a leader is very important and it’s a role that you should be effective in. But how do you become an effective leader? Explore with me these three points on what makes an effective leader!

Being dependable is a very important sequence of being an effective leader. The majority of being dependable is expecting the unexpected. Expecting the unexpected includes thinking quick on your feet. This means, if you are told to explain something to other people, you should be able to improvise quick on your feet and ready for anything coming your way. This is hard work and it takes time for you to get use to it, but it definitely showcases how much of an effective leader you are.

To add on, Being a role model is a main key that makes you an effective leader. A role model is someone who creates a positive effect that people acknowledge and put into practice. Meaning, doing the right thing is almost compulsory because you never know who’s watching! If you create a positive effect it reflects on you, your role and your peers. Mistakes can also be part of being a leader, but it's good! Because you learn from them and you can share your lessons with your peers. 

Lastly, a passionate person, someone who enjoys what their doing and spreads an optimistic vibe certainly makes an effective leader. Imagine if you were the opposite of a passionate leader. “Oh, being a leader is boring!” or “Oi, this sucks I wish I never did this.” If these things spread around your surroundings, it will put people down and look at being a leader from a low perspective. Whereas, if always be a passionate leader you will receive great response and become an inspiration.

An effective leader can be identified in many ways and definitions. Personally, I believe that being dependable, always a role model and being very passionate can strongly define an effective leader. Don’t agree with me? Try it, you will be awesome!
Task Description: Were back at school and it's our final term of the year! We have tests coming up early next week, therefore we are focusing on our main topic which is Explanation Writing - Explaining a point. In Room 2 Literacy we decided to do an explanation writing on What makes an effective leader. As always, we sat on the mat and discussed the topic and shared our ideas. Its a very easy one because amongst the class are a few school wide leaders. To extend our learning we looked at a few videos about what makes an effective leader and the explanation writing layout. I hope you picked up something from this piece of writing of writing, and remember if you have any feedback just comment below :) Thanks, Amelia.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

πŸ‡°πŸ‡· 🎢 The History of K-Pop πŸ‡°πŸ‡· 🎢

If you've seen my previous blog post then it talks about our new topic this term, Life's a Stage! In team 5 our main focus is performing arts which is mostly drama & dance. We are learning about the different styles of music and dances from around the world and where they mainly originated from, basically the background of the dance/song and all about it. To learn about this we will be shifting around the classes in our block. We started off in our home class where out teacher has prepared a style of music for us. In Room 4 we learnt about K-Pop!

Image result for exo
K-pop means "Korean Popular Music", and it plays a huge part in the music industry which makes it known all over the world. Inside the K-Pop culture we have K-Pop groups which consists of 'Idols' as they call them or members. Groups like BTS, Blackpink, iKON, Twice, Red Velvet, GOT7, NCT 127, Straykids, TXT, Astro, Everglow, F(x) (R.I.P SULLI), SuperM, EXO, Pentagon, Ateez and a tons more of K-Pop groups are known everywhere across and around the globe. 

To start off our K-pop learning session we watched an K-pop music video. This music video was DDU-DU DDU-DU created by the famous group BLACKPINK. Our task was to observe the music video and process those thoughts in our heads. The dance made some of us pop some moves during the song it was so up-beat! Mrs Stone stopped the song and let us share our thoughts and observations about the video. A lot of us spoke about how modern it looked like and how even though we couldn't understand the culture the vibe and visuals it was giving off gave us some idea about the song.

Image result for blackpink ddu du ddu du
Mrs Stone continued to share with us some facts about K-pop. Some facts surprised some of the students like how K-pop wasn't actually an original type of music from South-Korea, instead it was inspired by American music which was shared to Korea. Korea then decided to mix it in with their traditional music. Then, K-pop was born! We also looked at the Kim Sisters, they performed a american folk song and wore an very old fashion attire which many of us pointed out.

We also went on to learn that years ago Korea had very strict dictators, meaning that these dictators banned this type of music. The reason for this is probably that they wanted to keep the traditional Korean music alive. Around the 80's, the music started to come back alive, but their was a limit to the kind of topics they would sing about. One of those topics that weren't to be sung about was kissing! They were not allowed to mention this topic in there song in anyway. Crazy right!
Image result for bts
Now we look at the present, the Korean music and culture has changed drastically. No more strict rules and the current presidents in Korea actually enjoy this type of music because its an enormous way of promoting their country to the world. I myself enjoy this type of music along with a few of my friends. There are many cons of K-pop as there are many scandals within the K-pop community however, I hope that this will change overtime and we can all have a positive perspective of the K-pop music industry.

Monday, 14 October 2019

πŸ’» Quick Write: Immersion Assembly πŸ’»

Quick Write: Immersion Assembly

It’s back to school whanau! You know what that means…..Immersion Assembly! Immersion Assembly is a time where all the students of Point England meet in the school hall, where all the teachers and staff prepare an item or mtv to present our school topic! I walked into the hall, eager to see what was instore for us. I see the huge screen with the words Life’s a Stage! While we were getting ready to be seated, I could hear the music playing in the background. Various songs played which were remixed by Mr Jacobsen were smoothly blasting across the hall. Once we were all settled, we let the show begin!

Mr Burt was at the front doing his normal greeting. Since it’s Niuean Language Weeking Mr Burt yelled out loud FAKALOFA LAHI ATU PT ENGLAND! We all replied back, giggling at his amusing costume. It consisted of a messy wig coloured blue, red and white. Funky! He wore a skirt that I found pretty weird, and a bright t-shirt to top it off. He went on to explain how many cultural dances can explain different stories. Mr Burt was blurbing out words of excitement when Mr Jacobsen cut him off. “Mr Burt! Can I tell my story?!”, he said with eagerness. Mr Burt replied with a yes and the first item was underway!

Mr Jacobsen held the mic up and spoke with enthusiasm. “Well you guys know this story...🎢There once was a little boy, who lived in Eketahuna.🎢 Mr Burt was acting out all the words of the classic, original Pt England song - Is it Kind. Mr Jacobsen and Mr Burt both entertained us with that one verse. We chuckled at the site of the two crazy men. Mr Jacobsen proceeded to sing the second verse. 🎢Delilah was a little girl, she lived in Eketahuna. She likes to ride her motorbike- 🎢 VRROOM! A sudden noise of an engine cranking scattered across the hall. We all draw our attention to the back where the noise came from. HAHAHAHAHAH! The whole school bursts out in laughter at the site of Mr Sommerville. VRROOM! VRROOM! He was wearing a fuzzy blond wig which just made us all lose it.

Mrs Tele’a also made some short appearances when it came to the line. 🎢 Taught to them by their moooootttthhheeerrrr. 🎢 Once it came to the chorus the whole school sang the song. This was my favourite item because I found it amusing and hilarious. What a great item!

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

🐠 Kau Fangota: Gleaners of the Sea 🌊 ll A Tongan Perspective of Tradition

Cultural Perspectives of Tradition:
During the holidays I have been watching a lot of documentaries. I was very intrigued and amazed by the traditional work of many different cultures. Therefore, I decided to make an blog-post on one of those documentaries. For the next couple of days I might be able to create blog-posts on the different cultural perspectives on tradition. Today I will be sharing an documentary from my culture. I chose to start with my own because it's one I am mainly familiar with and I can understand well. I hope you enjoy this blog-post and learn something like I have :) 


As you can see, this is only part 1 of this video but, it shares a good amount of information and I will be covering only a few parts. The term finemotu'a (female) fangota or a tangata (male) fangota is a fisher woman/man who harvests or collects seafood and seafood plants. Fangota is something they do everyday. This traditional technique is mainly directed towards the woman which is learnt and passed down from grandmothers to mothers to daughters and coming generations. The Seafoods and Seafood plants are used for both food and medicine for the people of Tonga. Even though their are many striving people who own decent places and a good amount of money there are many people who don't have those things and are based in poor homes.

Matelita Tupou (a finemotu'a fangota) is one of those people who don't live those wealthy lifestyles. She is married to a man who's previous wife had seven children as well as his current wife who also has 7 children - 14 overall. Matelita's family are so poor they don't have the basic money to even buy foods from the store. This is why her and her children go out to the ocean eat, bring and feed to everyone the provided food from the ocean. When they go out to the ocean they bring woven baskets from green flax to gather the seafood and seafood plants. 

Vai Tupou is also a finemotu'a fangota who lives together with Matelita. She is also married but has a total of ten kids whom she takes care of and feeds. Besides the fact that they live a poor lifestyle and enviroment, all her children are well and not sick and no one is laying in a hospital bed because of the healthy seafood they eat and freshly grab from the ocean. 

A common thing people from foreign countries do is import food from their country and give it to people who live in the islands (Samoa, Tonga, Fiji etc.) In Tonga we call it Talamu. Talamu is where we pack tons and tons of foreign food, put them in giant containers and ship them straight to Tonga. This is something complusry for us and it happens on occasions where families come for any matter to New Zealand or other foreign countries.

Vai Tupou stated that before this became a 'thing' for Tongans they were consuming very healthy and natural foods. These foods included limu a type of seaweed commonly picked during the fangota session. But now, people in Tonga are eating very unhealthy foods like chips, sweets, corned beef (a very common food tongans ship). This has lead to many illnesses in Tonga. Tonga is now in on of the top diabetic countries/islands in the world because of this matter. A disease fell on her island and her and her family survived it by eating the seafoods and seafood plants.
Well this is all I am able to cover on this interesting topic. I can claim that these people are very healthier than us because (this is not all cases) the daily diet people in foreign countries consume are shocking. If you want to see part two of the video click this link. I agreed with Vai Tupou's statement because It was very true and its something my mother always talks about. What about you? I would love to hear your input about this topic. Please leave a comment to share and I will reply!

Friday, 4 October 2019

πŸŒΊπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡΄ T O N G A N - L A N G U A G E - W E E K πŸŒΊπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡΄

πŸŒΊπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡΄ T O N G A N - L A N G U A G E - W E E K πŸŒΊπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡΄

Some of you may have been aware of this, but Tongan Language Week was a great era! For some overseas countries, here in New Zealand we like to celebrate different cultures. There are many different diverse cultures here in New Zealand and what we want to do to keep it alive by embracing it. For example, when it was Maori Language Week people went as far as Maori subtitling for sky TV's.It was very nice to see people embrace the language!

Back to Tongan Language Week, every time there is a Language Week the school organises a item(s) which we share to the whole school. A lot of kids who are full, half or quarter of that culture even if there not at all join the group in creating a performance. This is year, I was very proud to choreograph along with the help of Maree the girls tau'olunga dance. Tau'olunga is a traditional dance for tongan girls where the hands are the main movement like there telling a story.

We practised for four days every lunchtime at the wharefono. It was kind of hard teaching the dance and being a leader because you had to make sure that everyone was going the right way and doing the move correctly because some tongan dance moves can be complex (even for a tongan). But we all were still determined to finish learning the dance and to be able to present on Friday!

It was finally the day where we got to perform! I was really excited but at the same time nervous because of the surprising amount of people that were coming. As more and more people arrived, you can see the different types of Tongan attire they brought. Some wore a full tongan tau'olunga costume while other stuck to simple. What I wore was around the middle of that. I wore a green puletaha, taovala (tongan mat woven), a kafa and also a green hibiscus flower in my hair, then we were ready!

Everyone in the tongan group all sat at the back of the seniors. Everyone was looking at us eager to see what we have in store for them! I kept seeing people take quick glances at our costumes then back at the front, it was kind of funny! Then Mr Somerville announced it! It's time for the Tongan group!

First off, Tia and Shania our teacher aids/amazing helpers for the group dance made a little introduction. They also acknowledged a lot of people as well as me, Maree and Viliami (who taught the boys). Then it was our que we all hurried to the front ready for our performance. We also got to say little speeches. I messed up my speech a little at first, but then I calmed myself down and everything just flowed.

Then I could hear it our music playing. I danced and danced throughout the whole three minutes! I could see my mum at the corner of my eye along with the Pt England Kids Kindergarten who visited (my mum works there!). I was so happy to see her and I saw her pull up her phone and take a photo of me. I tried my best not to laugh but to maintain my face along the whole dance. WE WERE FINISHED! It was a really great time and when I got back to class I got a lot of smiles and "YOU DID SO GOOD!" after the performance. It just made me happy and I was so proud to represent my culture :)

X - C O U N T R Y πŸ’š 2 0 1 9 πŸƒ‍♀️

One of my highlights of term 3 was Cross Country! Cross Country is when the whole school participates in a race course. Each race course gets longer and complex by each year group. Cross Country has been going on for a very long time, I remembered my first one when I was a Year 1 in 2012. I didn't place in this one though. Since it's my last year, I decided to just relax and have some fun for Cross Country, I just wanted to enjoy it with my friends. A few weeks back the house captains prepared team chants for us to learn so that we can say it when its the real deal! Even though I'm a prefect, I joined the GREEN TEAM (MY HOUSE HOKULE'A) in recording the chant and getting ready.

When we came to school everyone just had mixed feelings and thoughts everywher. These were the main things I heard. "I HATE CROSS COUNTRY" "What colour are you?!" "OUR TEAM CHANT IS BETTER" "I'm just doing it for fun." "What did you bring" and so on! People were just scattered everywhere talking about Cross Country. Some people already were wearing coloured ribbons in their hair. Our school looked funky! We were told that Cross Country will start at 1:30pm so everyone was prepared.

Time flies past and it's 1:00pm. Mrs Stone announces that it's time to get changed and that's when show starts. Everyone scatters to the bathrooms excited to wear their costumes prepared. Me, Naomi and Makayla got changed. I wanted to be even more glammed up so I ask Mrs Stone for back up and she gave us a variety of green things to wear. She admitted she was only supplying things for green, Thank You Mrs Stone! πŸ’š

Then the bell rings which then everyone goes back to class ready for the race! Once we all were settled at the courts Paikea runs up to me and asks me to do the chant with her. I of course went to help her and then we all said out chants. I kind of memorised all the house colours chant and my fellow green team felt betrayal coming from me. Don't get me wrong, I will always support Hokule'a πŸ’š Or will I?! 

After saying the chants the Cross Country race has kicked off! I stayed with the rest of the house captains to help support the younger kids during their races. We cheered on little kids as they ran with determination and willingness. You could see it written all over their faces and we couldn't help but laugh. Of course the younger kids had more energy than us! They were zooming past while we were singing the house chants at them. Poor children, we were actually screaming it out.

The time went very quick, it was almost the Year 8 girls up next. A lot of the girls were talking about who's going next and who were going after. Meanwhile, me and my friends just relaxed and played games. It was time for us to go and you could hear almost all the girls saying their scared, but for the first time I never felt that weight on my back because I knew that I could just have fun and enjoy the run.

We all lined up at the cones, ready for the 2 very long laps of running. "ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO". *SLAM THE MARKER WENT* Everyone sprinted and were running in determination. Were almost half way through the race and I kept a good pace I would say. When suddenly I hear someone call my name, it was Ayla! I ended up running with her the most during the 2 laps we just talked to each other and were constantly stopping for quick breaths. Ayla ended up going ahead of me along with Paikea so I finished the race by myself :( I was getting towards the end and I could hear Naomi yelling GO MIAA. That's all it took for me to zoom straight past and I ended beating an younger boy HAHA!

It was overall an crazy, fun and TIRING DAY! When we got back to class we just relaxed and watched some old Manaiakalani movies from past students. Everyone was asking who won or who came first and the places I heard were very surprising but It was also cool to see students who never really placed that actually tried and pushed this year. When I got home, I gave my dad a full speech on why I deserved Mc Donalds because it was my only craving, and that my blog viewers was how my last cross country went!

Thursday, 3 October 2019


Term 3 was one of the most pact, fun and craziest ever! Many things happened that I never got a chance to share with you all on my blog. I myself was very, very busy to the point where I had a breakdown. OK TOO MUCH INFORMATION!! This blog-post is just a little revision of term 3 from my perspective. Enjoy!

Term 3's immersion assembly was an awesome introduction. We got to eat a variety of seafood that were live cooked. All the prefects had to be the "waiters" to the school and give them out to people that were in a good manner. It was pretty hectic, but the food was amazing. We each got to know about our team will be learning about this term through presentations. Team 5 (my team) announced through a song that we will be learning about the cell and how all living organisms are connected. I was surprised by the topic as it's something new coming from the school! But what I didn't know what we all didn't know this topic was about to hit us right in the face. OOOF!

We all started from the basics of the basics and we were all to make a copy of an presentation called Tracking my learning which will be our presentation throughout the whole term. We were also given transcripts written by our scientists working along with us during this topic. The transcripts were an helpful guide for us and we would have to take notes. Once we learned about the topic we would put all the things inside the tracking my learning slides and also answer questions.

Room 4 also ended up getting a class pet! Mrs Stone received some aqua dragons for her birthday and she decided to make it a class pet. Aqua dragons are a live aquatic creatures. They adapt in water, light and temperature. The class tried to care as much as they could for the tiny creatures but unfortunately someone tipped the tank and a lot of them died which left us with a small amount. We were very sad, so we tried to take care of the left over ones but to no avail. We realised that they were all dead :( R.I.P AQUA DRAGONS 2019 - 2019.

The production was also a great hit this term! Mr Jacobsen announced that there will be a school production called The Toy Shop on ZipZap avenue! A lot of people auditioned but I didn't. I decided to finish off my work after realising how much time the production would take from my learning. The production was good! The actors, dancers were great but, I'd really like to acknowledge the lightnings and technician crew, they were an awesome asset :)

This is all my memory can recover from last term (sorry if you wanted more). It was so pact!! If anything else does pop into my head I'll be sure to make a blog-post about it. This may not look as crazy, tiring and pact, but if you were in my position.....YOU WOULD HATE IT! Thanks for reading this blog post and stay tuned for more :)

Friday, 27 September 2019


Walt: To identify and describe organelle.  
Task Description: As you know this term our school inquiry topic is Something in the water! Team 5 decided to look into life and it's deeper meaning. This meant, the whole term we learnt about Darwin Theory, 7 life processes, Web of life (Food Chains), Animals/Humans (Bodies) and Different type of cells. It was a whole lot of work, but I was interested, determined and amazed by the different things I had learned.

Here is my cell animation. This animation is about the parts of a cell. If there is a lack of information from my movie then it's because we had a short amount of time to learn about cells. Our first task was to find a photo of a cell and draw a similar one (WE DID NOT TRACE, ITS NOT PART OF THE SCHOOL POLICY) I found drawing the cell easy and simple. During this time didn't really look into cells yet.

Fast forward, we finally learnt about the cell. During our learning session about the cell we had to label each part of it and take notes while watching a video guiding us about cells. We also got a chance to partner up with someone and make our own DLO about the parts of a cell. I have made a blog post on my DLO in a previous blog post that will be linked below.

When making our animation we had to write buttons and arrows about the different parts of the cell. By the way, we used HyperStudio (a creativity tool software) to create out animations. Each button we made led to a different slide animation of that part. This is exactly what I did. Once I finished, I improvised a script in my head for my introduction then I let it just flow along reading off the slides.

I hope you enjoyed my little animation about the parts of a cell. If there are any mistakes I am sorry because the whole video was just one full voice recording take. I also hope that you picked up some things as you watched the video :)


Friday, 20 September 2019


WALT:  support an opinion with relevant evidence
My Position: I believe both points have a very strong opinion. But, I support the fact that students should wear uniform, this is just my view on this topic.

- School Pride
- Decreases barriers between children
- Children can be safe
- Expensive
- Trends
- Uniforms and genders
Uniforms. Do you think all students should be wearing uniforms or are we better off not wearing any? As a student who has been wearing school uniform for 8 full years, wearing school uniforms are a better option because we have school pride, decreases child barriers and helps us stay safe.

When wearing school uniform, helps make us children stand out to other people or even strangers! As a prefect, I am constantly meeting new people and visitors at school. So I feel pride wearing my school uniform and representing my school as one of its leaders. When we do something that impresses visitors, when they leave, the can acknowledge us to other people by saying: “Oh, I just visited Pt England, a great school! Do you know them? They wear the red and black uniform?” This just keeps on going like a domino effect about the great school in red and black! 

Have you ever been to a non-uniform school? Did you ever feel like you were isolated or stereotyped? If so, this is another reason why I think children should wear school uniforms. Imagine going to a non uniform school and you weren’t the person who had the latest or the richest clothes. In this case, students build a barrier between the branded clothes to the salvation army clothes, or even if your like me K-mart or Warehouse clothes! Whereas, students who wear uniforms don’t usually feel that pressure between their peers because they are all the same and united. Some students would still have that gut feeling even with uniform but that's just puberty!

At my school, teachers like to point out our flaws like fix your collar, button your shirt, no hoodies hanging out and it goes on and on. Teachers do this because these flaws apply to the uniform policy. Uniforms are made to stay away from the ‘gang’ type of clothes in order to secure the child’s safety. Speaking of ‘gangs’, if a teacher were to see a suspicious huddle that includes a student from there school, they would instantly recognise that particular student and send him/her to safety. At times it won’t always be gang huddles but fights too! 

I strongly support children wearing uniforms in schools. Yes, they do have their weaknesses but as I said, I'm a child who has been wearing uniform for 8 long years. Now that you have read this piece of writing, Will you join me in saying YES to uniforms? Or do you still want to put up with a huge amount of laundry? CHOOSE WISELY!
Task Description: For the past weeks, Miss Tapuke gave us some questions with a whole lot of conflict to write about. This week our question was - SHOULD STUDENTS HAVE TO WEAK UNIFORM? To start off, we all sat down on the mat to watch a video about students and uniforms. We also read articles about the pros and cons of wearing uniforms. Room 2 also got to share there personal opinions. I have understood a lot from this task and I also felt it was a great topic. What do you think about this question? Leave a comment down below!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019


TASK DESCRIPTION: I have been tackling this task for almost two stressful weeks :) I am finally happy to finish this and we can move on from cells. Our task for genomics was to make a DLO of any kind showcasing what is a cell. I decided to partner up (well we decided a long time ago) with my BESTIE MAKAYLA! This presentation just talks about all the different parts of a cell and what a cell is in general. I used a video to help me learn more about the cell in depth. I hope you enjoy and also visit Makayla's blog for her amazing content!

Kayla's Blog

Tuesday, 10 September 2019


WALT: identify and paraphrase key ideas in a text
Task Description: This week for reading we have been learning about the mammals of the amazon forest. This is my create task as you can see above of this task description I have draw a information we. We had to make an information web about the mammals of the amazon forest. In my information web I wrote about the nutrition of the mammals, their domain, reproduction and it's physical features. I also wrote what a mammal is defined as on the centre to let the reader know what type of category I'm talking about. I found this task very intriguing and it helped me think in depth about the text I'm reading. I hope you enjoyed this blog post :)


WALT: identify and paraphrase key ideas in a text
Task Description: This week for reading Miss Tapuke said we are going to be looking in to the Amazon Forest. There are many Mammals in the Amazon Forest so we read an article about - we just looked into the life of the mammals in the amazon forest. After reading the article, we took all the information we needed to complete this task. In the task we had to write what we understood/remembered about the text, and we also had to write two new questions about the article that we made up on our own and answer that question too. There is a create task that connects with this presentation so stay tuned for that. 

Saturday, 7 September 2019

🐍 Anaconda Survival Features 🐍 ~ Create TSK πŸ“š

WALT: Make connections between different texts
Task Description: This week for reading we are taking a break from mammals and looking at other types and species. This week Waititi is looking at anaconda's. If you saw my previous blog post then this will flow very well, if not then I recommend you to check that our first :). For this create task we had to list and talk about the survival features of an anaconda. Instead of using a presentation or a google draw I decided to take out my whiteboard and do it on there (sorry the only colour was red) I found this task very complicated but I managed half way through. This is my task done and dusted!

🐍 Anaconda's 🐍 ~ Reading TSK πŸ“š

WALT: Make connections between different texts
Task Description: This week for reading we have moved away from mammals but are still focused on animals around the rain forests. This animal is the Anaconda🐍. For our task we had to read a variety of texts and videos all about the anaconda in order to get a thorough understanding of the species. We also met in our reading groups to share the facts and information we learned with each other. Then we were given this presentation to complete. This presentation consists of remembering all the things we learned this week about the anaconda along with a create task we were given which I will do a separate blog post for. Here is my finished presentation, I hope you enjoy as well as pick up some facts and information as you go :)

Saturday, 31 August 2019

πŸ¦‡ Vampire Bats πŸ¦‡ ~ Create TSK πŸ“š

WALT: Justify our opinion on a topic
Task Description: If you visited my previous blog-post then here is my create task on vampire bats. If you haven't I advise to visit that blog post if you want to :) Kia Ora fellow blog viewers, This is our create task for our reading topic (Vampire Bats) this week. Our create task was to upgrade our assigned animal - meaning picking the weak things out of the animal to make it new and improved. I used a google draw to create this. After scanning through our given text, I picked out all the weaknesses/causes inside the Vampire Bats and put it into this google draw. This is the finishing blog post!

πŸ¦‡Vampire BatsπŸ¦‡ ~ Reading TSKπŸ“š

Walt: Justify our opinion on a topic
Task Description: This week for Room 2's reading class, we took a focus on Vampire Bats. Before we did this Ms Tapuke provided us with an article all about vampire bats down to the details and also a video from national geography about vampire bats as well. We also met in our reading groups to discuss about vampire bats. Reading/Watching these videos helped me improve my knowledge on the mammal which then lead me to the presentation. This presentation consists of remembering facts about the vampire bats, I used my knowledge about vampire bats to complete this task. Create task will come after this post :) Thanks for reading this blog post and tune in for more!

Friday, 23 August 2019

Maths ➗ ~ Volume of different shapes πŸ“

WALT: Calculate Volume
Task Description: I'd like to give you all a formal apology for the lack of maths work I have been putting on my blog. I'm just starting to find my way around so I do hope I will be able to share more work :) For a little activity in maths we decided to recover our learning on volume. In this task we had to try and find the volume in these different 3D shapes. For example: To figure out the cylinder I had to calculate the different YARDS by using radius and pie. It's a really challenging task which does include a calculator. This is just a mini update but I'm sure I will bring more maths to by blog :) Amelia ~