Friday, 27 September 2019


Walt: To identify and describe organelle.  
Task Description: As you know this term our school inquiry topic is Something in the water! Team 5 decided to look into life and it's deeper meaning. This meant, the whole term we learnt about Darwin Theory, 7 life processes, Web of life (Food Chains), Animals/Humans (Bodies) and Different type of cells. It was a whole lot of work, but I was interested, determined and amazed by the different things I had learned.

Here is my cell animation. This animation is about the parts of a cell. If there is a lack of information from my movie then it's because we had a short amount of time to learn about cells. Our first task was to find a photo of a cell and draw a similar one (WE DID NOT TRACE, ITS NOT PART OF THE SCHOOL POLICY) I found drawing the cell easy and simple. During this time didn't really look into cells yet.

Fast forward, we finally learnt about the cell. During our learning session about the cell we had to label each part of it and take notes while watching a video guiding us about cells. We also got a chance to partner up with someone and make our own DLO about the parts of a cell. I have made a blog post on my DLO in a previous blog post that will be linked below.

When making our animation we had to write buttons and arrows about the different parts of the cell. By the way, we used HyperStudio (a creativity tool software) to create out animations. Each button we made led to a different slide animation of that part. This is exactly what I did. Once I finished, I improvised a script in my head for my introduction then I let it just flow along reading off the slides.

I hope you enjoyed my little animation about the parts of a cell. If there are any mistakes I am sorry because the whole video was just one full voice recording take. I also hope that you picked up some things as you watched the video :)


Friday, 20 September 2019


WALT:  support an opinion with relevant evidence
My Position: I believe both points have a very strong opinion. But, I support the fact that students should wear uniform, this is just my view on this topic.

- School Pride
- Decreases barriers between children
- Children can be safe
- Expensive
- Trends
- Uniforms and genders
Uniforms. Do you think all students should be wearing uniforms or are we better off not wearing any? As a student who has been wearing school uniform for 8 full years, wearing school uniforms are a better option because we have school pride, decreases child barriers and helps us stay safe.

When wearing school uniform, helps make us children stand out to other people or even strangers! As a prefect, I am constantly meeting new people and visitors at school. So I feel pride wearing my school uniform and representing my school as one of its leaders. When we do something that impresses visitors, when they leave, the can acknowledge us to other people by saying: “Oh, I just visited Pt England, a great school! Do you know them? They wear the red and black uniform?” This just keeps on going like a domino effect about the great school in red and black! 

Have you ever been to a non-uniform school? Did you ever feel like you were isolated or stereotyped? If so, this is another reason why I think children should wear school uniforms. Imagine going to a non uniform school and you weren’t the person who had the latest or the richest clothes. In this case, students build a barrier between the branded clothes to the salvation army clothes, or even if your like me K-mart or Warehouse clothes! Whereas, students who wear uniforms don’t usually feel that pressure between their peers because they are all the same and united. Some students would still have that gut feeling even with uniform but that's just puberty!

At my school, teachers like to point out our flaws like fix your collar, button your shirt, no hoodies hanging out and it goes on and on. Teachers do this because these flaws apply to the uniform policy. Uniforms are made to stay away from the ‘gang’ type of clothes in order to secure the child’s safety. Speaking of ‘gangs’, if a teacher were to see a suspicious huddle that includes a student from there school, they would instantly recognise that particular student and send him/her to safety. At times it won’t always be gang huddles but fights too! 

I strongly support children wearing uniforms in schools. Yes, they do have their weaknesses but as I said, I'm a child who has been wearing uniform for 8 long years. Now that you have read this piece of writing, Will you join me in saying YES to uniforms? Or do you still want to put up with a huge amount of laundry? CHOOSE WISELY!
Task Description: For the past weeks, Miss Tapuke gave us some questions with a whole lot of conflict to write about. This week our question was - SHOULD STUDENTS HAVE TO WEAK UNIFORM? To start off, we all sat down on the mat to watch a video about students and uniforms. We also read articles about the pros and cons of wearing uniforms. Room 2 also got to share there personal opinions. I have understood a lot from this task and I also felt it was a great topic. What do you think about this question? Leave a comment down below!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019


TASK DESCRIPTION: I have been tackling this task for almost two stressful weeks :) I am finally happy to finish this and we can move on from cells. Our task for genomics was to make a DLO of any kind showcasing what is a cell. I decided to partner up (well we decided a long time ago) with my BESTIE MAKAYLA! This presentation just talks about all the different parts of a cell and what a cell is in general. I used a video to help me learn more about the cell in depth. I hope you enjoy and also visit Makayla's blog for her amazing content!

Kayla's Blog

Tuesday, 10 September 2019


WALT: identify and paraphrase key ideas in a text
Task Description: This week for reading we have been learning about the mammals of the amazon forest. This is my create task as you can see above of this task description I have draw a information we. We had to make an information web about the mammals of the amazon forest. In my information web I wrote about the nutrition of the mammals, their domain, reproduction and it's physical features. I also wrote what a mammal is defined as on the centre to let the reader know what type of category I'm talking about. I found this task very intriguing and it helped me think in depth about the text I'm reading. I hope you enjoyed this blog post :)


WALT: identify and paraphrase key ideas in a text
Task Description: This week for reading Miss Tapuke said we are going to be looking in to the Amazon Forest. There are many Mammals in the Amazon Forest so we read an article about - we just looked into the life of the mammals in the amazon forest. After reading the article, we took all the information we needed to complete this task. In the task we had to write what we understood/remembered about the text, and we also had to write two new questions about the article that we made up on our own and answer that question too. There is a create task that connects with this presentation so stay tuned for that. 

Saturday, 7 September 2019

🐍 Anaconda Survival Features 🐍 ~ Create TSK πŸ“š

WALT: Make connections between different texts
Task Description: This week for reading we are taking a break from mammals and looking at other types and species. This week Waititi is looking at anaconda's. If you saw my previous blog post then this will flow very well, if not then I recommend you to check that our first :). For this create task we had to list and talk about the survival features of an anaconda. Instead of using a presentation or a google draw I decided to take out my whiteboard and do it on there (sorry the only colour was red) I found this task very complicated but I managed half way through. This is my task done and dusted!

🐍 Anaconda's 🐍 ~ Reading TSK πŸ“š

WALT: Make connections between different texts
Task Description: This week for reading we have moved away from mammals but are still focused on animals around the rain forests. This animal is the Anaconda🐍. For our task we had to read a variety of texts and videos all about the anaconda in order to get a thorough understanding of the species. We also met in our reading groups to share the facts and information we learned with each other. Then we were given this presentation to complete. This presentation consists of remembering all the things we learned this week about the anaconda along with a create task we were given which I will do a separate blog post for. Here is my finished presentation, I hope you enjoy as well as pick up some facts and information as you go :)