Monday, 25 February 2019

My Visual Mihi ~ Amelia

My Visual Mihi

This picture over here is my visual mihi. A visual mihi is a task we always do in team 5 where we identify ourselves through digital art. We used a creativity tool software program call Hyperstudio. We picked four main elements that we enjoy doing, where we come from and other things. Basically what we like doing. Here's some information about each element I have drawn.

My Family: On the top left corner you can see I have drawn out my last name. Family is really important to me because there the people that you pretty much see 24/7! I love and cherish each moment with them (even when they can be super annoying). 

My Belief: On the top right corner I have written down a bible verse and drawn praying hands. I grew up in a christian family and so it's really important to me to keep that alive. I like learning different stories from the bible and holding that knowledge to share with others!

My Culture: Over on the bottom left corner you can see two Tongan flags and Tonga. Yes, I am a really proud Tongan and I love to embrace it. Even though I've been told that I am a little bit of this culture and a little bit of that Tonga has been my main culture so far. I am very proud that I am fluent in it and so it's easy for me to communicate with my parents a lot!

My Hobbies: Down on the bottom left corner you can see someone dancing and the word dance. I have a whole lot of hobbies and dancing is just one of them. I like watching hip hop but the main dancing style I like is Tongan. I find the moves very graceful and interesting as if they are telling a story.

What does it mean to be a good role model?

What does it mean to be a good role model?

This is a picture of Martin Luther King Jr whom I think was a great role model back in his days.

Everyone always wants to have a positive impact on younger generations through speech and actions. We like to call these people role models. Role models can be anyone like a Mother to her daughter or a Father to his sons. But, what does it mean to be a good one? Well, today I am going to be listing down three different reasons for what it means to be a good role model.

~ Confidence ~

When we're looking at the word role model a whole lot of things come to mind. One of these things is confidence. This word is the main thing that people look at when it comes to a role model. Confidence is a good way of embracing yourself and others in a good way. People want to be looking up to someone who is positive in everything and everyone, trustworthy and gives everything a try no matter what. No one wants to see the opposite of that which is someone down, shy or likes to stay back behind someone's shadow. Therefore confidence is an excellent way to identify a role model.

~ Respect ~

Respect is what some people expect of a good role model, and it’s true! Being respectful is a really important part of a role model. When you do this act you are clearly showing people that you can be polite or courteous. You show respect to others by listening and paying attention to what they are saying and not talking over there voices and making eye contact with someone else. Another way you could be respectful is by looking after vulnerable things that are for others and not putting your hands all over it and playing with it. These things are really simple and easy to get so always remember to show/be respectful.

~ Kindness ~

Being kind is just one of the most simple things you can do as a role model. Showing kindness through speech and actions can lead to many great things. You want to show people that you do care for them and that you are nice and friendly. Kindness as a role model doesn’t mean saying bad things to a person or bringing them down which is not very nice. It’s better to be uplifting and delightful to others. This is why I think kindness is a good way to showcase a good role model.

These are just a three easy but simple meanings of a good role model. Anyone can be a good role model. Even if you think you can’t reach the level of a role model pay attention to the three main points I have listed Confidence, Respect and Kindness and you will see a huge improvement in yourself and others. Overall these are what I think creates a special meaning of a good role model and I hope you enjoyed reading it!
Task Description: This is my first writing task for 2019. I'm in Room 3 Mrs Tele'a's literacy class, I'm in a literacy class called Mewburn and it's so far so good! For this weeks writing task we were focusing on explanation writing. Explanation is a type of writing form where we explain about something like a question. Our topic was about good role models. The question was what does it mean to be a Good Role Model? We had to write in the format of T.I.I.C which is Title, Introduction, Information and Conclusion. This is what I have written. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Amelia and Eden ~ Compare and Contrast ~ Treaty of Waitangi

WALT: Compare and Contrast
Task Description: Today in was our first day in Extension for 2019. To start off our task was to compare and contrast between two topics which was the Pt England Way and The Treaty of Waitangi. Using the information we knew....and the internet we listed down four different facts/information about the two topics then we had to write the similarities. This is what we have so far. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, 11 February 2019

Lighthouse Blues ~ Literacy Task

WALT: We are learning to work collaboratively as we carry out various reading tasks

Today we finally had our first Literacy lesson with Mrs Tele'a. We got to read a very cool book called Lighthouse blues. We read the first two chapters of the book and then predict what's going to happen next on chapter three. This is my prediction but, I have not completed it.

My Prediction of the next chapter:

“Yea, I play the flute”, I said in a weird voice. “Is there any other instruments that you enjoy playing”, Stan says in a interested way. Out of nowhere I had flashback. I remembered last night when I was all cuddled up I heard the sound of a clarinet and saxophone. I was in total shock. Everything was starting to make sense. Stan was still waiting for an answer and things were starting to get really weird. Suddenly a massive gust of wind flew right past our shivering cold feet. It was so hard that I almost lost my balance. 
Task Description: Today for our first literacy lesson we got a chance to read an interesting book called Lighthouse Blues. First we all sat on the mat we read the first two chapters of the story. After reading it our task was to go away and write what we think is going to happen in the next chapter. We then shared our storied with people around us and also gave feedback. This is my take on the next chapter. Enjoy!

Friday, 8 February 2019


WALT: We are learning to have a positive digital footprint.

Malo e lelei! My name is Amelia and I am 11 years old turning 12. I am a full Tongan and I love expressing my culture in different ways as well as others! I am a Year 8 student attending my very proud school called Pt England (Primary/Intermediate) in my beautiful hometown Auckland. I am part of a year 7&8 group combined called Team 5 which includes 5 beautiful teachers and classrooms ~ Mrs Moala, Mrs Tapuke, Mrs Tele’a, Mrs Stone and Mrs Ilaoa. I am in Room 4 Mrs Stone’s class (which is the best class) and I am so happy there as I have made new friends! This year I was selected to be a prefect for 2019 along with 7 other amazing students. I am very proud to be selected for this particular role and I will lead with mana and dignity! I have two siblings one younger brother who is currently a Year 5 this year attending the same school as me and an older sister who has already moved on to college as a year 10. 

When it comes to hobbies, things that I enjoy and am interested in I would definitely say reading. I enjoy it because it helps me focus and improve my learning development. My favourite books are Roald Dahl as he writes incredible narratives and it ends up becoming famous movies! I share this hobbie with my mother who also likes reading because it relaxes her mind. Other things I would say I’m interested in is Netball. I wouldn’t consider myself as the best player but, I find it as great fitness, enjoyment and it also makes me really competitive.

Goals, goals and goals! This year I want to focus on achieving a better understanding in maths. Most of the time in maths I really do not get it when the numbers always change directions and I find it as my least favourite subject. Well this year I am hoping to change the way I felt last year and have a positive attitude towards maths. Another goal I want to reach is playing more sports. I think that I haven’t been very familiar with sports because I find it hard to balance with my school education. Therefore this year I want to play more sports but at the same time I need to make it a fair balance with my school education.

Well this is a little inside about me! I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Feel free to comment in my posts or ask me questions anytime and I’d love to share you some feedback. Remember to also visit other students blogs too. Goodbye for now!

Tu’a Ofa Atu

Amelia :)

Monday, 4 February 2019

πŸ˜ƒ School Blog Update 2019/ KO WAI AU? πŸ˜ƒ

 πŸ˜ƒ School Blog Update 2019/ KO WAI AU? ~ Homework πŸ˜ƒ

Kia Ora fellow viewers and welcome to my blog! Today I have just started school today for 2019 and it is a huge blast! I have an amazing teacher (Mrs Stone) and I have already made new friends. I definitely know now that this is going to be a awesome year. To kick off the first blog-post for school I have decided to post my school homework. Over here I have a little piece of paper where I answer questions all about myself. It's kinda hard to read it but I have written down things that most people don't really know about meeee πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Task Description: Today after school I decided to get my homework done and dusted because I was really bored. Over here I have written a little bit talking about my great start off to school and my homework I have finished. In my homework we were given three question talking about ourselves. First is was my whakapapa (my background), then it was my strength (what I am good at) and then my needs. I wrote a answer for each question based on my perspective and here is the finishing. Thanks for reading my post and remember to stay tune for a whole lot more!