Thursday, 28 July 2016

Amelia If I was an Olympic athlete Rio 2016

Walt: use a plan when writing.
The time has come I have been training for 4 nervous ruff and tuff years . Have you trained your hardest? I am determined to win a gold medal with pride. Here I am standing ready to compete in the Hurdles representing NZ after all my hard work for the 2016 Rio Olympics!

The sport that I will be competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics is the famous Hurdles. Hurdles is the sport that I want to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics, and the reason why I am competing in this interesting event is because Hurdles is a game I like to play at home with my family members. In the Olympics hurdles is an running competition but without running in circles, and well you run you have to jump over high hurdles to make it to the finish line (Hurdles are kind of like fences). I have trained a lot for this famous sport and now it's going to pay off!

This year I will be representing New Zealand in the Rio Olympics. The thing that makes me want to represent New Zealand my home country is because I was born and raised here, but because I chose this is because I know a lot of thing about my home country and that most of my family members are here. I also belong to a different country but I kind of know alot about it instead I will be representing New Zealand for most of my family members.

I think if I was competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics it would be like “OH MY GOSH I’m here right now”. But if I was actually competing in the  2016 Rio Olympics I would be GOBSMACKED, PROUD, JAW DROPPING and nervous. What about you? What would it be like if you were at the Olympics? if you were going to actually compete in this big event. I would be proud If I was actually competing in the big event it would be AMAZING!

Going to the the Olympics would be very exciting but I can’t afford that much money because it is too expensive! What are your thoughts for this BIG challenging event? My thoughts are is that the Olympics is that it is very cool you get to see winners and supportive people so these are my thoughts.

Task Description: "Yay! back to school day and ready to work". Here is my first blogpost for Term 3. Since the Olympics in Rio (Brazil) we have an activity about if I was an olympic athlete. I had to plan of what the structer of my story was. Then I put my 5 paragrahs and here it is complete. What do you think if you were an olympic athlete?

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey D6 Opening ceremony DISASTER Bounus Activity

The Ceremony has just started and is held near the sea’s of Rio (Not Actually). I can hear cheerful crowds bouncing up and down through my ears. All the Olympic athletes are celebrating around with there amazing uniform all of a sudden… a BIG old crowd yells out “TSUNAMI!” . Swoosh Swoosh water starts destroying everybody. I just stood there with not knowing what to do and shocked. The tsunami gets worser I hear screams through my ear the PRJS ( Police of Rio de Janeiro state) starts evacuating everybody. Just then one of the PRJS grabbed me by the jacket. Swoosh all the water splashes on everybody and the sea goes back to normal. “What a devastating moment", someone yells.       


Winter Learning journey D6 Opening Ceremonies A2

If I was going to host the New Zealand Olympics in 2024, and I was invited
to be on the committee that decides who is invited to participate in the opening ceremonies I would be GOBSMACKED and filled with JOY!. I totally think that Lorde should be the BEST person to participate in the opening ceremony. Lorde is the best choice to participate in the opening ceremony because she is known as her world-wide music career.    

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey D6 Entertaining the crowd A1

IALT: Think critically about the NZ uniform rating from #1 - #3.

Today I did an activity from Winter Learning Journey about NZ Olympics uniform. I had to rate each NZ uniform from #1 to #3. I had rated each one and have written and description below about it. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey D5 Inspirational Person Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey D5 Marjorie Gestring Activity 2

In 1936 an young girl named Marjorie Gestring who is 13 years old is became the first ever youngest person to win an Olympic gold medal. Lets Imagine that I was alive 1936 years and I got to interview with the famous young girl Marjorie Gestring. Here are 5 questions I would ask the young lady.

1. How did you feel before the upcoming race?
2. Winning the gold medal how did you feel like ?
3. What would your advice be for young people like you?
4. Did you become the most popular girl in school?
5. Where did you get you skills from?  

Winter Learning Journey DAY 5: Eddie the Eagle Activity 1

I just finish watching the trailer of EDDIE THE EAGLE and this trailer make me feel sad and funny at the same time. I think the movie is about an young boy who gets let down by other people but he never gives up. This man want to prove everyone wrong. So I think this movie is about never giving up! 

Winter Learning Journey D4 Bonus Activity #Be The Inspiration

The Olympics are near by I'm so excited. Since it's near by the New Zealand Olympics made and video and is called #Be the Inspiration click here on the #Be the Inspiration to watch it. The video is on the top left. In the first 12-15 seconds was very peaceful. I rate this movie 4 stars**** because the movie was like motivating and encouraging. Hope you like the video and leave a comment below of what you rate this video.

Winter Learning Journey D4 Activity 2 Andrea Kilday

Winter Learning Journey DAY 4: #Be the Inspiration Activity 1

Everyone knows Valerie Adams right. Well it’s not too
late to call her an old shot put player. Valerie Kasanita Adams is an shot put player who is fourth-time World Champion three time World Indoor champion, two-time Olympic and three-time Commonwealth champion.

Here a #3 fact about the famous Shot put player

1.The famous Shot put player went to school in Otatara school primary Auckland

2. Valerie was ranked 1st in world 2009-2014

3. Her Personal best (NZ record) 21.24m

Monday, 18 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey D3 Bonus Activity Rio 2016 Olympics Acrostic Poem

Ready to Rock in the Olympic games!
Interesting games and a lot of competitions
Overloaded with excitement!

Oh how much butterflies I have inside of me
Leading myself to an amazing Journey
Young and supportive   
Miles and Miles away from the Olympic games  
Patiently waiting until the BIG time comes  
Impressed with winning goals from all around the world
Cheerful crowds bouncing up and down through my ears
Seeing with my own eyes amazing talent

Holiday Blogging Winter Learning Journey Doing one of the Olympic sports D3 A2

IMG_0272.jpgHere is a photo of me pumping my legs to the finish line in the school cross country race. I came 5th in a tie with my friend Jorelle coming ahead of me. It was really funny because I made funny faces as I was running. ( I’m the runner at the back not the front )

Winter Learning Journey D3 Sport Specifics A1

Beach Volleyball has been in the Olympic games since Atlanta 1996. In the Olympics this year the men’s and women's competitions will take place on the famous sands of Copacabana beach. The aim of the game to Beach Volleyball is the sand court is divided in half. The two teams of 2 players must try to hit the ball on the ground in their opponent's court.

Friday, 15 July 2016

The Mona Mousa Code

This is my book I ordered from the Panmure Library and is called Geronimo Stilton The Mona Mousa code. In real life the Mona Mousa is called Mona Lisa an artwork made by an italian man. But this is mouse version of the painting Mona Lisa. I’ve just started reading this book and it is really interesting. I guarantee that you should read this book because it is really cool, and in the story it talks about something mysterious inside the the Mona Mousa code.     

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey Wk1 D2 Bounus Activity Tokyo Olympics 2020 logo

This is my own logo for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. I made this logo using a site called Design Mantic to make my logo. The three images on the right represents one of the most known Running, Cycling and Swimming.

Winter Learning Journey 3 landmarks in New Zealand Wk1 D2 A2

Sky Tower
This New Zealand landmark is located at the corner of Victoria St and Federal St in Auckland CBD, Auckland City, New Zealand. The Sky Tower’s height is 328m and (1,076 ft) tall, Making it the tallest man-made structure in the southern Hemisphere.

Auckland Harbour bridge - New Zealand
This interesting landmark is located in Auckland, Northshore ( Not the Auckland North Pole ), and It’s total length is 1,020m. The Harbour bridge was opened May 30, 1959.  

Te Papa Tongarewa
This landmark Te Papa Tongarewa is an national museum and art gallery, located in Wellington 55 Cable st (6011). 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey Tom and Vinicius – 2016 Olympics in Rio Wk D2 A1

This year the Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio is the first country in all of South America to host an Olympic Games. The mascots this year in Rio de Janeiro are Tom and Vinicius. There are also episodes of Tom and Vinicius Here is a episode above about Tom and Vinicius.

 In this #2 episode of Tom and Vinicius Building a treehouse (Made up title) they are trying to build a treehouse in the forested looking place. They try to look for a place to set the treehouse at and they did. At the end they were sleeping and then they heard an owl inside there house so they slept outside.

Holiday Blogging Winter Learning Journey Wk1 D1 Bonus Activity

IALT: Write about what you think about women at the ancient Olympic games women weren't allowed to be part of it.

During the ancient Olympic games one of the rules were like men were only allowed to join the games. Accept women were not allowed to play the games. In fact women were forbidden from watching the games.

In my opinion I think this rule is not fair for women I highly recommend women to have the same amount of opportunity as men because it’s not really fair for women to not play. Women should watch the games because some loved ones might be competing so they should allow women to encourage their loved ones to compete.       

Description: This is a bonus activity about the ancient Olympic games. Did you that no women not a single women was allowed to be part of the Olympic or watch the Olympic. What do you think about this rule Good are Bad.

Holiday Blogging Winter Learning Journey Wk1 D1 A2

IALF: I am learning to research information about Milo of Croton.

In the ancient Olympics games there was a man name Milo of croton. Milo of croton was a 6th century BC wrestler from the Magna Graecian city of croton. Milo enjoyed his brilliant wrestling career.

Here are 3 facts about Milo of croton

  1. The wrestler’s daily diet was reportedly included 20 LBs of meat, 20 LBs of bread and 18 pints of wine.
  2. Milo was a 6 time olympic victor.
  3. Milo was said to be a friend of a philosopher. One story says that Milo saved the philosopher’s life. When a dangerous roof almost fell on him.       
Description:This is my second activity from the Winter Learning Journey site. I am writing about one of the famous wrestlers in the ancient Olympic games named Milo of croton. i also have three intersting facts about the wrestler.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Holiday Blogging Winter Learning Journey Wk1 D1 A1

Walt: Write about the first ever ancient Olympic games

Let’s imagine if I was alive 2792 years ago, and I was invited to compete in the first ever ancient Olympic games. Then I would have to compete out of these 6 events: Running, Wrestling, Boxing, Pankration, Horse riding and Pentathlon. Out of these 6 choices I would pick Running. Running is not really a favorite sport of mine but the reason why I would pick running is because I’m really energetic to run around big areas and is sometimes FUN!

Description: This is my Winter Learning Journey task about the first ever ancient Olympic games. This task was made by and spectacular lady for blogging in the holidays. To do this task I had to pick out of these 6 events that were at the first ever ancient Olympic games. I picked one of them then I had to write which sport I would choose ? and why should I choose that sport.  

Friday, 8 July 2016

Term 2 last day of school

Hello fans this is my last blog post for the term. My favorite blog post for the term was the one about the Monster task description. I love all the wonderful comments. I might be blogging in the holidays kind of. I love hearing all your wonderful comment so stop by if you free to have an journey around my blog :)Jul 8, 2016 10:45:20 AM.jpg

Who likes Zoos Yes/No (Amelia Opinions Zoos)

Walt: make connections with what we read with what we already know.
Task Description: This is my presentation about Opinions Zoos. In this presentation I had to talk about these people in the presentation if they like the zoo or dislike the zoo? They also had an opinion if they would shoot the gorilla or not. Because in this News Website  it talks about an gorilla who got shot at the Cincinnati Zoo after an 4 year old boy falls into an enclosure.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Amelia PMI about Zoo's

Walt: make connections with what we read with what we already know.
Task Description: This is my P.M.I about Zoo's. To do this I had to think about zoos if there good or not. I also had to right something in each box about something positive, Negative and interesting. I've written 4 facts on the first 3 in the 2nd and 2 on the last box. If you enjoyed please leave a comment if you think zoos are Plus, Minus or Interesting.