Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey D5 Marjorie Gestring Activity 2

In 1936 an young girl named Marjorie Gestring who is 13 years old is became the first ever youngest person to win an Olympic gold medal. Lets Imagine that I was alive 1936 years and I got to interview with the famous young girl Marjorie Gestring. Here are 5 questions I would ask the young lady.

1. How did you feel before the upcoming race?
2. Winning the gold medal how did you feel like ?
3. What would your advice be for young people like you?
4. Did you become the most popular girl in school?
5. Where did you get you skills from?  

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amelia,
    These are great questions! I wonder how she was treated by her peers and class mates when she went back to school after winning. I would imagine that some people may have been a bit jealous of her success and they might not have treated her very well. Let's hope that everyone was really supportive and happy for her.

    Keep it up!