Monday, 18 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey D3 Sport Specifics A1

Beach Volleyball has been in the Olympic games since Atlanta 1996. In the Olympics this year the men’s and women's competitions will take place on the famous sands of Copacabana beach. The aim of the game to Beach Volleyball is the sand court is divided in half. The two teams of 2 players must try to hit the ball on the ground in their opponent's court.


  1. This is a great picture, Amelia. It shows us just how hard the athletes work to keep the ball from hitting the sand. This woman has literally dived to the ground in an attempt to protect the ball. Wow! My sister, Leigh, is actually a beach volleyball player in Canada. She just plays for a local team, though, not an Olympic squad :)

    Have you ever tried playing beach volleyball? It's pretty fun :)

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. Hey Rachel thanks for the comment. I choose this photo because yes indeed it looked like she was dived to the ground to save the ball. WoW! It's great to hear that Leigh is an vollyball player in Canada, and yes I have tried playing Vollyball in my family reunions, But I kept getting disqualified because I did not no what I was doing anyways thanks for the comment.

    Cheers, Amelia