Saturday, 29 April 2017

Back to school!

Back to School!

I am very, very excited to be going back to school! This is my last holiday blog post! Here is just a photo of me just to say a goodbye to term 1's holiday! I've had a great time blogging this holiday and would love to do more in the next holidays! Anyways my favorite thing I did this holiday was collaborating and having fun with most of the girls who blogged this holiday. Even the ones who only blogged once or twice! As I said I am really excited to be going back to school and to learn new amazing things. I hope you've enjoyed my blog posts this holiday. I would like to say a big thank you to the girls who commented on my blog that was really nice of you girls! I hoped everyone had a great holiday and I will be back with more blog posts next term. Bye!

Little Maths

ภาพฟรี: ขนม, โก๋, Lollies, ที่มีสีสัน, สี - ภาพฟรีที่ Pixabay - 295595
Linda grabbed 75 fruit bursts from the lolly scramble .
The second scramble was when Linda catched another 75.
How many fruit burst does Linda now have?

150 fruit Burst!

Linda 1st round catched: 75
Linda 2nd round catched: 75

75 + 75=?
70 + 70 = 140
5 + 5 = 10
140 + 10 =?
100 + 0 = 100
40 + 10 = 50
0 + 0 = 0

Answer: 150

This is just a little get into maths time so when I'm back at school I am focused and ready!

Staying safe online: Be Cybersmart!

                         Walt: Stay safe online!
Image result for Be cybersmartImage result for Be cybersmart

Be cyber smart!

Hello viewers today i'm going to be talking about staying safe online. Staying safe online is a big job for people who have different devices around there house! This also goes for the kids who are part of the manaiakalani program. PARENTS ATTENTION PLEASE!!! If you are nervous and don't want your kids going on bad stuff please take my advice! When you are on google there might be a wheel or a word that says settings click that. Then it says turn on safe on search that will help goggle avoid or put aside all the things that you would not like your children to be going on. If your kids have an email remember to give your child lessons on what to do. Example: If your kids see's an dirty email or is something you do not like just simply tell them to drag the email into trash or spam! If you want to test how safe are you online please click this link and will help you do the right things on your device: Link. It will help you and your kids stay safe online whenever you are on a device!

Thanks for reading this blog post I hope you have learnt a few things about being cyber smart and remember.................. Be CYBER SMART!

Amelia - All about my country: Tonga!

Walt: Define your country/island.
Task Description: I hope you've enjoyed the latest blog posts! Here is an new presentation which is about my culture. When half of the school went to Te oro last term for a celebration for all the schools from the manaiakalani program to show off there learning that has been going on the last term. Anyways I decided to go over to Tamaki colloge's area to see what they have been up to. One of there things they were learning about is protecting our culture and identity. They decided to put this word out so people can remember where they come from because some people are forgetting about there culture and there ways. So that's what inspired me to make this presentation! I hope you've learnt a bit about my culture anyways thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more blog posts!

BIG thanks to tamaki college for the amazing idea! 

Team 4 Holiday Blogging - Holiday Blog comments Pt 3!

Walt: Write Quality blog comments.

Task Description: 
Hello viewers and welcome to my blog! Today I decided to take a little break from my Team 4 Holiday Blogging Competition (to see more of this please check out some of my earlier blog posts: Will it Sink or Float?Zoo Animals!Paper Planes! & Creative Animal) by making another blog comments presentation... yes another one!! Since my first presentation about Holiday blog commenting I have had 12 more comments, so I decided to make MORE! 

To do this I started off by writing a Quality Blog Comment. It helps people who are reading feel happy for what you've said! Part of making a quality blog comment is to add questions and if so they can reply back to you! I added a little information to what they blogged about, and then I attached my comment to it. 

I hope you've enjoyed the little parts of the Holiday Blog comments. I hope you have enjoyed it and remember to visit the blogs linked below:

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Amelia - Will it Sink or Float?

Walt: Explain things that will sink or float.

Task Description: Today I made a presentation that was part of the team 4 blogging challenge. This has been set up by Mr Goodwin for kids who wanted work for the holidays. It was one of the most hardest presentations that I had to do not kidding. Anyways to do this I had to read a lot about Buoyancy. I had to read what makes a ship float and how it connects to other things. Then I had to make a presentation to see what things in my household (THAT MY MUM SAYS IS OKAY TO WET) to test if it would sink or float. I tested several things from Balloons to toilet paper! Then I wrapped it all up by talking about my results! Thanks for reading!

By Amelia  

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Happy Anzac Day!

Walt: Create a presentation representing Anzac day.

Task Description: Happy Anzac day everyone! Today is Anzac day and me and my friend Lillyana decided that we should make a presentation on behalf of Anzac day. First we started off by explaining what is Anzac day, and as most people should know It's a day where we celebrate the lives of people who fought in war for New Zealand and Australia. Did you know Anzac has a meaning? Each letter represents a word in the presentation it shows whats the meaning of the word Anzac. We also added the famous poem about Anzac day. Then at then end we just added photo's just to make some memories about them! Thanks for reading and "We will remember them!". 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Zoo Animals!

Walt: Plan your trip to the zoo.

Zoo Map

Here is the Auckland Zoo map above. It shows the places all around the Auckland Zoo. Of course I'm going to be seeing A LOT of animals but below this is a presentation which shows you the three animals that I chose and those are the ones that I am going to be looking at ( Hippo, Rhino and the Giraffe ) To find out more information about the three animals please check out my presentation below!

Task Description: This is my presentation about my Zoo visit. This is not the real deal guys this is just school normal learning! Anyways this has been set up by my teacher Mr Goodwin for people who really want to blog in the holidays. I had to choose 3 animals that I would really like to see, and I had to write down information about it and why do I want my fake class to see that animal. The animals that I chose were the hippo I'm a big fan of hippo's, The Rhino and best for last Giraffe. I also had to figure out how much would it cost for 3 adults ( 1 teacher and 2 parent helpers ) and 30 students. The whole cost for that is $774 I know too much! You can see how I worked it out in the presentation. The Maths bit was really hard and I could not cope but I managed to do it. Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoyed it!

By Amelia 

Amelia and Bethan's Favorite Foods!

Walt: Make a presentation about your favorite foods.

Task Description: Everyone LOVES food right? Well me and Bethan decided to share with all you viewers what are our favorite foods from breakfast to desert! To do this a created a presentation about it. First I created a theme using a background colour and word art. I started off by adding a little box to the side describing what we eat every period. Then I added further more detail by adding photo's of what we like to eat during that period. One of my favorite bits were lunch time where I enjoy eating cultural food. Anyways hope you enjoy the presentation me and Bethan made!

Please visit Bethan's AMAZING blog links below:

Bethan's Blog 

Friday, 21 April 2017

Naomi and Amelia Games!

Description: Me and Naomi decided that we should do a presentation together about games. In this presentation you just get to play little games like find the e or more. We've tried our best to make it as fun as you like ( Only 2 games! ). I also added detail by making an effect on the background and changing the font. If you hop on Naomi's blog their is a presentation that is very similar to this which is called little games! Enjoy!

Naomi's Blog 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Paper Planes!

Walt: Gather information about paper planes

Task Description: This is a presentation about Making Paper Planes. This has been set up by Mr Goodwin for kids who want to blog in the holidays! To do this I first had to read an artical about what makes paper planes fly? To do this I had to make 3 paper airplanes. Then out of the three paper planes I had to do a review about each paper plane. We also had to choose with paper plane was the best. Read the presentation to see my winner. Anyways enjoy it!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Creative Animal - The Strong Jumping Beast!

Walt: Gather information about your animal

Task Description: This is just a presentation about my made up animal. My one is called the strong jumping beast. Here I talk about each body part what does it eat and more. To create my animal I used this link - Create a Beast. This was set up by Mr Goodwin for us who want to do work this holiday! Hope you enjoy this presentation!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Iris's Ukulele!

This is a book that I have just finished reading called Iris's ukulele. The author of this lovely book is Kathy Taylor who is actually a New Zealander! This book is about a lovely girl named Iris who wants to be the best rapper and the best ukulele player in the whole entire universe with her bestie Sidney fellow master of the musical universe! There writing a wrap musical about werewolves and vampires! So all they have to do is win the talent show at the mall with the piece. Suddenly life becomes really hard at the point of Iris. I would recommend that this book should be for musicians or the younger ones who want to become a rapper or ukulele player. At first was amazing then the book became full of fights and mean things, but was successful after all!

Act the Emoji!

Description: This is just a presentation me and my friends made! It is called act the emoji. This is just a part 2 from Lillyana and Jahzara because the made one before. Here's a link to Part 1 from the girls. This is just slides full of facial expressions.  This is an hilarious presentation. Hope you enjoy it!

Jahzara's Blog

Lillyana's Blog

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Holiday Blog comments! Part 2

Description: Since I got a lot of comments on my previous blog post about holiday blog comments I decided to do part 2! I love blog commenting it helps other people encourage them to blog more! I've tracked down 3 amazing bloggers again who've been working hard this holiday! Especially Hinerangi and Bethan. A big thanks to Paikea, Bethan, Hinerangi and Jahzara!

Jahzara's blog 

Hanging out in our clean garage!

New Clean Garage!!

Here is a Photo of me and my brother just chilling in our new clean and comfortable garage with my sister and dad in the background. In my previous blog post I was talking about how filthy and yucky it was before. After having a few arrangements it is now a new "home" I would say. I might as well sleep here well if I can. Again it was hard work getting the garage clean and beautiful again. Now I'm just going to take the time to chill in here! 

The Garage Clean out!

The new garage!
All the rubbish

The Garage Clean out:

Today me and my family decided that it was time. It was time to clean up our nasty dirty old garage! Yep that's right we have not cleaned that stinky garage in a while! I remember how many times my mum would say,"I'm going to clean the garage tomorrow or next week". Then that day came but still we did not clean it! As we were preparing I decided to look at how filthy it was. After that my dad started to drag all the bags and clothes out first. I had to walk all the way to the front of the house so I could place all the bags there. After like about 45 minutes the garage was clean like how it used to be. I was happy because I could sleep in there now! It was hard work. Me my mum, dad and sister were doing most of the work. Well my brother was on my Chromebook watching movies. I told him he better thank us for doing the garage, but nothing came out of his mouth. What a naughty boy! Anyways it took a lot of time to suck it in because it was too disgusting!   

Meet the Kreeps - Three's a krowd

Three's a Krowd!

I've just creepy book which is called Three's a Krowd, and as I said in the last post I still am reading books. As I love freaky and horror books this is one I've just finished reading it is called Three's a Krowd! It is about a girl name Denise who invited herself to a house with a girl from her school Polly. Denise does not have single clue that polly's step family is spooky, The kreeps. But Polly wants to keep that away. Suddenly Denise falls in love with Polly's older step brother.


Well I recommend that you should read this book because it is pretty cool, and Bethan if you see this blog post you might like it because it's a mixed of romance and spookiness!  

Friday, 14 April 2017

Good Friday!

Good Friday!

Everyone knows its good Friday today! Well since it was good Friday I decided to make my own poster about today. Good Friday is the day where we remember gods one and only son Jesus. Why? Well us Christians like me remember the day when Jesus died on the cross for us and we respect that by celebrating good Friday. In my poster I added a bible verse which is John chapter 3 verses 16. It talks about the lord and how he gave his only son to the earth. Hope everyone has a blessed day today!

Creepy Creatures - Bat Attack!

Bat Attack!

During the holidays I still have not laid off reading books. I love books! Books help me with writing my own stories and help me engage my knowledge! At the moment I am reading this creepy book by the way I love creepy books because there so interesting and freaky. Anyways this book is about a boy named Harry he was captured by evil bats that flown off with him. But 2 of his friend Jamie and Milly is about to fight off the winged beasts. Will they win? I could not find the author to this amazing book but shout out to that person! I recommend you to read this book it is not that long and is very interesting. Hope you read it!   

Holiday Blog comments!

Description: Since it is the holidays everyone gets to get a break from homework. During the holidays we can still blog and show what we have been doing during holiday. I have be commenting on other kids blogs, and I have tracked down 3 amazing bloggers who have been sharing what they are doing during the holiday! A big shout out to Hinerangi, Paikea and Bethan for the work they have done. Please visit there blogs by clicking the link below. Enjoy!

Hinerangi's Blog
Paikea's Blog
Bethan's Blog

Pollution - Help save the environment!

Walt: Gather information about protecting our environment.

Task Description: Happy Holidays and welcome to my 1st blog post for this holiday. I will be blogging so stay tuned! This is a presentation I made by myself. It is part of the Te Taiao o Tamaki theme. Just to let you know I did this by myself this is not school work. People around the world have been struggling with pollution. So I decided to make this presentation about it. I also want people to be environmentally friendly so we can stop each other from polluting our areas. Enjoy!  

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Say Hello Holidays and Goodbye to School!!!


This term has been AMAZING! I've learnt heaps during the term! And yes today is the day HAPPY HOLIDAYS! OMG I can not wait to blog about the wonderful holidays. This is just a blog post I am doing straight after the amazing assembly we had. Don't judge me! I'm going to be online. I would just like to say thank you to the ambassadors and Mrs Burt along with Mr Sommerville and Mr Burt  for and amazing term I also want to say a BIG thank you to Mrs Stickland and Mr Goodwin for the things you've taught me this wonderful term.

What is an Estuary?

Tamaki Estuary

What is an Estuary?

As part of the theme for this term Te Taiao o Tamaki we've gathered alot of information like talking about Native trees. Then adding on Native birds and Native bug then the lucky last Ecosystems! So far I've learnt tuns of things like parts of the bugs. But now the last is the estuary's. An estuary is like a tidal mouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream. For example lets say there polluted water and fresh clean water are on like different sides but there like a middle bit. In that bit all the water meet there and it gets mixed up. So its like well kind of a reunion! 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Maori tribe Inquiry Research Presentation- Year 5 & 6 Extension Term 1 2017

Maori tribe Presentation

Extension DLO Maori Tribe!

This is a DLO (Digital Learning object) that I had created with others in my extention class. The group that I was in was the Maori tribe group. The Maori tribe group represents all the cultural people and how they handle there pollution in there areas. Some people say that the cultural people does not have to deal with pollution, but do they? Anyways here is the movies we made. Thanks and enjoy.   

Monday, 10 April 2017

Ambassadors trip to M.I.T!

On a lovely Friday morning the ambassadors got to take a trip to present at M.I.T in Otara. M.I.T is hardworking place where you study. My own mum use to study at M.I.T and I'm sure that she learnt a lot! Anyways the ambassadors got to go on a Tamaki College van to M.I.T and to be honest it smelled like teenagers! So the first thing I said when I hoped in the van was,"Where's the air conditioning?". Well I could not find it. We hoped in the van and Mr Sommerville drove the car but we were missing something. Aha! Music was what we needed. So we sang, chatted and laughed the whole way. Especially when Mr Sommerville was singing! Anyway as we got there we went back to ambassador mode and walked inside the AMAZING building. There we met Mrs Burt who was preparing her stuff. Then after setting up the computers and stuff we presented. I kind of messed up at first but I managed to handle it. As I started speaking I can the that the audience were very respectful and happy. After we finished presenting we said our thank you's. We also got to have delicious treats in a plastic bag and just some water to cool us down. Then we hopped back in the van chatting about the amazing treat we had! As we stopped by at school I already started eating my lollies man I was so hungry! I really enjoyed the trip to M.I.T it was fantastic. Be sure to visit them It's wonderful!

Thank You M.I.T!!! 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Paidea Seminar discussion!

Maori Tribe photo

Yesterday the whole of the Yr 5&6 extension group had a big discussion about pollution. But before I head straight to that I will be talking about the Yr 5&6 extension group and how it all begin. I am one of the people who were chosen to be in the Yr 5&6 extension group. At the moment me have been learning pollution and how it affects people. During the term how we were learning about pollution we got to choose our own group which talks about the perspective on why we should care about these people or animals. The group names were the Caretakers, Birds/eels, Children, Maori tribe and the Conservationist. I chose the Maori tribe along with 3 others. Why did I chose the Maori tribe? I chose the Maori tribe because I like looking at the way of pollution by a cultural perspective. After all that we begin studying about our groups. I had to study the way the cultural people work with there rubbish but the point of view I'm looking at mostly are how are the Maori people super connected to the land. After finishing the research we begin our big discussion. So yesterday the extension group had a big argument about pollution of there point of view. The rules were every time you talk about something by your perspective you have get to eat one candy. So the argument started of by the Bird/Eels perspective and went one and on. But one thing was that the teachers had to kind of back off because there not the ones talking we are. So the discussion went on and on until all lollies were gone! I got to talk about how pollution is affected by the cultural perspective. I really enjoyed the big discussion.       

Snacking on insects!

Walt: Engage the reader by using interesting vocabulary.

Have you ever ate live or dead crickets before? promised today was the day where the class was going to scream, and yes scream but quietly! We are having our own fear factor yes fear factor.

I was so excited but at the same time disgusted. So we started off by sitting in small groups. So I moved with excitement into a group. The Mrs Stickland begin handing out the small but edible crickets, and some mud she took out of her garden and added icing sugar (It was actually nutella).

After all the excitement Mrs Stickland counted the class down. “3 2 1… Go”, said Mrs Stickland. At first everyone paused then I took a cricket dipped it in nutella and I munched it up. It was so a…. Horrifying. I could not take it that I ran to the toilet and wash my mouth thorley. Some of us a 16 crickets! But I ate 2 which was enough for me and my lungs! Please do not do this unless you are a daredevil!

Task Description: Yesterday the class was very luck or should I say cursed? to eat yummy small edible crickets. Yes that's right had our very own fear factor. Here is a story I wrote about the experience we had with those DISGUSTING! crickets. Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spider Poster!

Walt: Talk about the spider.

Task Description: Today since my literacy class is still learning about insects I've decided to put together my own post about spiders. In my poster I have listed down ten spider facts that you should know. But before doing this I did some research about spiders and out of all websites and documents I found these are the ten spider facts that I listed. I also added on the bottom right side of the poster a photo of a spider to make my poster stand out! Hope you enjoy my poster and found out a lot of information from these facts!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Insect vs spider!

 Walt: write narrative using descriptive language.

Once in a creepy Monday morning in a garden there lived an insect. It was called the Lady bug stinger. It is a very polite bug…. well sometimes. It is just like the bee and has a stinger! It likes to chill on bright colored flowers in the garden.

Moving on the the Lady bug stinger was just chilling on the bright coloured flowers until the spider caught its prey. The spider is called the Fraud striped spider. It is very viscous and always goes on shifts to find its prey. Well this is its day. The Lady bug stinger jumps from flower to flower without knowing the spider is following.

Suddenly it stops and turns around to look at the Fraud striped spider. The Fraud spider stands right in front of the Lady bug stinger. The Lady bug stinger tries to make itself look like a bodybuilder. It starts to make itself look like it is doing kungfu! The spider heart starts beating. The the insect makes a big sting on the spider's abdomen. With in a second the spider runs away with his fear of the Lady bug stinger. Never to be seen again.

Task Description: Here is a story that I made about my made up insect and spider. I had to create a story about the too of these viscous spiders. At the top I also made up my own poster about the story, and on it says Who will win? Which gives the reader of the story a hint of whats going to happen. I also had to choose a setting where my story is set so I chose the garden because that's where most bugs live in right? Anyways I finish this of by adding a interesting ending to my story. Hope you enjoy!

Amelia Food web

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.

This is my made up food web. If you don't know what a food web is well let me explain. A food web is kind of like a puzzle. So for an example do you see the bird in the top right corner if you can see I've pointed the arrow to the worm which means the bird eats the worm, and as you can see the worm likes eating dirt so the arrow points to the dirt. As you can see I've made connections to each of these images. Now that's what you call a food web. I also added my own spider and insect to my food web but the rest is just a bird, worm and a bee and what they eat. 

Task Description: Since our topic for this amazing term is Te Taio o Tamaki ( The environment of Tamaki ) which means looking after our land. My Literacy class is main focus is about the trees, plants, birds and insects. These are the main things we are focusing on. At the moment our focus is on insects. Today I made up my own food web. To make this food web we conducted research about the insect and what a food web is. After that we found out all about food webs we decided to make our own! This is my food web. I've also added my own spider and insect I made. Read the top for more information.