Monday, 24 April 2017

Amelia and Bethan's Favorite Foods!

Walt: Make a presentation about your favorite foods.

Task Description: Everyone LOVES food right? Well me and Bethan decided to share with all you viewers what are our favorite foods from breakfast to desert! To do this a created a presentation about it. First I created a theme using a background colour and word art. I started off by adding a little box to the side describing what we eat every period. Then I added further more detail by adding photo's of what we like to eat during that period. One of my favorite bits were lunch time where I enjoy eating cultural food. Anyways hope you enjoy the presentation me and Bethan made!

Please visit Bethan's AMAZING blog links below:

Bethan's Blog 


  1. HEY! Amelia

    This looks so yummy!I like how you guys have came together to do this well done.My Favourite is your slide the desert that was one of my favs.One thing that I loved about this is that you have added images of you food.Also I have never heard ofyou cluter food before I sound dleious.

    Keep up the amazing work

  2. wow i did the presentation as well and i did like the choice of foods you had that is great work. Have fun.
    Keep up the great work.