Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Amelia Food web

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.

This is my made up food web. If you don't know what a food web is well let me explain. A food web is kind of like a puzzle. So for an example do you see the bird in the top right corner if you can see I've pointed the arrow to the worm which means the bird eats the worm, and as you can see the worm likes eating dirt so the arrow points to the dirt. As you can see I've made connections to each of these images. Now that's what you call a food web. I also added my own spider and insect to my food web but the rest is just a bird, worm and a bee and what they eat. 

Task Description: Since our topic for this amazing term is Te Taio o Tamaki ( The environment of Tamaki ) which means looking after our land. My Literacy class is main focus is about the trees, plants, birds and insects. These are the main things we are focusing on. At the moment our focus is on insects. Today I made up my own food web. To make this food web we conducted research about the insect and what a food web is. After that we found out all about food webs we decided to make our own! This is my food web. I've also added my own spider and insect I made. Read the top for more information.

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