Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Amelia Wanted Poster Activity - Template (Princess)

Walt: understand perceptions
Task Description: This is my 2nd Wanted poster. It is similar to my wanted poster about Egbert. I did thid wanted poster the other way round. In the story Egbert and the princess the princess is the one who is trapping Egbert. So this is the real way how the wanted poster goes.

Amelia Wanted Poster Activity - Template

                                                                           Walt: understand perceptions 

Task Description: This is my made up wanted poster of Egbert. To do this I had read a journal from a book called egbert and the princess. Then we had to do a wanted poster. After that we added all the information into the wanted poster.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Comic Writing

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing. 

Bam! Black Canary starts fighting Brick and blocks Brick with ice around his legs BLOCK! . Then Green Arrow zooms in  to join. He says,”Hey I’m gonna try my new arrows out”. Black Canary said,”Are you sure? Before your arrows weren’t safe and almost destroyed us”. Green Arrow replied,” Well this is safeish”. “Fine”, said Black Canary. CRACK Green Arrow unblocks the ice. Ok First of all Helium Arrow. Woosh Brick went flying in the air Mightest Arrow Stomp. Then Ooze Arrow. Now Magnet Arrow Boof BANG everything magnetic got stuck to brick. Brick was still powerful until Green Arrow spotted a wrecking ball.  BANG Brick was out. At the end  Black Canary was not impressed because they almost got killed. But Green Arrow still  had one more arrow it was the got to go arrow. The End.

Task Description: This is my Comic Wrinting. To do this we had to watch a video about onomatopeia in our writing. After watching the video we retold the story ing our own words. We also had a checklist to see how we did. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Amelia Comic Writing Template #2

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing.
Task Description: This is my Comic Writing Template #2. Before I did this template with hepl from my teacher Mrs Ayton. Now we did anothor template with out any help. We also used onomatopeia in our writng such as shpeech bubbles and thinking bubbles.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Amelia Family of Facts

Walt: solve problem using family facts. 

Task Description: As you can see this is my family of facts presentation. To do this I had to use time tables and division. It was really easy though because when I read division backwards its like I'm reading time tables. I really enjoyed this presentation.

Amelia Compare and Contrast - Princess and Dragons

Walt: understand perceptions

 Task Description: This is my Compare and Contrast about princesses and dragons. We also did similarities about dragons and princesess. Both of these characters are in fairy tales and have gigantic castles. We watched a video clip about the start of a movie. The movie is called Shrek. Hope you enjoy my compare and contrast.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Amelia Comic Writing Template

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing.
 Task Description. This is my Comic Writing Template. In this template I'm using onomatopoeia in my writing. In the slides I'm using speech bubbles to define the words of what the superhero is saying in the image. There was a video we watched to help us get idea's about onomatopoeia in our writing.  Onomatopoeia is words that a like in comics BOOF BANG KAWPOW. Hope you enjoy.

Amelia Problem Solving Practice

Walt: solve problems using decimals.

Task Description: This is my problem solving practice. We are learning to solve decimal and money questions. I solved mine using money. I had to solve the problem in my book then take a snapshot of it. After that I wrote down how I solved it in words. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Amelia Illustrator Advice blog

Walt: understand and use new vocabulary 
Task Description: This is my Illustrator Advice blog. Chris Yoddle wrote a letter for me to ask him if he could explore a new career. He was working as a labourer for his Uncles building websites and he felt bored doing the job. So he sended me advice about what can his new career be? Also if you have problems like Chris I'm free for you to send me problems for advice!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Amelia Illustrator Vocabulary

WALT: Use the text to understand new vocabulary (words) in the story.
Task Description:This is my vocab task. We are Defineing words that are from the story Blue Roses. We had to read the carfuly and explain the words in our own words. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Amelia Fact Family House Wk3

WALT: solve subtraction problems by using adding. \ Task Description: This is my Family facts house. We are learning how to put them into famliy numbers.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Amelia Monster Advice blog

Walt: understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints.
Task Description: This is my monster advice blog. Jude asked me for advice about school. School is not going very well with Jude. So I replyed back to her with alot of imformation.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Creating my own superhero

                                                               Walt: use similes and metaphors in our writing.
His hair was spiky as a spiky tarantula, and short as a cricket. His cape is thin and is navy blue ocean.  He is tall as the tallest person in the world, and he is muscled like a bodybuilder. His power is super speed.
Task Description: We had to describe this task using similes and metaphors. Then we went on a website to create our own superhero that matches our writing.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Super Hero Art Comic

                                                         Walt: understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints.

Task Description: This is my comic strip about super hero it was a school journal. The story doesn't really go like this. We used a website called Arthur, games and comics to make this. It has different characters so we used the different characters make story up in our own words using speech bubbles.   

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Amelia Immersion Assembly

Walt: recount an event.
Have you ever studied superhero comic books like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spider man books in school? Well at Pt England school we are learning about fun comic books. Read on for more information.

The topic this term is about as i see it. The topic As I see it is all about art. Team 1’s item is all about the favorite things, There theme Favorite things relates to drawing art about there favorite things. Team 2’s item was about seasons. Each of their classes are doing Art about Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring. The other 2 teams were talking about doing art about waka’s and Architecture.

Team 4’s topic is about comic books. In comic books they tell their stories with art which is called sequential art. Back in the days they used to tell stories by using art. Part of what we are doing is making our own comic books. By using sequential art.

We will be doing a lot of learning about comics this term so, I hope we will be making comics about Wonder Woman because she is my favorite superhero character. I also want to make a animation about comics, so as learning more about sequential art.   
I’m looking forward for this term because even though I don't read comic books I’m still looking forward for this term. I hope it is going to be fun because I want to do animations about comics. I also want to make comics about Wonder Woman because she is my favorite character. 

This term is going to be really fun. I feel very excited to explore more about comics.

Task Description: We had Immersion Assembly and we had to write about it. In the writing Team 4 is learning about comics. Hope you enjoy it.