Monday, 7 December 2015


What is a JewelryoRaptor ? Well JewelryoRaptor is a dinosaur that loves Jewelry and steals shiny and glamorous Jewelry  that cost 10000 and 10000 of money. It loves and steals jewelry because it names means a Jewelry robber. It lived 700 million years ago in the cretaceous period.

The jewelryoraptor has diamond plates on its back that's shiny. It gots diamond plates because if any other dinosaur sneaks up its back,”BOOM” it flips its body around and cuts through its skin and its dead.

It has a long bulky and spiky tail. JewelryoRaptor has a spiky tail because it wants to show it off to other dinosaurs. Its tail is to help it have good balance.

It has a diamond horn on its head that is shiny and glamorous. The horn on its head is almost twice better than tricetops it says itself. Its horn is also popular because it is useful to bump of other dinos.
Its teeth is sharp and sparkly to bite of heads and enemies. Its also known as the most sharpest teeth out of all the dinosaurs.

Jewleryoraptors claws of its feet and hands is very sharp. It's similar to its teeth. It’s 5 hands are the size of a small banana.

Jewelry Raptor has a lot to learn about. He was one of the GREATEST dinosaurs in the world  this is facts about famous Jewelryo Raptor.