Saturday, 30 March 2019

Attitude Talks ~ Friendships

This is Jannah talking about friendship myths
Today we had a amazing visitor named Jannah from Attitude. (For those who don't know) Attitude is a program where presenters visit different schools and talk about different health topics. This is mainly for Year 7&8's as at this particular year level children are starting to go through different stages with their bodies. The health topic that we mainly focused on was friendships.

To kick off, she gave us a introduction about her like her name Jannah means Gracious Gift! After her really funny introduction she started talking about girl girl relationships, guy guy relationships and guy girl relationships (if you know what I mean). We learned a lot of facts about and between these three types of friendships. Did you know that in girl girl relationships most of the time it's taken really seriously whereas in guy guy relationships they don't take it as serious as girls do. That is probably why you always see boys tackling each other randomly :)

During the talk we had we learnt about friendship myths and things in friendships that make things not work out as well. First let's talk about the friendship myths, for those who don't know what I mean friendship myths are like things that people well expect in a friendship. Jannah had a few friendship myths that she wanted to crack with our help by putting our hands up if we think it's true or down if we think it's false. After that, we looked at the main things that make friendships fall apart. Jannah said that Mean humour, Backstabbing, Smothering and more is mainly the causes for these fall outs.

To end the talk, Jannah gave us 6 hot tips when you want to create a friendship or if you are in one. I found some of the tips very interesting and helpful. It was a really fun time getting to know about friendships like this and instead of making it weird talking about it Jannah made it funny which was one of my favourite parts about it! I just want to say a big thank you to Jannah and attitude for their time and we hope to hear more from them.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Maths ~ Grappling with Graphs

WALT: extract information from a range of graphs

If you'd like to learn more about graphs too check this video about out!

Task Description: This week Room 4 Maths has been working on graphs. First we were given a brief introduction to graphs and we learnt about the different types of graphs in Maths and what type of graph is used for what and more. After that, we worked on our maths task online. This presentation is called grappling with graphs. In the presentation we chose what level we wanted to work at so I started with the basics. I read some of the questions and worked it out in my maths book. Once I've finished working it out I pasted the questions onto the presentation. This is my finished work!

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

πŸ™πŸ» Take Care Christchurch πŸ™πŸ»

Recently, there was an unexpected terrorist shooting that happened in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was a really sad yet darkest day in New Zealand. Before this incident happens innocent schools down in Christchurch took the time to comment on our blogs. There comments were really nice ones that made us all smile. Since this happened our classroom decided to write messages and prayers on a sticky note and hang it on our window just so they know that we still love and support them through this tough moment. God bless these people and we hope that we recover from this and move on! 

The "Key Words" Reflection ~ Mr Daniels CONTROL TECH

"Key Word" is a term that it used to identify the key points in a research. People like to use key words/points when they are trying to find out about something online. As an example you can use key words to search for let's say a footballer. In order to find a footballer you use quotation marks (optional), plus's and words that are accurate or describe a footballer (or something else you are trying to look for). Here is why we use these main elements:
Quotation marks: A quotation mark is something like this ("). In our technology class we used it to help lower the searches but also it can also increase the number of hits. The number of hits and lower searchers sometimes changed when we played around with the quotation marks.

+ Plus's: When we use "Key Words" to search for the topic we want plus's are compulsory. Why? This is because when we identify what we want without the plus's the internet tends to think you are looking for something that relates to that one sentence you have written whereas you add plus's is helps you be more specific with it.

Words: You probably already know what the words are for but just to be specific if anyone doesn't get it. In order to search what your looking for you use words to describe it. Just like I said before if you want to look for a footballer you would use words like rich, famous, soccer ball etc.
 Going back, if you were to search for a footballer than you would write "soccer ball + famous + rich + professional". I found a really good image of what I was looking for through this method. If you try this and it doesn't turn out the way you'd like it or expected then just keep adding on words and plus's just so that you are being more specific.
In this task we also had a presentation that was called Who are you & Where are you going. This was a really interesting topic to work on as we got to look at what we wanted to do in our future. I did a lot of research about becoming a teacher and in one research I found that robots can take over all teachers career which is really scary. 


This is how many hits I found with quotes on each side

Footballer in action Research
Overall: In this particular class I learned a lot of shortcuts on a presentation. Most of the shortcuts we knew because we were very experienced learners as we started at a young age but, the other shortcuts that I found were very cool. Mostly I learned how to explore different things and stuff related to my search. If I were to use these skills again it would most probably be in college!

Friday, 15 March 2019

Polyfest Reflection 2019 - Y7&8 School Trip

ME & my friendssssssss - FLAVA <3
This is the Election Workshop we visited!
 This Wednesday team 5 got a chance to visit a cultural festival called Polyfest. For those who do not know what Polyfest is.....Polyfest is an iconic cultural festival held every year (this famous event has been going on for 44 years!) in Manukau Sports Bowl Auckland, New Zealand. Every secondary school in the area get to participate or even compete which is what the event is famous for. The competition allows different people to embrace their cultures through traditional dances from bollywood dances to even the Samoan siva! People don't have to join the culture that you are which is really cool. Here is my experience:

First we started off with our normal Team 5 routine then hoped on the bus. (We all were assigned to different groups with one adult helper) Once we got there we of course saw other schools and people so we had to remember the Pt England Way and who we represent! We had two polyfest guides who gave us a little introduction about polyfest and what we were going to be transitioning to next. Once we had our little brief introduction of what we were going to be doing we all walked together to our main meeting place which was the Niuean Stage. We sat down had a little snack and then started our adventure!

The 5 workshops we visited:

To kick off the day we visited many workshops around the area. 1st ~ Flava (A famous NZ radio station) held a great workshop where we just learnt a few dance moves from a great choreographer. This choreographer also invited us to visit a website where we can sign up for dance classes. 2nd ~ Being fire wise is something important that everyone should know about. That's why we visited the Fire station workshop to get a fresh understanding of how to be fire smart. 3rd ~ AUT (Auckland University of Technology) was one of many awesome workshops. The workshop was mostly about creating different steps and signature moves then create a beat to it and also a fun quiz about the things based around the workshop. SHOUT OUT TO CASSIDY MANS!

*after this we had a lunch break then headed onto the final two activities. I had pringles, pizza pie, fruit and water.

After a really delicious lunch we headed on to the next two workshops. 4th ~ This workshop took us all the ways back to Hawaii. A great man from Hawaii came all the way to New Zealand from Hawaii just to share their beautiful traditional dance and culture. We learned easy moves where we sway our hips side to side and the boys get down and bend their knees and more! 5th ~ Election NZ was a great workshop that gave us a little information about who owns what in Auckland, New Zealand. Basically what our current prime minister owns (Jacinda Adern) and what the mayor of Auckland owns (Phil Goff). We also learned about drinking ages which was very helpful information for all of us.

Highlights: My main highlight out of the whole day was getting free stuff! I had no money so I thought I was going to be stranded with my friends who actually have money and food. Luckily, I had an amazing parent helper/group (THANKS SAM!) and I got to get a delicious shake. We did a lot of searching for free stuff like fans, bracelets, glasses and more! My favourite free thing was a t-shirt from Radio Samoa. Me and my friend Makayla started busting some dance moves to their songs and they found our moves very impressive so they gave us free t-shirts and it was like $15 so I would call myself lucky.

Overall: Polyfest was an amazing experience and It made my entire week. I loved how everyone got to express their culture through dancing. What was also fun was all the fun activities/workshops. This is a very huge, great and amazing event and I hope to that we will continue this for many generations!

Monday, 11 March 2019

Explanation Writing ~ Where would you put your brand new TV… The Lounge or Bedroom?

WALT: We are learning to write using all parts of the 'Explanation Model' TIIC and SEE  
What would you choose?

Where would you put your brand new TV… The Lounge or Bedroom?
Ahhhhh….Nothing is better than just chilling out and watching some good television shows. Of course the lounge is the best place to put your TV! Some people would like it better watching TV in their bedroom but I’d prefer to watch it in the lounge. This is something that many people go on and on about. That’s why I’m going to be telling you different reasons why it’s better to put your TV in the lounge.

Placing your TV in the lounge is the best way to get together as a family and watch some great movies together. I find this very good because families all get a chance to sit together and have some family time. This is way better than being all squashed up in one room or even watching a movie all by yourself. Besides I’d rather watch a scary movie with my siblings or parents than getting a heart attack in my own room by myself!

In every movie we watch there always has to be delicious snacks/food to make the time more enjoyable. I mean, I can’t even survive a movie without having at least something to eat. Eating can sometimes be a huge mess during a movie and everything just goes wild. I think that it’s better to put your TV in the lounge because you can have great snacks and not worry about cleaning much hence you’re in a open area. It’s much better than cleaning your own bed full of food which is what everyone dreads!

Some people think that because your TV is in the lounge your won’t be as comfortable there than on a bed. Well, HELLO we have couch’s for a reason! What I’m trying to say is that we can also turn our couch’s into comfortable beds and make it just as good as your own bed. Don’t worry about the everyone fitting because it is a big space for the fam to enjoy.

Anyways, Those are my three reasons about why it’s better to place a TV in the lounge rather than your bedroom. Family time, lot’s of snacks/foods and comfortable space are what I’m talking about in a movie in the lounge. What would you choose?
Task Description: For this weeks Literacy (writing) task we are focusing on parts of the 'Explanation Model'. As you you probably already know those are T.I.I.C and S.E.E. These help us know what were going to be writing and also it can help it make more sense. The writing is called Lounge or Bedroom. Mrs Tele'a has brought a brand new TV and she doesn't know whether to place it in her Lounge or Bedroom. It is our job to help explain to her which place would be the best fit following with three different reasons. I chose the Lounge followed by three reasons. This is my finishing work.

Reviewing my writing test ~ What I did well/What needs improving?

WALT: We are reviewing what we wrote in our writing test last week - how well did we do?  

What do I think about my writing test?
After reading my writing tests I didn't really know whether I did well or not but, I definitely know about the things I need to improve at. One of the main things I forgot to fix in my test is the little things. By this I am meaning right punctuation, are the sentences correct, does the paragraph make sense etc. Another thing I thought I needed improving in was using the right type of language or words that fit with the texts (if you know what I mean). Besides all that I think the only thing was explaining one main idea in each paragraph rather than going all over the place. 

Overall: Did it include S.E.E in the texts? Yes but it was probably in different order
Did it include the T.I.I.C format? Yes it had a tittle, introduction, three paragraphs and conclusion.

 Well, that's about all the things I saw in my writing test. I will use these corrections and apply to my next writing test coming up!
Task Description: Today for this writing task we were told to give a little review based on our thoughts towards the recent writing test we took. The main questions we had to look at was what did we do well in?, What needed improving?, Did it include S.E.E? and Did it include the T.I.I.C format? After reviewing the test we used these questions to create a short summary about how what we did which is based above this task description. This is my finished work.

Explanation Writing ~ My favourite things to do at Pt England School!

WALT: We are reviewing what we wrote in our writing test last week - how well did we do?
This image is owned/taken by the school and edited by myself.

My favourite things to do at PES (Pt England School)!

Kids find it boring working on paper and pencil for school. It just goes to show that learning is just boring. Well not here at Pt England School! Why? Because we are Digital Learners! Yup...Digital learners. It’s one of my favourite things about Pt England because learning is made to be fun and not just fun but fun online as well. I find it enjoyable because we work on chromebooks for almost every subject. Sometimes we even get to take our chromebooks home and finish off learning there which is absolutely awesome!

Judging from my past 8 full years at this school another one of my ultimate favourite things are our fun camp events! Camping is not always a normal part of what kids do at school and that’s why I favour it. One of my best camp experience was held at our own school field! This was the Year 5 and 6 camp that is held every year for the school kids. It was a really fun event therefore we had a whole lot of fun activities, amazing fresh cooked food and a camp concert to wrap things up! It was a really fun experience and I hope to have more opportunities like this.

You’ve already heard about two of my favourite things to do at school by now which is our digital learning and fun camps but, there's one more I will explaining to you. One of my most favourite things to do at school is definitely morning tea/lunch time. I find this as a very exciting part of the day more than others….why? Well, I like to take morning tea/lunch as a time to let loose from all the learning that has been happening. I love having fun outside in the sun and playing different sports games with friends.

Our digital learning, fun camp events and break time are just three out of many things that I favour at school! I love to make the most of these things because it’s my last year at this school. Anyways you’ve heard about my favourite things to do at school….what’s your’s??
Task Description: For this writing task we are focusing on explanation writing. Our literacy teacher (Mrs Tele'a) created a template on google docs in order to create a guide for us in our writing. We were given a title and we had to elaborate on it. I wrote about my favourite things to do at Pt England School. Using my past experience within this school I chose three of my favourite things I enjoy doing their and this was the outcome. 

Friday, 8 March 2019

Amelia and Jacob ~ Quote Art!!

!This quote is not own by me nor my friend this is a remake!
Today I am presenting my final Quote art. This quote art was created by me and Jacob (a class mate). Our task was to create a art quote to share with the whole class. First we picked our quote. This famous quote that we've chosen was from the English bible. We chose this as it was really inspiring and I am a christian actually myself which makes sense! For the background we decided to paint a sunset because it makes the quote look alive and really nice. Then to top it off we added a image of us to let people know we created it. I had really fun creating it and it was cool to see how it turned out!

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Amelia Reading ~ Man and Sea: Being test ready

WALT: Test ready, preparing myself with strategies to do my best in upcoming tests. 


Task Description: Today for reading in room three we are focusing on work that can help us prepare for upcoming tests. Yes! Testing has been going on here at school so as I said we are doing testing based work. For this activity we had to read a little story online called man and sea (if you want to read the story click the Blue Man and Sea underlined to take you to the link). After reading the texts thoroughly we had to answer/highlight the following questions on the presentation. This helps us to think critically during tests which is really helpful. On the last slide I share my opinion about the story and how I feel about certain things. This is my finished work.

Monday, 4 March 2019

DIMIC Maths ~ Raro

WALT: Identify the relationship between numbers.
This is me and my friend Paikea with our beverages after completing the problem.
Today in Room 4 maths we had a fun maths problem solving lesson. This lesson was especially fun because it included Raro! (cordial) This whole thing all started off with two problems. The first one was about how much Raro packets Mrs Stone to buy for the class? The second one was a ratio problem that can help us figure out how much we need. First we all looked at the two problems as a class and one we got an idea of it all were split into our Dimic maths group to solve the problems. Me and my group finally figured out the answer for the questions:

Question 1 ~ Mrs Stone bought 80g packets of Raro. Each packet creates 5 200ml serving. How much packets should Mrs Stone bought to serve the whole class: We figured out she needed 7 packets.
Question 2 ~ If 80g of Raro makes 5 servings, what is the ratio to raro for one serving?
80g : 100ml
16 : 200ml 

16 was the answer we found to solve this problem.
After getting through each problem we finally got to make a start with the Raro. We used all the knowledge that we learnt to make sure everyone had a even amount of the simple things like water and how much powder in each cup.

 Finally, we got to have a drink of our delicious Raro we made. I found this maths problem really enjoyable although I wish that next time I can actually have a clear understating about it but, I would definitely like to do another fun problem solving like this one!