Thursday, 31 March 2016

Venetia's Camp experience.

I have visited Venetia's blog to find out what she experienced at camp. You can go visit Venetia's she does amazing writing and learning!  Venetia's camped was held in 2015 and she was a Year 6. Venetia's Highlight at camp was kayaking. Well Venetia was in a single kayak it was fun because it went really fast! Her favorite momment at camp was the water balloon fight. I had mentioned that Venetia wanted to have another camp but she couldn't because she was an year 6.

I would like to give a shout out to Venetia for her amazing writing. Here's a link to Venetia's blog to find out all about her amzing work      

Monday, 21 March 2016

Rangitoto Brochure

Walt: synthesise information from across multiple texts.  
Task Description: This is a brochure for the fullers ferry volcano tour advice.You get to get a tour around Rangitoto. As you can see there is a moari myth that you can read to get ideas on the history of Rangitoto. There are 2 brochures you can read. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Little red riding wolf - (Retold by Amelia)

Walt: retell a story with a significant twist

Once in a far away mysterious land  there lived a wolf who loved his grandma wolf. The little wolf's name was little good riding wolf who wore a red sparkly soft cape. One day momma wolf said to little good riding,”Please take some meat to wise old granny wolf because she is sick”.”OK”, said little good riding wolf. Mummy wolf said,”Remember not to talk to strangers and do not pick flowers. So little good riding wolf went off!.

little good riding wolf was walking, walking and walking until she smelled the the lovely sight of flowers she said to herself,”I might pick some flowers for wise old granny”. But what she did not know is there was a Big bad little girl was stalking little good riding wolf. After little good riding wolf finished picking the flowers. Wooosh Just then Big bad little girl appears. Little good riding wolf was frightened,”Oh No”said Little good riding wolf. Big bad little girl said,”Where are you going”. Little good riding wolf said,”I’m going to my wonderful granny”. Big bad little girl said,”Where is her house”. Little good riding wolf said,”Just right there”. So Big bad little girl ran to Little good riding wolf's house as fast as he can.

Just then Big bad little girl got to granny’s house. Big bad little girl knocked on the door and said in a delightful voice, “grandma” I’m here. Granny said,”OH come in come in come in”. Just the Big bad little girl broke through the door and ate granny all up poor granny! The after he ate granny all up she decided to wear granny clothing. She wore her high heels, Dress and glasses. After that he went inside granny's bed and cuddled up.
After a few seconds Little good riding wolf knocked on the door and said,”Granny I’m here”. Big bad little girl said in a delightful voice again,”Oh come in”. As Little good riding wolf walked into the house he said,”What what what big eyes you have”. Big bad little girl said,”The better to see you”. Little good riding wolf said,”What big claws you have?”. “The better to cut people”, said big bad little girl. At the bit it started to get scary and scary. Little good riding wolf said,”What sharp teeth you have”. “The better to eat you all up”, said Big bad little girl. Just the he jumped out of the bed and started to chase Little good riding wolf. Just then a man who was chopping trees down saw the victim. Then he sprang into action and took some of his chopped wood and sliced the big bad little girl. She fell into piles of wood and spewed out granny. Then they gave grandma some tea and they threw big bad little girl into the wood. After that they lived happily ever after.


Task Description: This is the story of little red riding wolf with a twist. As you can see we have twisted the story to make it more interesting. We started of with planing on what we are going to do and here it is. Hope you enjoy it! 


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Maths Problem solving

Walt: solve fractions using multiplication facts Task Description: We a solving problems using times repeated addition.

Friday, 11 March 2016

My coding certify!

                                                         This is my coding certify!

Pes Get Thru Video

Walt: Get thru video in an eartquake
Kia ora evryone this is a video for earthquake saftey. The 1st thing we did was to plan. We planed the location what we are going to say and our action. Daisy was the introducer as in Deavay was the 2nd introducer. Then Paikea was showing what to do on the first step then I showed the 2nd step. Kruz showed the last step. After that Daisy did the sign off. After all the hard work we edit it all together on imovie and here it is!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Three little pig's ( Retold by Amelia )

Walt: Retell a story.

Little pig Little pig let me in, said big bad wolf.             

Once there was 3 little pigs that lived with their mum. One day the 3 little pigs had to leave their mum’s house to give her some time to work. Mum said, “Don't forget to watch out from the Big Bad Wolf. They said their goodbyes and went off.

On that day they started to build there houses. The first little pig built his house of hays which was not that smart. The second little pig built his house of stick which also wasn't that smart. But the 3rd little pig built its house of bricks. That was REALLY REALLY SMART.

On the next sunny day all there houses were built. But suddenly there was a Big Bad Wolf!. The wolf said,” Hmmm where are those scrumptious little pigs. Until he found the first little piggy’s house. The wolf said,”Little pig Little pig LET ME IN”. The first little piggy said,”Ahhh excuse me not by the hair of my CHINY CHIN CHIN. Then our Huff and i’ll Puff and i’ll blow your house down, said the big bad wolf. The big bad wolf took a deep breath and blew his house down. The 1st little piggy said, “Oh No”and ran to the 2nd little piggys house.

When he got to his house opened the door and went inside shocked to death. “Whats going on”, said the 2nd little pig. The the wolf, said the 1st little pig. Just then The wolf said,”Little pig Little pig LET ME IN”. The second little piggy said”, EXCUSE ME not by the hair of my CHINY CHIN CHIN. The big bad wolf took a deep breath and blew his house down.


Task Description: For this task we first watched 4 versions of this story  (the three little pigs). We talked about what were the things in a Three little pigs story, that every version had the same. Then we planned our own version, and wrote it.

FiaFia is coming CHE HOO

This is my FiaFia picture

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Amelia, Daisy and Naomi PES Get Thru

Walt: make connections between multiple texts.
Task Description: We are learning about earthquakes to keep us safe.