Wednesday, 28 September 2016

More chores more kindness spreading!

Today was pretty much a busy day for me. The house was a pig sty again but even worse, and me and my siblings just found out that my poor mum was sick in the hospital. My dad said she will be coming back when we text or calls us. So I thought in my head what should I do to make kindness go viral and to help my mum feel better and happy when she comes back home. With quick thinking the only way that she could come home happy and not feeling homesick and stress is that if me my sibling and dad clean up for her. So we started cleaning up beds, doing the laundry, vacuum the floor, do dishes and all sorts of stuff. In the middle of cleaning I took a bath the truth because I was so smelly! Suddenly after I showed my sister gave great news that my mom is feeling better and is ok but a little uncomfortable. I was so happy! After finishing doing all the chores the phone rang. Then it was my mum she called to tell my dad to pick her up. Me and my little brother were staying to look after my papa, and my big sister went with my dad to pick my mum up. Now i’m in the middle of waiting for my mum till she gets home. I hope she feels better and comes home safely!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Amazing book The wonderful wizard of oz!

When it was the end of term my teacher gave me 5 books that he said I have to read in the holiday. He also said that I have to post each book I have read on my blog. So today I have finally finished one of my favorite books called The wonderful wizard of oz! This story was really cool that I even watched the movie they were both amazing. The book was so interesting that I could never stop reading it! I recommend that you should read this book because it takes you to a funny adventure. Also if you really like the book and you have read it watch the movie. Now I have 4 more books to go that I will also share on my blog!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Holiday Blogging Make kindness go viral!

Today both my parents were working and it was only my siblings, grandpa and cousin who were at home. As I woke up in the morning I noticed that the house was a pig stine, and from that moment I decided to Make kindness go viral in my house by doing the chores at home. So from the I cleaned every room in the house and it wasn't anymore. I was so happy that I just made kindness go viral by cleaning the house. I was so happy that the house was clean that I should make breakfast, and that I should deserve a popsicle for me!   

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Happy early birthday Mr Goodwin! (Mr Genius)

Happy birthday Mr Goodwin!

A new fresh Holiday start!

Finally the time has come the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! I can’t wait to do lots of posting through the holidays. In the holidays I’m going to be doing lots of fun stuff like making kindness go viral, Book reviews, Homework and of course fun and more! I’m also looking forward for term 4 it’s going to be the last term of me being a year 5 :(. Anyways I will be blogging in the holidays and will be setting up a challenge for myself to Make kindness go viral to my family!   

Friday, 23 September 2016

Pixel art drawings I made!

 Yummy Ice cream!
 Delicious burger
 Yummy doughnut

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Holes full movie experience!!!

Image result for holes movieImage result for holes movie
Today our class has just finish watching the famous movie Holes. It was a cool movie. But before the movie we read the book first, and it was also cool and really funny in some bits. In some bits of the book it was really different to the movie. I loved both the movie and the book because it was very interesting. We started reading the book last and just finished it this term. This movie was all about some little boys digging Holes because they have a warden who says so. Here's the link to the movie but if you want to i think you should read the book first. Holes movie link!


5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF BOOSH! “Let’s go”, says Ollie. Today Oliver James is finally on NASA traveling to outer space. As he was in NASA he remembers his mums last word before he’s of to space. “REMEMBER DO NOT TAKE YOUR SOCCER BALL”, says mum. But he did. Were nearly landing yells Oliver.

If like the story so far than read my full story here SOCCER BALL ACCIDENT  

Task Description: This is my story about a soccer ball accident in outer space! In this story it is featuring a boy name Oliver James or for short Ollie. He is in outer space and is fixing a soccer ball problem. What is he going to do?

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Amelia Sports Drinks - What are they/PMI about Sport drinks

Walt: think critically about information.

Task Description: This is my blog post about What are the Positives, Minuses, and Interesting points (PMI) about Sport drinks. In my Sports Drinks presentation I explain what are sport drinks, and what they are used for. Did you know that people that sell these types of drinks use advertising to sell them and make money. People who buy sports drinks think that the sport drinks are going to help them with their big games and to build muscles, however sports drinks actually have a lot of sugar and it's really bad for you unless you are professional athlete, or do enough exercise to use that energy. If you want to learn more about advertising check out this LINK to see me and my group talking about advertising.