Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Amazing book The wonderful wizard of oz!

When it was the end of term my teacher gave me 5 books that he said I have to read in the holiday. He also said that I have to post each book I have read on my blog. So today I have finally finished one of my favorite books called The wonderful wizard of oz! This story was really cool that I even watched the movie they were both amazing. The book was so interesting that I could never stop reading it! I recommend that you should read this book because it takes you to a funny adventure. Also if you really like the book and you have read it watch the movie. Now I have 4 more books to go that I will also share on my blog!


  1. Hi amelia
    I's good that you have been respectful to your family and you have also read in the holidays to. I really liked the book to because I have alread read it t was really fasinating to read about.

    from daisy

    1. Thanks Daisy
      I also really loved the book and of course it was fasinating to read about. Did you watch the movie of the book? I hope you still blog in the holidays and make kindness go viral!

      From Amelia

    2. Well done girls! How cool that you have read the same book, and can now share your thoughts on your blogs. What book are you planning to read next?