Pt England Ambassador 2017

I am one of the six Year 6 learners selected to represent Pt England School as an Ambassador in 2016.  One of the important roles we fulfill is to speak to visitors to our school about how we learn here at Pt England. Sometimes we also host visitors on behalf of the Manaiakalani Education Trust.

To see photos taken at our various presentations throughout 2017, click on the photo below...


  1. Hello Amelia,

    I really liked your year 6 ambassador post, it had really great vocabulary and it was a good explanation. It reminds me of the maniakalani film festival, but in ambassador edition. But I think that you should add a bit more about what you do at ambassadors presenting and what you are excited for.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Makayla This is not my post it was Mrs Burt. I did not write it.

  3. Well defended Amelia. I can see that I need to improve the depth and complexity of my writing.

    Mrs Burt