Thursday, 31 August 2017

Maui and the Sun Animation!

Amelia Maui from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Task Description: This is another late animation. Today I decided to finish off my animation from Term 1. Term 1's animation was about Maui and the Sun. I had to draw all the characters in the story like the Sun, Maui and Maui's brothers. I then wrote a script and did a voice over of myself.

Post Card Activity!

Walt: think critically about what we read.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Rubric score for Extension!

Rubric Score Reflection:

After reading the rubric I found out that my score was 27. I thought that the scores were fair because the people in my group scored around 20 to 27. I think that being the leader of my group helped me improve my score by taking idea’s from the people in my group and making a great project. I scored a 5 in my performance contribution to the production. My goal for that is to stay there and help others get a 5 too! For Collaboration I think that we did well but I think that we should work harder together at a team so that we could get a 5. In the paideia seminar I contributed a lot. My goal for that is to not just encourage the people that are not in my group but to encourage the people in my group because two of them only got a 2 in the paideia seminar. Now I’ve learnt the things that I need to improve at and how I did in the rubric!

Technology Animation!

How Technology has changed over time!
Amelia Technolgy Animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Task Description: This work is overdue from last term. But I am just finishing off work and I decided to finish this. Last year out topic was Now Thats Thinking. We had to create an animation about how technology has changed over time. We had to choose two subjects that we had to animate. Fishing or Sailing. For each subject we had to create a animation how it has changed over time. I chose Fishing. I used google to help me find information about fishing in the past and now. I then recorded my animation along with an voice over and here it is!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Advice Blog!

Walt: About the sun
Task description: Today for Literacy Room 7 is helping Chris Yoddle to find information about the sun. We had to read two articals about the sun. We had to write a reply back to Chris who is helping his little sister with her solar system homework. So we gathered information for Chris. We also had to answer his questions. Thats all for Today!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Amelia Problem Solving

Walt: solve decimal problems

Task Description: Today for maths the Pongs we are learning to solve decimal problems. I have been late with my maths and all my literacy is taking over my blog! Sorry if you wanted to see more maths on my blog. Anyways if you don't know how this rolls well I am here to tell you. Before doing this our teacher Mr Goodwin show us and practice what we are learning. We are learning to multiply decimals at the moment. After having little practices we go off and do our problem solving. We read the problem then we solve in our maths book. After solving the problem we take a photo of it and then write down how we solved it. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Picture Book Writing!

Walt: Write for younger audience.

Image result for solar system

Bam! I land on Venus. Well this is really hot! Hotter than Mercury well that’s no fun. Ouch I hurt my bottom well that was really dumb! It’s so bright up here what am I going to do? Stay up here well that's going to be a no! At night time I heard that it is very cold! Lucky it’s not night time. I would prefer a better planet. Here we go, I’m movin on!

Like the story! Read the whole story here

Task Description: Today Room 7 is working on a big project! We are writing a story for the younger ones in our school. Since our theme for this Term is space we had to write the story based on someone going to space. In order for the little ones to understand we had to try and use words that kids can understand. We are making 5 picture books from each group. We have to go to each others blog and read each others piece of writing. After we've chosen the story there will be the writers, the illustrators and the designers! Then that will be the end of our project! 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Measuring our Feet!

Walt: Understand Measurement

Task Description: Today for Maths Pongs did a topic about Measurement. We had to place our feet on our Maths book and draw an outline of it. It was really funny. We then took a ruler a measured our foot. Mine was 21 cm it might not be the proper measurement but that's all we can do. After that I had to walk beside Naomi ( My Partner ) and counted every time I steeped. If you don't get me look at the photo on the left. Anyways from my side of the whole thing she was about a 7 of my feet. After that I did all the maths up here on this photo as you can see. I added a photo of the foot I drew and put and example of what we did on the left. Hope you enjoy!   

Monday, 14 August 2017

How to remember the Planets in the Solar System!

Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources.

Task Description: This week Room 7 Literacy had to make a little rhyme that will help you remember the order of the 8 planets in the solar system. This week we are focusing on Pluto that used to be a planet but now scientists discovered that it was not a planet. So some people can say,"Well it's a planet in my heart"! Well you have to get used to Pluto not being a planet. Anyways I used google to help me find some words. Since Pluto ain't a planet anymore it was kind of hard finding the words but I managed and came up with My Very Educated Mother Just served us Nougat, and if you can see the first letter of each word has the first letters of each planet. For Example: My Very stand for Mercury and Venus. I then added a photo of the solar system without Pluto. I hope this helps you remember each planet in the solar system. Stay tuned for my next post 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A Post Card to Space!

Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources.

Task Description: Today for Literacy Room 7 had to write a post card! This not a real post card anyways we had to pick anyone to write our post card to we can even write it to a celebrity. But I decided to stay simple and stick to one of our teachers at school! I had to choose a planet to write about and then pretend that I was send the letter from space to my person about our chosen planet. I had to describe if I was actually in space. I also used google to help me find information about my planet!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Visiting your Solar System!

Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources.

Task Description: Hello Viewers. This activity is kind of like an advice blog you might have seen recently. Anyways I had to answer questions from a alien Gorgon. He wants to know which is a good place to grow crops, which is a save planet to hide a massive spaceship and how long does it take us to orbit around the sun. I found all of this information from two reading and wrote down what I read. I also used images using explore. You will know what explore is in my latest 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Solar System!

Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources.

Task Description: Today Room 7 Literacy had to complete a activity about the Solar System. This is my finish look. To start off We had to find images on Explore. Explore is just like Google but when you have an drive there's presentations, Docs and Google draw. At the top of each subject it should say tools then when you click it, it is let's you type up what you want. Anyways going back to the images we had to place all the planets in order starting from the Sun all the way to Neptune. This is not the real size of what the planet is but I tried my best. I then added all the names of the planets just to show you guys the name of each one! I hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for my next blog-post.