Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Measuring our Feet!

Walt: Understand Measurement

Task Description: Today for Maths Pongs did a topic about Measurement. We had to place our feet on our Maths book and draw an outline of it. It was really funny. We then took a ruler a measured our foot. Mine was 21 cm it might not be the proper measurement but that's all we can do. After that I had to walk beside Naomi ( My Partner ) and counted every time I steeped. If you don't get me look at the photo on the left. Anyways from my side of the whole thing she was about a 7 of my feet. After that I did all the maths up here on this photo as you can see. I added a photo of the foot I drew and put and example of what we did on the left. Hope you enjoy!   

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  1. Hi Amelia. Thank you for sharing all about your school with us yesterday. You are all very articulate. I like the learning object you have made here - did you make it in Google drawings?