Thursday, 3 January 2019

SLJ W2 D2 A1/2/3 Fabulous Flora

Day 2: Fabulous Flora

Activity 1: Weaving A Tall Tail

Sharing my opinion towards flax weaving
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I would definitely try flax weaving. I find flax weaving very interesting because it is a great and creative way to express art. Since it was originated by our beautiful cultures it’s really important to keep flax weaving alive as we do not want to forget our natural tradition. I did try flax weaving a couple of years ago but I did not end up creating something. Therefore I really want to try and at least create something like a bag just as a little souvenir. I also really want to try flax weaving the reason for that is my family is really into arts and crafts (especially my mother) so I want to share flax weaving with my whanau and help them master the art of weaving.
Activity 2: Mighty Mangroves

Who is strong and tough?

For this task we were asked to write about someone who we think is very strong and tough. I decided to take this question from a different perspective just to show that you do not have to have muscles to be a strong and tough person. I decided to choose the man himself Martin Luther King Jr because he defines a strong and tough person in a different way therefore its interesting.
Activity 3: Stranger than fiction

Exotic Plants


  1. Hey there Amelia, it's Billy here from the Summer Learning Journey team. I was commenting on your blog posts last summer, I wonder if you remember?

    Anyway, it's fantastic to see that you're working hard again this summer. I hope you keep it up all throughout January.

    The quality of your work is really impressive too. I like how you've spoken about flax weaving as being apart of your culture and something that needs to be cherished. It would be a nice way to spend some quality time with your mum and whanau as well. I think that it would require a lot of patience and persistence.

    Aside from weaving a bag, what else do you think you would like to weave?

    I'd really like to have one of those huge outdoor woven mats? They're great to take to the park or the beach.

    Thanks Amelia,

  2. Hey Amelia, Petesa here!
    Really awesome to see you blogging throughout the holidays! Hopefully, things are doing numerous in your holidays! I really like how you have been talking about how flax weaving is a part of your country and how important it is in your country! Well, keep up the great work Amelia, have a safe holiday's Amelia!

    From Petesa!

  3. Kia ora Amelia,
    Thanks for completing another set of activities! You are a star!

    Activity 2: Mighty Mangroves - Who is strong and tough? I really liked that you chose Martin Luther King Jr as a strong person to write about because he somehow manage to be strong but kind at the same time which is amazing. His contribution towards humanity civil rights was crucial for all of us to live in a more free and equal world.

    Activity 3: Stranger than fiction - Thanks for a very interesting post! I like this post because I did learn something about the exotic plant mimosa pudica as I didn't know that this adorable plant has such a reaction and that was really cool! However, for this task you are also requested to write 3 differences between the plants " On your blog, list three similarities and three differences between the two plants that you chose." and you only have done the similarities. Could you add the differences and let me know by replying to this comment? I need you to do that in order for you to earn full points for this activity.

    Keep up with great work!
    Kia kaha,