Thursday, 17 January 2019

SLJ ~ W3 D4 A1/2/3 Like A Scene Out Of A Movie

Hey viewers! Today I am going to be completing Week 3 day 4 of the summer learning journey. For this day I am focusing on the sky and today’s theme is Like a scene out of a movie. Let’s get started!

Week 3 Day 4 Like a scene out of a movie

Activity 1: The Southern Lights
Acrostic Poem

Here in this online sketchpad I have made a little poster of a acrostic poem. The word that I have made a poem about is LIGHTS. I found this task very easy because I really admire acrostic poems. I like it because it helps me build my creativity towards words and it’s fun. I hope you enjoy reading this little acrostic poem of mine.
Activity 2: The Seven Sisters
The Matariki Star Cluster

Image Attribution
A long time ago there was a handsome man name Mitau who lived with his seven good looking brothers all in one village called Maketu. Out of all the brothers, Mitai was the youngest amongst them and he lived with his grandpa who learned a lot of magic from which allows him to turn into different things like a bird so he can secretly listen to his brother's conversations or other crazy things. One day the brothers went hunting when they were entrance by alluring singing and curious as the boys were they decided to move their boat towards the sound where they ended up climbing to the top of a hill, and once they reached the top they found seven attracting women. Each of the lady’s caught the brothers attention with their luscious long hair and glowing skin which they fell all in love with except for Mitai. Mitai tried to warn his fellow brothers saying that woman like that will only bring danger and that they are fairy woman, but that did not stop them from wanting to marry these mysterious women. Ignoring Mitai the brothers proceed to take the woman back to make them their wives but ever since that day everything started getting weird as Mitai noticed the woman never left the house of the brothers and they were continuously demanded to do a variety of tasks for the ladies. Mitai had enough so he decided to visit his grandfather to tell him about this incident. After listening to a few stories from grandfather Mitai was definitely sure that these were definitely fairy women. The next morning Mitai hid behind a tree and was waiting as he tried to get a glimpse of the fairies. He waited for a long time that he almost was going to give up until he saw seven little birds all lined up in a branch getting ready to fly. Mitai was suspicious so he transformed into a bird and decided to follow them. Once the seven birds stopped they all of a sudden transformed into humans and to his surprise it was the fairies. As he was still a bird he listened to very carefully and heard that these women were planning a nasty plot to kill Mitai's poor brothers. Mitai quickly rushed back to his village to warn his brothers about the plot but they refused to listen until Mitai told them to look at one and another. They finally agreed and all asked what they should do and Mitai said that we should go to terawhara. When they got there terawhara gave them each a magic net they have woven and told them that once they see the women they could trap them with the magic net. He then told Mitai's brothers that they should cast their wives as far as they wanted them to be so they can be free from these women. The next day all 8 brothers hid waiting for there bird wives. As the birds were about to fly out of there house the men smuggled the birds into the magic net. Once they caught the women they immediately cried constantly begging there husbands to leave them. With a heavy heart, the boys all took their captive wives to Mitai who turned into a bird. Then Mitai took his brother wives and flew to the high heavens and handed them to the Maori god of the stars. There Mitai asked the god to take the fairy women far away. Like Mitai brothers the god started to fall in love with there beauty. The god set all the women far away from the earth and the heavens yet he allows the beautiful women in the sky a chance to shine.
(Sorry but it was pretty hard trying to fit the whole story into 6 - 8 sentences but this is all I have)
Activity 3: Crazy, Cool Clouds
A UFO or a tornado?

When I look at this image the first to things that come to my mind is a UFO because of the shape of the cloud. The second thing that comes to my mind is a tornado as the cloud forms a downwards spiral shape. From what I see it seems that the bottom of the cloud is way darker then the top as the top has the sun shining on and but at the same time it’s covering the luxurious houses from the sun. The houses below seem dark and dull as there seem to be no lights on and the cloud is covering their view from below. Since this cloud is in a un-familiar form and no other clouds are surrounding it might be trying show a sign to the people below that something might be coming or be aware. The smooth winter colour totally suit the cloud. The blue cool shades behind it make the cloud stand out more. This is one lonely cloud!
Question Of The Day: Did you know that clouds are formed when small drops of water stick together? So it’s one big water drop!

Task Description: Today I have finally completed week three and day 4 of summer learning journey. The theme today was Like a scene out of a movie. It was a lot of work but I got through it! The first task was all about acrostic poems. We were asked to write an acrostic poem with the word lights and we got to be as creative as we can. For the second task we had to write a summary about a re-written story about the famous 7 Matariki Stars, and for the final task we had to write a description about clouds. We had three different pictures and our job was to choose one and write a description about the photo we chose. Well that’s all for today folks! I hope you enjoyed today’s activities and remember to stay tuned for more.


  1. Kia Ora Amelia,

    Congratulations on completing this task of day 4, week 3! I am happy to say that you are a brilliant blogger and a fast one to. From the last couple of weeks you have been amazing and this was the post I was really looking forward to be reading, so good on you for accomplishing these activities Amelia. My most favourite activity would probably have to be activity 1: as your poem was done perfectly well. I loved each and every word you have writen for each letter that was given to you. My most favourite letter though would have to be the letters L and S. Luxurious Sky and Soaring Stars, these are some amazing words you have currently chosen.

    Overall well done on completing this task as it was done absolutely well and I was amazed at how much sentences you have writen for activity 2, heaps of people must be so proud of you as always. Fantastic finish and awesome work Amelia. Keep up the great work and hope to see more fabulous work from you soon.

    How did you come up with these brilliant words, for activity 1?

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Amelia,

    It is great to see you taking part in the summer learning journey - you are doing an awesome job! I agree with Hinerangi - you put in a lot of effort to complete this task and your summary was very thorough.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

    Mrs Stone

  3. Kia Ora Amelia !!!!

    I wanted to write a comment really bad on your blog so I deiced to and this is my comment to you !!!!

    Activity 1 - What an Stunning poster you have created for Task 1 I Love the Words you have used to described L.I.G.H.T.S so creative and I also love how you presented it with simple colours I think your Poem is Better than Mine !

    Activity 2 - What an amazing writing you have done I know we were ment to do 6 - 8 sentences long but you went up and above Great work !!! I love your explaining of your work of writing its so detailed and amazing to read for sure , Keep up the amazing work Mia !!! Proud of Ya :)

    Activity 3 - I love your Short story of your UFO Cloud its detailed for sure 100% My Favourtive part of the story is when the blue brings out the cloud more !!! Keep up the Detailed Writing Mia !!!

    Overall - I Enjoyed Every task you have done you put 100% Percent Effort into this Task and I can't wait to see more blogging from you Mia Keep up the Hard Work your doing AMAZING !!!!

    Blog Ya Later / Best Wishes ,


  4. Hi Amelia...great to see you blogging on the SLJ. There's still some time to complete the activities before school begins - how many more can you get done? Keep up the great work.