Thursday, 24 January 2019

SLJ ~ W4 D2 A1/2/3 Protecting Our Own

Hey blog viewers! Today we are moving on to week four day two. I am so excited to be completing today’s tasks. The theme for today is protecting our own. Let’s dive through!

Week 4 Day 2: Protecting our Own

Activity 1: A Flying Fox
Ziplining in Rotorua!
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Going ziplining in rotorua would definitely be a huge blast! Imagine zooming past the towering green trees like your floating in the beautiful air. It’s like going on a ordinary flying fox but it’s 2x higher. Ziplining would be super awesome because you don’t get to walk on dirty leaves, gooey dirt and mushy mud! It’s sad that the forest is being seriously damaged due to a lot of walking but, that won’t matter because where on a dashing zipline. Lucky I don’t have a fear of heights because ziplining looks like a great thing to do. I would just feel like the flash!
Activity 2: A Protective Plant
10 veggies, fruits or herbs I would plant!
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Salad Leaves

If I were to grow ten veggies, fruits or herbs I would pick these. I went for veggies and herbs that would be useful for the family so we don’t need to go to the store and keep buying veggies and herbs. I also chose specific fruits that my family enjoy eating so when ever we feel quite hungry we can go outside and pick from our beautiful garden!
Activity 3: A House is Not a Home
The Sustainable Lansan Project
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The Sustainable Lansan Project
The thing that interested me the most was this project. It is called the Sustainable Lansan Project. (a project that is trying to save a foreign tree) The problem with this tree is that locals in the area have been cutting down the endangered tree to create a fragrance that can ward off mosquitoes and it’s believed to also ward of evil spirits. What the project is trying to do is help stop the number of tree’s from decreasing but at the same time not interfere with the locals. This caught my attention because local people use it as a fragrance to ward of mosquitoes and believed to also ward of evil spirits. The crazier part is that 60% of saint lucians purchase the incense which is crazy.
Question of the Day: Did you know that peanuts grow from the ground?!

Task Description: Yes I have finally completed week four day 2 of the summer learning journey. As you know the theme today is protecting our own! Here is the summary of my work. The first activity for day 1 was called a flying fox. In this activity we had to write down how we feel about ziplining in rotorua. Secondly, we had to write down 10 veggies, fruit or herbs that I would grown in a garden. For the final task we had to research about a couple of projects then choose one that is interesting to me. Well this was all I have done today. Thanks for tuning in and remember to stay tune for more posts!


  1. Hey there Amelia, it's Billy here from the Summer Learning Journey team. Congratulations on working so hard over your summer break, I'm sure your teachers will be really proud of your efforts.

    I've enjoyed reading your descriptive writing piece on ziplining in Rotorua. I'd also love to have a go at it. I think it would be fun because you get to take in beautiful views while enjoying a ride.

    What sort of fun, outdoor activities have you been enjoying this summer?

    Thanks, Billy.

  2. Hey there Amelia, it's Billy here again from the SLJ team. Thanks for writing a list of ten different vegetables you'd like to grow in your garden. I've always wanted to have my own veggie patch. My mum has a big one with lots of different vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, chillis, peppers, parsley, basil etc. It's a lot of fun and the vegetables are as fresh as they get. I like that they haven't been handled by the supermarket workers or customers trying to find the best one.

    Since moving to London I've wanted to start a veggie patch but now that it's winter it's not really possible. They need a lot of sunlight and warm weather unfortunately. Although, I think there are some vegetables that do grow in winter.

    Thanks, Billy.

  3. Morning Amelia,

    This is Susie from the SLJ team. It is great to see that you've written some information about The Sustainable Lansan Project. I also found this project quite interesting because I have never thought that they could use the tree's resin to make candles, toiletries and other products.

    Rather than simply restricting access to this tree and stopping the community from using this resource, they have come up with an innovative solution. I like how they have considered both sides of the story to ensure the long-term conservation of the endangered tree - while at the same time they've thought of ways to sustain the economic and cultural benefits. It is simply awesome!

    Would you like to smell the fragrance in real-life? What do you think it would smell like?

    Keep up the great work,