Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ginger bread man

Trip to Waiheke Island

In the holiday’s I went to Waiheke Island. My family and I went there for a family trip. We went there to see spectacular species.

First we woke up in the morning and packed our stuff and our food to go to Half Moon Bay near Orakei. We could go for free because my dad bookmarked on Monday. We spend my mums deposit, it was 100 dollars for 2 Adults and 3 children.

I saw lots of people waiting for the for the ferry. It wasn't a actual ferry. It was a ferry that was red and big that can fit many people in it.

Tons of adults and cars mostly children that arrived back from waiheke Island. After they went out of the red ferry we walked sensibly to the boat. My family and I went  up the steps then I saw a cafe.

It was beautiful, I was filled with joy and I went to the very top of the the boat. I hoped to the side and I almost fell when we waited for an hour to get there. First we hopped on a bus that was very different to our buses in Auckland.
Well we were on the bus and I was looking at the map to see where we were going. We drove past lots of different trees and plants. But the best was the vineyard. It was filled with different plants and vegetables.

After that we went to a marvelous most spectacular beach most ever seen called Onetangi beach. Me and my family ate a little bit of our food we saved to eat at the beach. My family and I were looking for a bench for us to sit on. So we found one. We started with a prayer then we ate. We were very hungry so we ate ate and ate. Me my brother and my older sister finished eating so we head down to the sea. My mum said we could wet our feets in the water.

Running around I made foot prints with my feet on the sand. My footprints made a big circle. Then the last thing was drawing names on the sand I spelled about 3 names, it was fun.

My older sister drawed a very long line with her feet because that was to follow the line and to find the treasure. I followed the very long line and I found the treasure my sister hid it was 3 beautiful white shells.

My family and I had to leave the beach so we can go back to the ferry. So we went on the bus at the bus stop so we can go back. The bus driver said “You’ll stop at another bus stop around a small village”. The small village was called Oneroa village.

When me and my family arrived to Oneroa beach.We went to the oneroa beach to check out how is the beach.It was warm and cosy.

Finally the bus came.My family hoped on the bus and we payed our ticket.The bus took us backwhen we were in the boat again I went to the top.

Me and my family arrived back to half moon bay I was so tired.So we went back home.By Amelia


Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Matariki is the day where people celebrate Maori new year. It is a traditional celebration. We also celebrate the 7 stars which we know as the 7 sisters.

There are different stories about Matariki. This story is one of them, it is called the eyes of Ariki. Once upon a time, there was only darkness.There was nothing but night, and in between this darkness, two beginnings - Ariki and his brother - Lay together. Ranginui the Father and Papatuanuku the Mother were sleeping. They had children, and for a time, all was good. But the children started growing. They were restless and fidgety.. The children started arguing. Some felt trapped also some wanted out !!!! . The parents woke up. Someone was separating them. It was Tane Mahuta one of their sons. He was pushing them apart. Until finally……they had been separated and light came in. Ranginui was so sad he cried. Also someone else was sad too, Tawhiri, Ariki of the winds, felt sad for his parents. He started crying. His tears were lightning. He threw his tears to the heavens.They were 7 tears. His tears became 7 stars. And we called these special stars Matariki.

Matariki is found low on the horizon in the north east of the sky. Try looking here between 5.30 a.m. and 6.30 a.m.This is how you can find the 7 stars.

There are lots of ways to celebrate Matariki, you can have kai moana or you can go to Glenn Innes to celebrate. Some people do kapa haka or weave flax. Matariki it is also a time of remembrance plus lots more.

You can do fun activities at Maori New Year like flying spectacular kites, blowing up fireworks or having a feast. Some people celebrate through dance and sing or T rakau with music.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

The light house

On a dull, starless night an old stone lighthouse was illuminating the treacherous headland.
Meanwhile people in the village were celebrating new year's eve inside tons of cosy cottages.
In the tavern the crew were cheering “happy new year,  happy new, year happy new year.”

While they were celebrating new year's eve a solitary man who lived in a stone lighthouse was working. With annoyance he slammed the window shut, because he got so angry. Suddenly the lighthouse plunged into darkness.
The man ran up the steps with his tools. There was mechanical cogs and wheels and an enormous lamp. He held his lantern up to take a closer look, he saw a ship coming close to the lighthouse and the man began panicking. The man very carefully lifted  the lamp but he lost his balance.The lamp shattered into pieces and the man was so worried.

As quick as a flash he picked up his tools and ran down stairs as he opened the door he saw something amazing happened there was a whole lot of lamps gloaming was all the People who were celebrating.they hoped on and they all became the illumanating light.The End