Thursday, 18 June 2015

The light house

On a dull, starless night an old stone lighthouse was illuminating the treacherous headland.
Meanwhile people in the village were celebrating new year's eve inside tons of cosy cottages.
In the tavern the crew were cheering “happy new year,  happy new, year happy new year.”

While they were celebrating new year's eve a solitary man who lived in a stone lighthouse was working. With annoyance he slammed the window shut, because he got so angry. Suddenly the lighthouse plunged into darkness.
The man ran up the steps with his tools. There was mechanical cogs and wheels and an enormous lamp. He held his lantern up to take a closer look, he saw a ship coming close to the lighthouse and the man began panicking. The man very carefully lifted  the lamp but he lost his balance.The lamp shattered into pieces and the man was so worried.

As quick as a flash he picked up his tools and ran down stairs as he opened the door he saw something amazing happened there was a whole lot of lamps gloaming was all the People who were celebrating.they hoped on and they all became the illumanating light.The End


  1. Hi Amelia i like your story its really interesting. And like the way you put full stops in your story. You taught me to put full stops in my stories like how you did in yours. What a interesting story Amelia from Paikea