Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Amelia Pick a Path Berrys adventure at the Ultimate Tramp Park!

Walt: write multiple endings to a story.

Task Description: This is my crazy pick - a - path story. It is called Berry's adventure at the Ultimate Tramp Park. My character is called Katy Blueberries and her nickname is Berries. She is a fun sassy girl and likes to go on adventures at Ultimate Tramp Park. In a pick - a - path story you click one of the links in the google slides to take you to the next part of the story. I hope you enjoy this sassy adventure feautring Katy Blueberries.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Amelia Fitness Watch Advice blog Olympic

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources.
Task Description: This is my Advice Blog presentation about Fitness watches. James Yoddle had a big problem about Fitness watches. His friend at the gym asked that he should get a Fitness Watch. So I gave him all the informaton about Fitness watches. One of the most impotant things about them Fitness watches I told him that sometimes they False Advertising. I hope you injoy my SUPER EPIC Advice blog!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Flapping Race!

Walt: share our writing on our blogs in interesting ways
If you liked this flapping presentation, why not click the link below for the full story

Task Description: This is my Flapping Race presentation. I hoped you enjoyed it and that you read by full story above. This presentation was hilarious seeing all the facials and movements. As you can see We had an Reading group Olympics! It was too hilarious. Anyways hope you enjoy  

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Amelia Problem Solving Practice Term 3 Wk 4

Walt: identify and solve decimal problem Task Description: This is my Problem Solving Practice Term 3 Wk 4. In this math activity it took very long for me to understand it but I got it and 1.74 was my final answer. This math activity was all about decimals and the 2016 Rio Olympics! We also had to right the problem down on our maths book and after we did that we had to write all the information down in sentences. Hope you enjoy reading this blog post!

Amelia Olympic athlete shirt!

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources

Task Description: This is my Olympic athlete shirt! In this fun activity we had to be an agent of an famous athlete. We had to choose from a main sponsor and an sub-sponsor. I chose Puma and Canterbury instead of going for more money I went for the fit, and the money that I collected from both sponsors was 14.000!    

Monday, 15 August 2016

Difference between triathlon and tryathlon?

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources

The difference between triathlon and tryathlon is that the normal word triathlon is switched to try, and also the word 
triathlon represents the 3 sports that are in a triathlon which is Swimming, Cycling and Running. So the word tryathlon also means that you should give a triathlon a try and that your trying to race other people.
Task Description: In this Reading activity we had to read a cool article called Give it a try. After that we had to write on a doc with Questions called
Give it a try, and in one of the Questions it said What is the  difference between triathlon and tryathlon. So we had to post a blogpost about it with a few sentences about What is the  difference between triathlon and tryathlon and here it is!    

Friday, 5 August 2016

Amelia Athlete Advice blog

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources.
Task Description: Hey everyone this is my new advice blog for term 3. My friend Chris is dealing with sponsorship and is competing in archery. But the problem is that he can't afford to go to the world champs in USA so he came to me for advice about sponsorship, and here it is my SUPER EPIC advice blog.  

Rio 2016 Olympics has started!

Yay! Today is Friday August the 5th, and the famous Rio 2016 Olympics has started. For people who doesn't know about the famous Rio 2016 Olympics it is going to be held in Brazil in Rio de Janiro. There is going to be a lot of competitives from all around the world going to. 

I'm really excited for the upcoming games because all of the country's and athletes there are going to represent, and all the races there going to have. What are you excited about the upcoming famous Olympics? Or are you not really excited for the upcoming Olympics?

In the Olympics the sport that I want to see is Hurdles because it looks really cool sprinting and jumping over Hurdles at the same time. But the athlete I would like to see is Valerie Adams because she is an New Zealand Shot Put. What sport and athlete you want to see?