Friday, 5 August 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics has started!

Yay! Today is Friday August the 5th, and the famous Rio 2016 Olympics has started. For people who doesn't know about the famous Rio 2016 Olympics it is going to be held in Brazil in Rio de Janiro. There is going to be a lot of competitives from all around the world going to. 

I'm really excited for the upcoming games because all of the country's and athletes there are going to represent, and all the races there going to have. What are you excited about the upcoming famous Olympics? Or are you not really excited for the upcoming Olympics?

In the Olympics the sport that I want to see is Hurdles because it looks really cool sprinting and jumping over Hurdles at the same time. But the athlete I would like to see is Valerie Adams because she is an New Zealand Shot Put. What sport and athlete you want to see?   

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