Monday, 7 December 2015


What is a JewelryoRaptor ? Well JewelryoRaptor is a dinosaur that loves Jewelry and steals shiny and glamorous Jewelry  that cost 10000 and 10000 of money. It loves and steals jewelry because it names means a Jewelry robber. It lived 700 million years ago in the cretaceous period.

The jewelryoraptor has diamond plates on its back that's shiny. It gots diamond plates because if any other dinosaur sneaks up its back,”BOOM” it flips its body around and cuts through its skin and its dead.

It has a long bulky and spiky tail. JewelryoRaptor has a spiky tail because it wants to show it off to other dinosaurs. Its tail is to help it have good balance.

It has a diamond horn on its head that is shiny and glamorous. The horn on its head is almost twice better than tricetops it says itself. Its horn is also popular because it is useful to bump of other dinos.
Its teeth is sharp and sparkly to bite of heads and enemies. Its also known as the most sharpest teeth out of all the dinosaurs.

Jewleryoraptors claws of its feet and hands is very sharp. It's similar to its teeth. It’s 5 hands are the size of a small banana.

Jewelry Raptor has a lot to learn about. He was one of the GREATEST dinosaurs in the world  this is facts about famous Jewelryo Raptor.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


T-Rex was the mighty dinosaur king. T-Rex was in the late Cretaceous period,145 to 65 million years ago. The T-Rex is a Carnivore so that means it is a meat eater,a dinosaur that's a meat eater. Its name means tyrant lizard king.

Every dinosaur starts out small no matter if it's big or powerful it starts out very small. A  T-Rex is very gentleness to its siblings. The T-Rex takes care of the baby T-rex’s nest. A T-Rex keeps track of the baby T-rex’s progress. It keeps it healthy and hydrated. Some T-Rex’s are gentle and kind and some are ruff and tuff. So a T-Rex is kind and mean.

Some other dinosaurs are scared of a tiny T-Rex’s because when they grow to a big T-Rex they get scared because when the babies grow up they can get beaten up. A T-Rex is big and wide it teeth is serrated kind of like a serrated knife every single teeth of a T-Rex is a size of a small banana. Its hands are small and it claws are spiky. Its tail is long.

A T-Rex has a better sense of smell than all the animals in the whole wide world that have lived. When the sense of smell goes into their brain it keeps track of where it's going. The nose is 10 inches apart. It uses it smell to find meat.

A T-Rex is smart and intelligent it has a lot of interesting things. T-Rex was actually a mighty dinosaur.  

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Today I am going to talk about the Ankylosaurus the famous dino. The Ankylosaurus was in the late cretaceous period, 146 to 60 million years ago. It is a plant eater so that means it is a Herbivore. Did you know that Ankylosaurus means: Stiff Lizard. Because Ankylo means Stiff and Saurus is a ending of some other dinos. So Saurus means Lizard.

The Ankylosaurus has heaps of things stuck to its itself. It gots a bulky club on its tail. It’s club was made out of fat and blood. The Ankylosaurus has rows of plates on its back.  Its eyelids have bony plates such as its back. In some areas of a Ankylosaurus there a bony parts sticking out. It is slow moving like a turtle and it has no teeth. It is 8.9m long like a school bus. The Ankylosaurus is 4 tonnes and it's 8.5 feet wide.

An Ankylosaurus has many ways to keep it secure and protect itself. Its bulky club on its tail keeps it protected because when there is danger it flaps its bulky tail and its scares away other dinosaurs. The rows of plates on its back secures it itself. When a dino comes and sneaks
behind its back it leans back and its spiky plates cut though its body. These are one of the ways how it keeps it secured and protected.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Amelia Stegosaurus Facts

This is my stegosaurus and I’m going to tell you facts about it.

The Stegosaurus is about 9 feet long. The stegosaurus was in the Cretaceous period to 145-65 million years ago. It grew to be 26 to 30 feet long. I weight 6,800 pound. It is a size of a bus. The Stegosaurus name relates to it spike.Stegosaurus  means “Covered Lizard”. It had 17 spikes that grew out of it’s back. The Stegosaurus uses its spike to protect it from other dino’s. The front leg has 5 toes & the back leg has 3 toes. The Stegosaurus might have two brains. One at the front and one at the back. People think the stegosaurus uses it back brain to send messages along. The Stegosaurus was a Herbivore. Meaning that it only ate plants. It was a very successful dino. Meaning the it is found in varied places. They were found in Utah,Wyoming,Colorado,Western Europe,Southern India, China and Southern Africa. Those are the facts about the Stegosaurus.   

Thursday, 29 October 2015


“On your marks get set gooo” said Mrs Squiers.

Today team 3 had athletics at the school field. When we got to the school field we sat down on the dry comfy grass. Mrs King was the leader she gave us fantastic idea’s about the activity’s. Mrs King said she’s going to ring the bell then we have to move into the next activity. Team 3 started of with excitement.

Rm 11 started of with throwing. Each one of us got into 5 teams. Mrs Squires said, “Choose your 1st equipment”. I looked down at the equipment there was a Sock throw, Bing bang throw,Gumboot throw,Tennis ball throw and a Green heavy weight shot put. I was first to have a turn in my team. I picked up the Tennis ball throw and when Mrs Squiers said, “On your marks get set gooo”I threw the Tennis ball half way with strength. The Tennis ball hit the ground I said, “Yay”. After that Mrs King rang the bell super hard I said, “Next activity”.

The next activity was basket ball. Mrs Squiers splitted up us into 2 teams. I was hoping I would be in my friends team and I did. So I skipped to my friends team with joy. After three people had thrown it was my turn. I threw and the basket ball landed in between the net. So Mrs Squiers took the other team's ball and threw it to the bottom of the ball so it could come down. After all that silly fun Mrs King rang the  bell even harder so we can hear. Again I said, “Next activity”.

Sack was the last activity. So we splited ourselves into 4 groups and I was a leader again in that group. Mrs Squiers yelled out the introductions.
When it was time for me to go I springed up and down in the sack around the cones and back. We all had our turns and my team was first win.

It was super duper fun at athletics. My favorite part was the Sack. I felt very very happy.

Non - Stop Cricket


On a sizzling freezy cold day room 11&12 played a game called Non-Stop Cricket. When we got to the slippery grass at the field we started playing Non-Stop Cricket. Rm 11 was batting and Rm 12 was fielding.


While we were playing our bodies got warm because we were sprinting back & forth. While me and my team were playing we were gasping for breath. One of the boys team were sneaky because instead of running back & forth. There first batter had their legs wide open and moved there hands back & forth but not there legs.


When it was time for my turn to bat, I said “YAY”. As I was batting I hit the ball fiercely. When it was my class's turn to field I got 5 r 4 tennis balls. I had so much fun fielding that I slipt  in the middle of the grass.


It was fun at Non-Stop Cricket. When we had to go back to class, I said “Whew that was to much fun”. I was so joyful.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cross country :)

IMG_0272.jpg“ On your marks get set goooo” yelled Mr burt  with a booming voice.

On a lovely sunny Monday it was Cross Country. I was sooo excited but very nervous. I was all fit and steady to run. It was a spectacular day.

Pt England school had to wear our varied house colours. The colours were called Takitimu (yellow), Matatua (green), Te rawa ( red ) and Tainui ( blue ) there were 4 house colours. My colour was Matatua (green) it was the best colour.

When it was time for me to run I was nervous and excited. Before Mr Burt said “on your marks get set gooo”. I was in the right position. With my strongest leg in the front and my normal leg at the back. So when Mr burt said. “On your marks get set goooo”. I sprinted off with powerful legs. I was so proud of myself.

As soon as I ran past the trees and came running to the end I saw Jorelle running next to me. When we saw the finish line we sprinted together but we came 5th equal. Me and jorelle came in a tie I ran to my mum and dad and they said I came 5th with jorelle.

I was filled with joy when I came 5th.  Even though I didn’t come 1st, 2nd or 3rd I’m still proud of myself.


Friday, 4 September 2015

Fireman David's visit

The smallest circus in the world


The Smallest Circus In The World
Retell story
Leo Mousini the master clown who had a spectacular orange coat with reddish circle dots, A black rounded hat, So as professional tricks. Leo always knows how to do scary stuff. He could stand in on hand and do famous tricks. But when he do it he has much pain and feel dizzy. Over the past few years ……. Mr Mousini had to leave the special circus with sad emotions he bled to his audience with a back pain and walked back to somewhere where he has peace.

As he walked along there was two tiny mice there names were Mitzi and Mack they were eating cheese under Leo hat they were saying bye Leo Mousini  bye Leo Mousini and then they said lets go and eat under his hat they munch and munch !!! . When Leo left the circus there was a farewell goodbye taking a peak and seeing what they're doing. Mr Mousini was taking a peaceful walk well he put down his hat and saw Mitzi and mack they asked Leo if they could be a master clown. Leo said “ Yes” you could take over my work since I’m old now. Mr Mousini trained Mitzi and mack how to do cartwheels without feeling super dizzy, and doing some fantastic magic together. Mousini blowed his trumpet and said there's a new circus heres a little circus for you everybody.      

Emily's wonderful pie

Emily’s Wonderful pieFile:Rhubarb Pie Lattice Crust
Reading Retell
One day there was a girl name Emily she ordered a pie that was Squishy Squashy mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch. Emily smelled her pie with a “Ravenous sniff” !.

Emily took her mincey pie to school. Then Emily’s friend Liz came and sat next to Emily until she saw the scrumptious pie. Liz licked her mouth licked her hand and said badly, “ Can I have a lick of your pie it’s sooo yummy because it’s Squishy Squashy mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch” Emily said hmm okay but one bite only. Liz had a wide open mouth and munch she had a delicious pie without saying thank you.
Then came along Tom with a sad face he was looking at the scrumptious pie and Tom said sadly please can I have one bite because,  “It’s so Squishy Squashy mincy to munch Flakey bakey crispy to crunch” said Tom. Emily said okay but one bite Tom had a wide opened mouth and munched he had one bite then Tom went away without saying thank you.

After that Mrs Trunchbull Emily's teacher smelled her pie with a “Ravenous sniff”. Mrs Trunchbull went close to Emily’s wonderful she said, “Can I have a bite of your pie because it’s squishy squashy mincy to munch. Flakey blacky crispy to crunch. I’ll swap my fish fingers for a pie”. Okay just one bite said Emily. Emily looked at her wonderful pie “Oh No” look at my pie it's all squished. The End

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Better work Better stories

singer | byWriting: Better work Better stories

Hi my name is Amelia and I am going to tell you about what job do I want to be when I grow up. First I’m going to give you a clue they go on stage a lot. They also go on world tours with some people and the last clue is they have a good voice. Did you guess I’m a Singer. In the future I want to be a Singer because I really want to go on world tours.

In order to become a singer you always have to be focused  in everything you do. You also have to be able to sing in tune. if you are a singer you have courage but some singers don't. You have courage so when you are on stage you are a brave singer. It is important to participate to complete whatever you're doing as a singer.

I want this job because I love singing a lot. If I’m a singer I would love to get that opportunity because when people look up to me they know that I’m rolemodel. I also want this job because I like learning information about songs so as award winning for the best song. But mostly I really,really,really, want this job so I can help kids or adults with their tune and voice.

If your are a singer you need equipment so your perfect on stage. The equipment you need is fashion so you got that swag to everything you do. 2nd you need a microphone so people can hear your beautiful voice. 3rd you need gold so your beautiful and pretty everywhere you go. And lastly you have to have shoes. Singers favorite shoes a high heels they like being tall on high heels. This is the equipment you need so your good as perfect as a singer.

Now I’ve told you how you can be a spectacular singer. I want to be a singer do you want to be a singer ?. Comment down below if you want to.

Friday, 28 August 2015

A kwisport coach

I’m going to tell you what a kiwisport coach is. They are very good at sports and teach a lot about it.

A kiwisport coach does varied sports in schools or other
places. A kiwisport coach is a person who shows kids or adults varied sports. Such as training to get super fit. A kiwisport coach is reliable at what they do at sport. They are also good at teaching other unfamiliar sports. They teach children the rules skills strategies and warm ups.


A kiwisport coach wears varied clothes depending on what sport they are doing or either mixed sport. A kiwisport coach sometimes wear everyday clothes but some of them wear their uniform. So if a kiwisport coach is teaching basketball they would wear a basketball uniform. A kiwisport coach needs sportsgear like cones hula hoops skipping ropes. They also need a whistle to get the kids attention.

A kiwisport coach has to be skilled in varied ways. But in one particular sport. Kiwisport coaches do modules learn how to coach and to see if they are good at being a kiwisport coach. A Kiwisport coach has to be knowledgeable and super skilled. A Kiwisport coach has to lastly have a interview with the person that running the kiwisport coaching.

If you want to be a kiwisport coach you have to have good management. A kiwisport coach has to be fit so you have good skills to run fast. A kiwisport coach has to have energy to run, teach and show different skills. A kiwisport coach also has to be very well organised with the kids so they can get onto what they're doing fast. So now I've told you what sort of person you have to be.  


Friday, 21 August 2015

The 3 loving dream girls

Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 10.32.40 AM.png
The 3 loving dream girls :)
Hi my name is Amelia and I’m going to tell you about the 3 loving dream girls. We had a 2 special friends but she left us very sadly. But anyways I’ll tell you about my 3 dreamgirls. They are all of my best friends so my friends are Daisy Jorelle  plus myself . These girls are polite pretty and friendly. We always hangout together play together and be friendly. But the most important thing we do is remembering ourselves where ever we go. Even when one of us is not in the same class or if we are gone into another school. We will remember the days we’ve been together. We have a favorite game it’s called tag we love play other games but our best one is Tag . It is our favorite game because we chase after each other. If Jorelle is a tagger in the game she is too hard because she is good at running. Who is the fastest runner. Well the fastest one is in order so it goes like this The first girl is Jorelle,Daisy,Me so we are pretty fast runners. We got our own favourite things Jorelle likes running and sports . Daisy likes singing and sports. and I like singing dancing sports and playing.

Thank you for listening to the story about the The 3 loving dream girls :)

Thursday, 20 August 2015

A volcanologist


I’m going to tell you what a volcanologist is. If you want to become a volcanologist you have to study volcanoes. Its a hazardous job. Its is a valuable job because you can save people's life.  


Right now I’m going to tell you what a volcanologist do. A Volcanologist saves people's lives they’re similar to a firefighter. A  Volcanologist  is kind of like an puzzle. Working as a team as a Volcanologist is an fun adventure. Watching an erupting volcano is a exciting experience and any people wish to pursue a career in volcanology. Volcanologist is a smart person that figures out information from volcanos. there are 2 parts of jobs they do one job is in the field and on job is at the laboratory. In the laboratory they talk about how they going to get to the volcanos. and at the field they do some experience. These ways are similar to a firefighter's job.       

A VOLCANOLOGIST wears different clothing  depending on what kind of job they are doing like helicopter gear. When there at the fields they wear  Gas Mask so they can consider protection from toxic gases emitted by volcanoes. When they are at erupting volcanoes they wear  Proximity Suits it is a silver heat resistant suit it resistants the hot heat and the lava from burning them. A volcanologist wears heavy gloves to keep there hands protective. When a volcanologist is the a laboratory they normally wear random clothes. These are different clothing that a volcanologist wears depending on what they are working on.     


To become a volcanologist is by studying more and more about it to get super smart at volcanos. A volcanologist is a good job because you get rewarded from studying a lot. You have to study about lava hot heat and talking about how to control people from getting away from the volcano's. You also have to be a brave person at all times. This is how you study to be a spectacular volcanologist.


I'm going to tell you what sort of person you have to be to become a volcanologist. Well you have to love science love looking up at the volcanos. But the most important is being safe in volcanos because if you do not keep yourself safe you’ll be ending up with very sore accidents. When you are near a volcano you have to be courageble and send people away from getting close. So these are the stuff you have to love to become a volcanologist.  

Kia Ora viewers of this post,

This is a post written from myself in 2015. Therefore, some parts of this explanation I have written don't make sense due my young age and at that time writing was not a subject I was strong. Please leave a positive comment on this post and I thank you for visiting my blog.


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My first CV

Thursday, 6 August 2015


What is a Firefighter well I’m going to tell you what a Firefighter is!!!

What do firefighters do to save our people in NZ ?

Firemen & fire women help people who are at risk o injury or in a fiery house. But the most important thing is when they save the people from death. That is why firefighters are superheroes.

What Clothing Do Firefighters Wear ?

Firemen & Fire Women wear a special helmet to keep there heads safe from fire. They also wear an oxygen mask  so they can breath oxygen out of there mouth the oxygen mask is also called a breathing apparatus. The firefighters breath from a tank called the oxygen tank , They wear fire proof clothes so fires cant touch there clothing.

How do you become a good firefighter ?

New Firefighters learn from old firefighters. They sit a test so they can see if there are fit enough and learn like school kids. The things be good at is maths, literacy and writing. Firefighters sit physical tests and fitness to see if they are strong enough. They also have an interview.

Fire Fighter Characteristics

As a firefighter you have to be a brave person with encouragement so you can be able to work in a positive work space.  When you are a firefighter you have to be very good in lots of different things It’s not that easy. It’s like when you are saving someone from are burning house.  A strong firefighter is like when you have courage to carry people around with injuries, or when someone's in a serious accident.  Firefighters work as team players so they can get more jobs done faster. Getting your jobs done faster lets you be able to save more lives.

Being a firefighter is not a dull job, it's a good job because you might get a award for being a lifesaver. That's why I want to be a strong trustworthy and a teamplayer. These are characteristics that help you be a spectacular firefighter.

I feel like if I was a firefighter I would be proud of myself if I would save someone's life. I would love to be a fire firefighter because I want to save someone's life!!

Monday, 3 August 2015

My Holiday

In the holidays it was my sisters birthday on Sunday the 19 of july I can’t wait to show my sisters present !!!. On my sisters birthday my dad and I kept a secret about her cake. But she kept on begging me to tell her “Please Please Please”,My sister said. I said, “Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin” !!! .

Well my sister was waiting for something my cousin rang to say happy birthday to her so as her little sister she was funny. I gave the phone to my sister so she can talk. My sister telled my cousin if she wants to come and she said, “sure”.

After that me and my dad  went to pick up the cake well my sister,brother,mum and my grandpa stayed home. Me and my dad went to by my sisters birthday cake at Otahuhu bakery that bakery also makes birthday cakes.

I asked my dad if I can open the box to see the cake and he said yes. So I opened the box and the cake was beautiful. It had creamy whipped cream around the edge of the cake. The bakery shop wrote with white icing Happy 11th birthday Loseli Falepua Halaufia. The cake was gorgeous.

When we got home I saw my cousin sitting next to my sister at my house she came with her little funny sister. We talked and talked and went on my sisters chromebook. Next we celebrated my sisters birthday starting of with lighting up the candles there were 11 candles.
We sang happy birthday to my sister then blowed the 11 candles my sister couldn't blow her cake because she had a broken leg. She decided that my little brother or little cousin can blow her candle.the candles were very hard to blow but then my little brother blowed it.

After all that blowing we said a prayer for my sisters birthday. We read our speech and ate some cake. I said, “YUMMY”. I loved my sunday holiday !!!.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

‘‘Who has 1$, who has 2$, who has 3$? “Bang” !!!!!’’ .

Walking into the hall with excitement I could hear Mr Burt's loud booming voice was calling out for numbers for fantastic prizes. Mr Burt was being an auctioneer for our immersion Assembly on Monday. Room 11&12 and other classes were participating  in the hall to start a happy term 3. I said, “Yay”.

Immersion Assembly means every start of a term is when the whole school learns about the new topic of our school. This term our school topic is Trade & Enterprise. My favourite team was team 5 they were super funny to me.

Team 5 was being financially responsible. Mr Wisemen was acting as Mr Barks wife because they had a baby. What I liked about Team 5 was being responsible with money that's why they said financially responsible.

After Immersion assembly I loved all the teams items because they were creative and funny. I felt happy. I feel like having some more funny items.      

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Next term I would like to learn...............

little red riding hood

Bouncy castle

Last Friday after asembly half of room 11 & 12 went on the bouncy castle.Mr Jacobsan came to our class and taught us were to go.We walked sensibly to the bouncy castle in a sraitght line .The bouncy castle was set on the field.

Room 11 & 12 went because the youth town community set the bouncy castle for our school.It was free for all of us. The class had to wait in a line so the junior kids can go.

When we got there the class hopped on the bouncy castle 1 by 1. We climbed  a colourful  rainbow square chunks. Finally  it got to my turn I hopped on the bouncy castle and I saw rainbow stripes on the sides  I had 2 turns. When I jumped on the bouncy castle it felt like I was flying.

After having my 2 turns I felt tired. We walked in a line back to class sensibly and I had a smile on my face :) .              


Matariki from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Happy Matariki evryone !!!!!!!!!!!!
hope you like my movie :)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ginger bread man

Trip to Waiheke Island

In the holiday’s I went to Waiheke Island. My family and I went there for a family trip. We went there to see spectacular species.

First we woke up in the morning and packed our stuff and our food to go to Half Moon Bay near Orakei. We could go for free because my dad bookmarked on Monday. We spend my mums deposit, it was 100 dollars for 2 Adults and 3 children.

I saw lots of people waiting for the for the ferry. It wasn't a actual ferry. It was a ferry that was red and big that can fit many people in it.

Tons of adults and cars mostly children that arrived back from waiheke Island. After they went out of the red ferry we walked sensibly to the boat. My family and I went  up the steps then I saw a cafe.

It was beautiful, I was filled with joy and I went to the very top of the the boat. I hoped to the side and I almost fell when we waited for an hour to get there. First we hopped on a bus that was very different to our buses in Auckland.
Well we were on the bus and I was looking at the map to see where we were going. We drove past lots of different trees and plants. But the best was the vineyard. It was filled with different plants and vegetables.

After that we went to a marvelous most spectacular beach most ever seen called Onetangi beach. Me and my family ate a little bit of our food we saved to eat at the beach. My family and I were looking for a bench for us to sit on. So we found one. We started with a prayer then we ate. We were very hungry so we ate ate and ate. Me my brother and my older sister finished eating so we head down to the sea. My mum said we could wet our feets in the water.

Running around I made foot prints with my feet on the sand. My footprints made a big circle. Then the last thing was drawing names on the sand I spelled about 3 names, it was fun.

My older sister drawed a very long line with her feet because that was to follow the line and to find the treasure. I followed the very long line and I found the treasure my sister hid it was 3 beautiful white shells.

My family and I had to leave the beach so we can go back to the ferry. So we went on the bus at the bus stop so we can go back. The bus driver said “You’ll stop at another bus stop around a small village”. The small village was called Oneroa village.

When me and my family arrived to Oneroa beach.We went to the oneroa beach to check out how is the beach.It was warm and cosy.

Finally the bus came.My family hoped on the bus and we payed our ticket.The bus took us backwhen we were in the boat again I went to the top.

Me and my family arrived back to half moon bay I was so tired.So we went back home.By Amelia


Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Matariki is the day where people celebrate Maori new year. It is a traditional celebration. We also celebrate the 7 stars which we know as the 7 sisters.

There are different stories about Matariki. This story is one of them, it is called the eyes of Ariki. Once upon a time, there was only darkness.There was nothing but night, and in between this darkness, two beginnings - Ariki and his brother - Lay together. Ranginui the Father and Papatuanuku the Mother were sleeping. They had children, and for a time, all was good. But the children started growing. They were restless and fidgety.. The children started arguing. Some felt trapped also some wanted out !!!! . The parents woke up. Someone was separating them. It was Tane Mahuta one of their sons. He was pushing them apart. Until finally……they had been separated and light came in. Ranginui was so sad he cried. Also someone else was sad too, Tawhiri, Ariki of the winds, felt sad for his parents. He started crying. His tears were lightning. He threw his tears to the heavens.They were 7 tears. His tears became 7 stars. And we called these special stars Matariki.

Matariki is found low on the horizon in the north east of the sky. Try looking here between 5.30 a.m. and 6.30 a.m.This is how you can find the 7 stars.

There are lots of ways to celebrate Matariki, you can have kai moana or you can go to Glenn Innes to celebrate. Some people do kapa haka or weave flax. Matariki it is also a time of remembrance plus lots more.

You can do fun activities at Maori New Year like flying spectacular kites, blowing up fireworks or having a feast. Some people celebrate through dance and sing or T rakau with music.