Friday, 30 October 2015

Amelia Stegosaurus Facts

This is my stegosaurus and I’m going to tell you facts about it.

The Stegosaurus is about 9 feet long. The stegosaurus was in the Cretaceous period to 145-65 million years ago. It grew to be 26 to 30 feet long. I weight 6,800 pound. It is a size of a bus. The Stegosaurus name relates to it spike.Stegosaurus  means “Covered Lizard”. It had 17 spikes that grew out of it’s back. The Stegosaurus uses its spike to protect it from other dino’s. The front leg has 5 toes & the back leg has 3 toes. The Stegosaurus might have two brains. One at the front and one at the back. People think the stegosaurus uses it back brain to send messages along. The Stegosaurus was a Herbivore. Meaning that it only ate plants. It was a very successful dino. Meaning the it is found in varied places. They were found in Utah,Wyoming,Colorado,Western Europe,Southern India, China and Southern Africa. Those are the facts about the Stegosaurus.   

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