Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Impossible Shapes!

Task Description: Today Room 4 maths did a task on impossible shapes. We looked at difficult shapes like this triangle and a square. I followed the steps and instructions on the presentation and we used things like pencils, compass, and rulers to get the shape and sizes. I also worked on shading to make the drawing look realistic. I did find it challenging to get the distance right but overall it came out great!

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Explanation Writing (Cross Country)

Walt: Use cause and effect language in our explanation writing (if, so, then, as a consequence)
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How to be prepared for Cross Country
By Amelia 

Have you ever participated in a school Cross Country run before? Most people dread Cross Country runs because of the lack of preparation or they just don't put enough effort into it. Luckily I am here to help! Here a few ways that can help you prepare for cross country.

One way that you can prepare for cross country is by having a healthy diet. When preparing for a cross-country you always need to be aware of what you are eating. Having simple things like fruits and drinking lots of water is really helpful. For example, eating a banana helps boosts your energy level before you run. It also gives you a healthy dose of potassium which is important for long-distance runs like cross country. Whereas, if you eat a lot from fast food restaurants you won’t have a lot of strength to run the course. That’s why I personally think that having a healthy diet can help you prepare for the cross country and enhance your running performance.

You can also prepare for cross country by getting familiar with the course. You need to realize that cross country is way longer than you think. Most people prepare for cross country by running a shorter distance than the actual track. However, when it comes to the day you get halfway through the track you start to feel insecure about the way that you are running. This is why it's good to get familiar with the track. Even by walking the course can help you get a good taste of how it’s going to be. I believe that by doing this it can help you feel comfortable and ready to go. 

Preparing for cross country involves a lot of physical preparation. This means that you could start by doing some good training to help strengthen things like your muscles and also to get your heart pumping. Believe it or not, you can do some training anywhere you want whenever you want! You could probably jog up and down your pathway or you can relax your muscles by doing some stretches or yoga. Did you know that doing simple things like walking or even running around your house until you get tired can help reduce a positive effect on your running performance?

Physically preparing for cross country is good but we also have to mentally prepare for cross country. Mentally preparing means giving it the best you got and saying positive things like “I can do it” or “This will be awesome!”. If you can’t take cross country at all and you just want to give just fake it till you make. This means if your planning to give up or your just too lazy to try just put a smile on your face and try it anyways! I guarantee if you keep doing this it can help you transition from the bad side of it to the positive side. 

These are my 4 effective tips on how to prepare for cross country. Always remember to stay healthy, be positive and train hard. I hope that this will help you out if you are aiming to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the cross country. Who knows? You might come first!
Task Description: Last term the whole school participated in a School Cross Country. Some placed and some didn't. Our task was to write to a year 4 student on how to be well prepared for cross country. We did a lot of research on different ways that we could prepare and some of us used our own advice from our own experience. I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing and that you find it very helpful!

Friday, 16 November 2018

Alcohol Satire

Walt: Use Satire to express meaning.
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WARNING: I'm sorry if you're offended by this piece of writing I have written and please don't believe any of this because half of it is not even true. 

Don’t adults just love drinking these days! I mean it’s like a nectar from of the gods. Isn’t it mouth drooling just looking at alcohol? Did you know that alcohol is the world’s best solution to all of your problems? Remember just sitting there consuming a whole bottle of alcohol straight after you’ve just lost your job. Ahhhh great memories!

Tons of people around the world are doing this thing where you drink and get drunk then go for a drive. I know right that’s so cool! *cough cough*. But wait there’s more as you drive you can’t see anything it completely blurry. It’s so fascinating! If you keep doing that the cops will drag you to the best place in the world….jail. I mean it’s like staying in a hotel for the rest of the night. Anyways as I said before alcohol is the world’s best solution to all of your problems. It actually works (no it doesn’t. Like if you lost your job? Alcohol, Got in a fight? Alcohol, Had to find another place to stay because you didn’t pay your rent? Alcohol! I heard that it’s getting more cheaper. Spending more than $30 on a beer is so affordable. I mean who would rather go buy milk and bread for like $5 when you can buy alcohol for $35.

I think that reading this piece makes us all realize that alcohol plays a good part in our lives. Alcohol is basically a best-friend! It’s so cheap, very helpful and delicious. Now we know not to worry about anything because we are in alcohol’s good hands!


Task Description: Last week Room 1 literacy wrote a Satire piece of writing. Satire is kind of like sarcasm but in a nice way. We looked up examples of Satire so we can get an idea of what we were going to be talking about. Some people decided to write about School and even the old man himself Donald Trump! I decided to write a satire about Alcohol so I gathered lots of information about alcohol and began writing. This is my finish piece enjoy!