Friday, 30 October 2015

Amelia Stegosaurus Facts

This is my stegosaurus and I’m going to tell you facts about it.

The Stegosaurus is about 9 feet long. The stegosaurus was in the Cretaceous period to 145-65 million years ago. It grew to be 26 to 30 feet long. I weight 6,800 pound. It is a size of a bus. The Stegosaurus name relates to it spike.Stegosaurus  means “Covered Lizard”. It had 17 spikes that grew out of it’s back. The Stegosaurus uses its spike to protect it from other dino’s. The front leg has 5 toes & the back leg has 3 toes. The Stegosaurus might have two brains. One at the front and one at the back. People think the stegosaurus uses it back brain to send messages along. The Stegosaurus was a Herbivore. Meaning that it only ate plants. It was a very successful dino. Meaning the it is found in varied places. They were found in Utah,Wyoming,Colorado,Western Europe,Southern India, China and Southern Africa. Those are the facts about the Stegosaurus.   

Thursday, 29 October 2015


“On your marks get set gooo” said Mrs Squiers.

Today team 3 had athletics at the school field. When we got to the school field we sat down on the dry comfy grass. Mrs King was the leader she gave us fantastic idea’s about the activity’s. Mrs King said she’s going to ring the bell then we have to move into the next activity. Team 3 started of with excitement.

Rm 11 started of with throwing. Each one of us got into 5 teams. Mrs Squires said, “Choose your 1st equipment”. I looked down at the equipment there was a Sock throw, Bing bang throw,Gumboot throw,Tennis ball throw and a Green heavy weight shot put. I was first to have a turn in my team. I picked up the Tennis ball throw and when Mrs Squiers said, “On your marks get set gooo”I threw the Tennis ball half way with strength. The Tennis ball hit the ground I said, “Yay”. After that Mrs King rang the bell super hard I said, “Next activity”.

The next activity was basket ball. Mrs Squiers splitted up us into 2 teams. I was hoping I would be in my friends team and I did. So I skipped to my friends team with joy. After three people had thrown it was my turn. I threw and the basket ball landed in between the net. So Mrs Squiers took the other team's ball and threw it to the bottom of the ball so it could come down. After all that silly fun Mrs King rang the  bell even harder so we can hear. Again I said, “Next activity”.

Sack was the last activity. So we splited ourselves into 4 groups and I was a leader again in that group. Mrs Squiers yelled out the introductions.
When it was time for me to go I springed up and down in the sack around the cones and back. We all had our turns and my team was first win.

It was super duper fun at athletics. My favorite part was the Sack. I felt very very happy.

Non - Stop Cricket


On a sizzling freezy cold day room 11&12 played a game called Non-Stop Cricket. When we got to the slippery grass at the field we started playing Non-Stop Cricket. Rm 11 was batting and Rm 12 was fielding.


While we were playing our bodies got warm because we were sprinting back & forth. While me and my team were playing we were gasping for breath. One of the boys team were sneaky because instead of running back & forth. There first batter had their legs wide open and moved there hands back & forth but not there legs.


When it was time for my turn to bat, I said “YAY”. As I was batting I hit the ball fiercely. When it was my class's turn to field I got 5 r 4 tennis balls. I had so much fun fielding that I slipt  in the middle of the grass.


It was fun at Non-Stop Cricket. When we had to go back to class, I said “Whew that was to much fun”. I was so joyful.