Monday, 28 September 2015

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cross country :)

IMG_0272.jpg“ On your marks get set goooo” yelled Mr burt  with a booming voice.

On a lovely sunny Monday it was Cross Country. I was sooo excited but very nervous. I was all fit and steady to run. It was a spectacular day.

Pt England school had to wear our varied house colours. The colours were called Takitimu (yellow), Matatua (green), Te rawa ( red ) and Tainui ( blue ) there were 4 house colours. My colour was Matatua (green) it was the best colour.

When it was time for me to run I was nervous and excited. Before Mr Burt said “on your marks get set gooo”. I was in the right position. With my strongest leg in the front and my normal leg at the back. So when Mr burt said. “On your marks get set goooo”. I sprinted off with powerful legs. I was so proud of myself.

As soon as I ran past the trees and came running to the end I saw Jorelle running next to me. When we saw the finish line we sprinted together but we came 5th equal. Me and jorelle came in a tie I ran to my mum and dad and they said I came 5th with jorelle.

I was filled with joy when I came 5th.  Even though I didn’t come 1st, 2nd or 3rd I’m still proud of myself.


Friday, 4 September 2015

Fireman David's visit

The smallest circus in the world


The Smallest Circus In The World
Retell story
Leo Mousini the master clown who had a spectacular orange coat with reddish circle dots, A black rounded hat, So as professional tricks. Leo always knows how to do scary stuff. He could stand in on hand and do famous tricks. But when he do it he has much pain and feel dizzy. Over the past few years ……. Mr Mousini had to leave the special circus with sad emotions he bled to his audience with a back pain and walked back to somewhere where he has peace.

As he walked along there was two tiny mice there names were Mitzi and Mack they were eating cheese under Leo hat they were saying bye Leo Mousini  bye Leo Mousini and then they said lets go and eat under his hat they munch and munch !!! . When Leo left the circus there was a farewell goodbye taking a peak and seeing what they're doing. Mr Mousini was taking a peaceful walk well he put down his hat and saw Mitzi and mack they asked Leo if they could be a master clown. Leo said “ Yes” you could take over my work since I’m old now. Mr Mousini trained Mitzi and mack how to do cartwheels without feeling super dizzy, and doing some fantastic magic together. Mousini blowed his trumpet and said there's a new circus heres a little circus for you everybody.      

Emily's wonderful pie

Emily’s Wonderful pieFile:Rhubarb Pie Lattice Crust
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One day there was a girl name Emily she ordered a pie that was Squishy Squashy mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch. Emily smelled her pie with a “Ravenous sniff” !.

Emily took her mincey pie to school. Then Emily’s friend Liz came and sat next to Emily until she saw the scrumptious pie. Liz licked her mouth licked her hand and said badly, “ Can I have a lick of your pie it’s sooo yummy because it’s Squishy Squashy mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch” Emily said hmm okay but one bite only. Liz had a wide open mouth and munch she had a delicious pie without saying thank you.
Then came along Tom with a sad face he was looking at the scrumptious pie and Tom said sadly please can I have one bite because,  “It’s so Squishy Squashy mincy to munch Flakey bakey crispy to crunch” said Tom. Emily said okay but one bite Tom had a wide opened mouth and munched he had one bite then Tom went away without saying thank you.

After that Mrs Trunchbull Emily's teacher smelled her pie with a “Ravenous sniff”. Mrs Trunchbull went close to Emily’s wonderful she said, “Can I have a bite of your pie because it’s squishy squashy mincy to munch. Flakey blacky crispy to crunch. I’ll swap my fish fingers for a pie”. Okay just one bite said Emily. Emily looked at her wonderful pie “Oh No” look at my pie it's all squished. The End

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Better work Better stories

singer | byWriting: Better work Better stories

Hi my name is Amelia and I am going to tell you about what job do I want to be when I grow up. First I’m going to give you a clue they go on stage a lot. They also go on world tours with some people and the last clue is they have a good voice. Did you guess I’m a Singer. In the future I want to be a Singer because I really want to go on world tours.

In order to become a singer you always have to be focused  in everything you do. You also have to be able to sing in tune. if you are a singer you have courage but some singers don't. You have courage so when you are on stage you are a brave singer. It is important to participate to complete whatever you're doing as a singer.

I want this job because I love singing a lot. If I’m a singer I would love to get that opportunity because when people look up to me they know that I’m rolemodel. I also want this job because I like learning information about songs so as award winning for the best song. But mostly I really,really,really, want this job so I can help kids or adults with their tune and voice.

If your are a singer you need equipment so your perfect on stage. The equipment you need is fashion so you got that swag to everything you do. 2nd you need a microphone so people can hear your beautiful voice. 3rd you need gold so your beautiful and pretty everywhere you go. And lastly you have to have shoes. Singers favorite shoes a high heels they like being tall on high heels. This is the equipment you need so your good as perfect as a singer.

Now I’ve told you how you can be a spectacular singer. I want to be a singer do you want to be a singer ?. Comment down below if you want to.