Thursday, 3 September 2015

Better work Better stories

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Hi my name is Amelia and I am going to tell you about what job do I want to be when I grow up. First I’m going to give you a clue they go on stage a lot. They also go on world tours with some people and the last clue is they have a good voice. Did you guess I’m a Singer. In the future I want to be a Singer because I really want to go on world tours.

In order to become a singer you always have to be focused  in everything you do. You also have to be able to sing in tune. if you are a singer you have courage but some singers don't. You have courage so when you are on stage you are a brave singer. It is important to participate to complete whatever you're doing as a singer.

I want this job because I love singing a lot. If I’m a singer I would love to get that opportunity because when people look up to me they know that I’m rolemodel. I also want this job because I like learning information about songs so as award winning for the best song. But mostly I really,really,really, want this job so I can help kids or adults with their tune and voice.

If your are a singer you need equipment so your perfect on stage. The equipment you need is fashion so you got that swag to everything you do. 2nd you need a microphone so people can hear your beautiful voice. 3rd you need gold so your beautiful and pretty everywhere you go. And lastly you have to have shoes. Singers favorite shoes a high heels they like being tall on high heels. This is the equipment you need so your good as perfect as a singer.

Now I’ve told you how you can be a spectacular singer. I want to be a singer do you want to be a singer ?. Comment down below if you want to.

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