Friday, 4 September 2015

The smallest circus in the world


The Smallest Circus In The World
Retell story
Leo Mousini the master clown who had a spectacular orange coat with reddish circle dots, A black rounded hat, So as professional tricks. Leo always knows how to do scary stuff. He could stand in on hand and do famous tricks. But when he do it he has much pain and feel dizzy. Over the past few years ……. Mr Mousini had to leave the special circus with sad emotions he bled to his audience with a back pain and walked back to somewhere where he has peace.

As he walked along there was two tiny mice there names were Mitzi and Mack they were eating cheese under Leo hat they were saying bye Leo Mousini  bye Leo Mousini and then they said lets go and eat under his hat they munch and munch !!! . When Leo left the circus there was a farewell goodbye taking a peak and seeing what they're doing. Mr Mousini was taking a peaceful walk well he put down his hat and saw Mitzi and mack they asked Leo if they could be a master clown. Leo said “ Yes” you could take over my work since I’m old now. Mr Mousini trained Mitzi and mack how to do cartwheels without feeling super dizzy, and doing some fantastic magic together. Mousini blowed his trumpet and said there's a new circus heres a little circus for you everybody.      

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