Thursday, 29 June 2017

Double Chocolate Delight!

Walt: express our personal opinions.

Double Chocolate Delight

I’m going to do chores at home everyday in the hope that my mum will buy me this chocolate!

This is a chocolate made by Cadbury! It’s name is top deck. It is white chocolate on the top and milk chocolate on the bottom. That looks yummy!

At first I thought this was going to be disgusting! As I held the chocolate I already knew what the flavour was going to be, or did I? It had a pointy edge but had a smooth top and bottom. All of a sudden I had mixed thoughts. It smelt like white chocolate all up when I think it was going to be Jelly tip. Then for the finale I took a little bite out of it! Wow my thoughts on it was twisted! It turned out to be white chocolate after all! YUMMY!

I think this chocolate should have the to colours switched sides because I think it would be more appealing. I also think that they should put a little taste of dark chocolate in between the the two flavours so it would be more delicious!

I think this is a 5 star product! I would recommend the product for other people. I think people would love this chocolate because it taste delicious with the two chocolates together!  

Task Description: This is just work that was overdue and I have been told to finish it off! So weeks ago we did chocolate taste testing! We were given each a number and we got to eat a flavoured chocolate. We then had to write down how it felt how it looked and how it TASTED! We then had to write a story about the chocolate I had eaten and give it a tittle that grabs attention!


Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Walt: Write a speech for a debate.
My Debate:
Me and my group would like to disagree with having computers replace lovely teachers. I think that goes for all electronic devices. I would love for us kids to still use Chromebooks for learning as here in Pt England School we do use Chromebooks for our learning. I think that us as kids should have time face to face with our teachers instead of having just one device in front of our faces acting like our teacher. My parents would also disagree with having computers replace my teachers. My parents would get concerned with me only spending more time with Chromebooks, instead of reading a book or doing something useful.

Task Description: 2 weeks ago Room 7's Literacy class had a debate. The debate had to be between our own group. I was in the iMac's. We were split into two teams and we had to choose a topic to debate about and we had to chose carefully. Our topic was Should computers replace our teachers. Then we had to write what are we going to say when where debating. We went against the question and the other went for. Hope you enjoy. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Amelia Newspaper Article!

Walt: think critically about what we read.
Task Description: For today's task we got to write our own Newspaper article. Sorry I have not been posting lately, but I am still very excited to explain this task! Before writing our article and that we read a story about girl who saw a octopus and found out that it was a dirty old cloth! After reading the text we decided to make our own front-page headline! As you can see I called mine BIZARRE OCTOPUS SIGHTINGS! We also got to make up a Newspaper name I called mine "NZ DAILY NEWS" and added a little fern to the side! I then wrote my article about the story and made it look PROFESSIONAL for my audience! I then added a image to show proof (Not real) and added a link to it. Enjoy!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Amelia Pongs Problem Solving Practice Term 2 Wk 5

Walt: solving fractions. 

Task Description: This is my maths presentation from week 5! I know I'm late with maths but just stick with it. At the moment we have been learning fractions. This is just a presentation about fractions. So what I do is I read the problem then figure out the problem on paper. After getting the answer I take a photo of it and write it down on my chrome book and there you go! 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Whose side are you on?

Task Description: This is just a presentation about opinions. We each had an statement that we had to complete and write about it.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Creating my own Kayak!

Walt: make connections with what we already know with what we read.


For my kayak I have chosen Slalom C1 and colored my base a light yellowish type, and my outline is a gradient smooth brown color. I decided to make my kayak a islander type, so I added coconut colored flowers to it and some orange and yellow stars to finish it off. I think I would recommend this kayak for kids around the age of 9+. Why I chose the age of 9 up is because from my perspective it’s more safer to start at an age around that time also you’ll have a better experience. It’s also recommended for it’s design too - It’s not too loud but great!

Task Description: For today's task our focus are on kayaks! This is just a task creating my own kayak and writing about so that the person reading it wants to buy the kayak. But before that I had to be an kayak expert (Not really) and read two readings which helped me understand what a kayak is and the basics and much more! We then had to create our own design of a kayak. After creating our kayak we then had to write a description for the people we think would like to buy it.