Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Creating my own Kayak!

Walt: make connections with what we already know with what we read.


For my kayak I have chosen Slalom C1 and colored my base a light yellowish type, and my outline is a gradient smooth brown color. I decided to make my kayak a islander type, so I added coconut colored flowers to it and some orange and yellow stars to finish it off. I think I would recommend this kayak for kids around the age of 9+. Why I chose the age of 9 up is because from my perspective it’s more safer to start at an age around that time also you’ll have a better experience. It’s also recommended for it’s design too - It’s not too loud but great!

Task Description: For today's task our focus are on kayaks! This is just a task creating my own kayak and writing about so that the person reading it wants to buy the kayak. But before that I had to be an kayak expert (Not really) and read two readings which helped me understand what a kayak is and the basics and much more! We then had to create our own design of a kayak. After creating our kayak we then had to write a description for the people we think would like to buy it.

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