Thursday, 29 June 2017

Double Chocolate Delight!

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Double Chocolate Delight

I’m going to do chores at home everyday in the hope that my mum will buy me this chocolate!

This is a chocolate made by Cadbury! It’s name is top deck. It is white chocolate on the top and milk chocolate on the bottom. That looks yummy!

At first I thought this was going to be disgusting! As I held the chocolate I already knew what the flavour was going to be, or did I? It had a pointy edge but had a smooth top and bottom. All of a sudden I had mixed thoughts. It smelt like white chocolate all up when I think it was going to be Jelly tip. Then for the finale I took a little bite out of it! Wow my thoughts on it was twisted! It turned out to be white chocolate after all! YUMMY!

I think this chocolate should have the to colours switched sides because I think it would be more appealing. I also think that they should put a little taste of dark chocolate in between the the two flavours so it would be more delicious!

I think this is a 5 star product! I would recommend the product for other people. I think people would love this chocolate because it taste delicious with the two chocolates together!  

Task Description: This is just work that was overdue and I have been told to finish it off! So weeks ago we did chocolate taste testing! We were given each a number and we got to eat a flavoured chocolate. We then had to write down how it felt how it looked and how it TASTED! We then had to write a story about the chocolate I had eaten and give it a tittle that grabs attention!


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